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How to Create Your YouTube Channel

Last Updated on Oct. 15, 2020 – by David Morgan
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how to create a youtube channel
  1. What is a YouTube Channel?
  2. Who is YouTube for?
  3. How to Create your Channel?

1. What is a YouTube Channel?

A channel is a person, group, or business’s presence on YouTube. One is automatically created when anyone joins YouTube as a member. It functions as a home page or profile for that user’s account.

Once an account has been created the channel will display the account name, personal description, public videos that have been uploaded, and any other information the member has decided to add to their account.

There are two kinds of accounts. A Personal and Brand Account. Personal accounts have only one owner or manager whereas a Brand Account can have multiple owners or managers.

2. Who is YouTube for?

The more appropriate question would be, who isn’t YouTube for? Over 1 billion hours of video are watched every day on YouTube. That’s more than Netflix and Facebook combined! Over 500 hours of video is uploaded to it every minute. And let’s not forget it’s the second largest search engine, after Google, in the world. There is something for everyone on it. If there is an audience for content, that audience is on YouTube.

For Personal Use

Not surprisingly, the first major use and still the main use for YouTube is personal. It’s a place for people to go and be entertained, to laugh, learn, explore, or simply escape being bored. It’s the next evolution of TV. No longer do you have to be a passive observer. It’s a place to exchange ideas and feelings about what you see through comments. To encourage others with thumbs-ups. Even be a troll, if that’s your cup of tea. And that’s just from watching.

With a YouTube channel, you can upload your own personal videos to tell your story and express your ideas. You can be a part of a community or build your own. You can be engaged or engage others. And for a lucky few, become world-famous.

For Businesses

Like most popular forms of entertainment, it didn’t take long for businesses to start using YouTube to reach consumers. It’s now one of the most powerful and effective ways to market and promote. From creating a Brand Account and uploading videos for free to placing a paid advertisement businesses reach new customers every second. Not only do businesses use YouTube but YouTube itself has created businesses. From production companies making some of the most popular content on the platform to whole new industries around simply unboxing a brand new product. A YouTube channel is now a must for any business looking to be relevant and successful.

YouTube for Beginners or Professionals

YouTube is a space for beginners and professionals. It’s even a place for a beginner to become a professional. Just look at Justin Bieber’s oldest uploaded video on his channel. Now compare that to one of the numerous videos he put out for his newest single Holy ft. Chance the Rapper. That’s quite the difference. Imagine if you uploaded your first YouTube video on your channel today what you could be uploading in 13 years.

3. How to Create your Channel?

Ok, let’s get to why you came here, creating a YouTube Channel. I mean how are you going to be the next Bieber, PewDiePie, or Jenna Marbles if you never start a channel?

Register a Google account

Creating a YouTube channel requires a Google Account. Whatever Google Account you use to create your YouTube channel the email and phone number associated with it will be your login.

Even if you're not interested in uploading videos you're going to be required to login to be able to comment on videos, subscribe to channels, or save a video to watch later.

Already Have a Google account?

If you have a Google account, then go to YouTube.com, sign in with your existing Google account using your email or phone and password. You're ready to experience YouTube fully.

No Google account?

If you have no Google account, then you'll need to create one here. Simply follow the instructions and provide the information required. You’ll have an account in a matter of minutes.

Create your YouTube channel using your Google account

Let’s begin the process of creating a YouTube channel using your Google Account.

Go to settings, create a channel

If you haven’t already signed into YouTube, go to YouTube.com and click on the ‘Sign In’ button at the top right corner.

how to create a youtube channel

Once you are logged in, you will see a circle icon in the top right corner of the page. This is your profile photo. Click on it to open a drop-down menu of your YouTube settings. The first option under your “Managing your Google Account” will be “Create a Channel.” Go ahead and select it.

how to create a youtube channel

Create a custom name

In the next step, you will be choosing a name and profile picture. You can either use the name and picture associated with your Google Account or you can create an account using another name and picture. Let’s go through the process of choosing a name and picture.

how to create a youtube channel

Once you select the “Use a custom name” option try to choose a name that is easy to remember and represents the kind of channel you want to create. Enter the name for your channel. Click on the terms and conditions option, then click on the "Create" button and proceed.

Note: By checking this terms and conditions option, you'll be creating a new Google Account. This account will have its own settings and YouTube history. It will be nested within your main Google account. This new account will be used to like and comment on other YouTube videos and participate on YouTube. It'll also have its own settings, as well as history. You can manage your YouTube account within Google settings from your primary Google Account.

Congratulations! You now have your own new YouTube channel.

You'll now have the chance to further customize your channel. You'll be able to:
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Add a description of your channel
  • Add links to your sites – this can include custom links to a website or blog as well as social media links like Instagram or Twitter.

You can go ahead and take these steps or take care of them at a later time.

Optimize your Channel to be found

Welcome to your YouTube channel. Once your page is created you should automatically be brought to your Channel’s page. Now it is time to take care of some essentials to optimize your channel fully.

Why should you do this?

The following steps will help make your YouTube channel fully visible and more appealing. It'll help Google identify your Channel and make it more easily found by search. This will help you receive more views on videos you upload.

Go to Customize Channel

On your Channel's page, click "Customize Channel."

Add links and descriptions to your channel

On the Channel customization page open the “Basic Info” tab.

how to create a youtube channel Under this tab you will be able to:
  • Change the name of your channel
  • Add a Channel Description
  • Add Languages to translate your page into
  • Add Links to sites you would like to share
  • Add an Email for people to contact you through

Why add a description?

This is a great place to let people know what your channel is all about. Think about what kind of videos you plan to upload and what your main goal of your channel will be. Be as descriptive as possible. YouTube scans this area of your channel for searches. Having a well thought out and thorough description keeps your channel well-optimized and enhances its visibility. Be sure to use popular keywords that are associated with the kind of channel you are creating.

Use links to the relevant website and social channels

Links should be relevant if you're adding a website or social media channel because you're targeting a particular audience who'll visit your Channel to explore specific things. Thus, it'll be a waste if you're linking a website related to embroidery stuff alongside creating a gaming channel. So keep everything relevant.

Add a profile photo to your channel

There’s no popular YouTube channel that keeps their Profile Photo blank; it’s part of a channel’s identity and a lot of times the logo of the brand or person whose channel it is. This profile photo/icon will be visible through much of your YouTube interactions and will show in the upper section of your YouTube channel homepage.

Recommended sizes
The channel icon should be in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP format with size 800x800 pixels.

How to upload?

Choose the image you would like to upload on your YouTube Channel. Click on the edit option on your YouTube profile photo (find it in the YouTube homepage, customize menu) and upload your photo.

Add a banner image

Cover art is the banner image of your YouTube channel; it always maximizes user engagement as it gives a professional look to your YouTube channel.

It'll show up behind the Profile photo on your YouTube channel homepage.

Recommended sizes
For the cover art, the size should be 2560x1440 pixels with minimum width 2048 x 423px and maximum 2460 x 423px.

How to upload and edit?

Go to Channel Homepage, find the edit option, and upload the cover photo in the top right corner.

Add videos and optimize for search

Now it's time to upload your first ever YouTube video.

How to upload a video
Have your video ready and head to your YouTube channel dashboard. Find the "Upload Video" option, click on it, and pick a video from your device. The processing will begin.

YouTube asks you to provide some info about your video, so begin with an attractive title and try to include some keywords popular to the type of video you’re uploading.

Write a description to help users know what your video is about.

Enter tags in the tag box; without tags, people won’t be able to discover your videos when they search. This is the best place to take advantage of keywords related to your video.

Choose a Category your video best aligns with. Hit the next button and wait for the upload to complete.

That’s it! You have successfully uploaded your first video to your YouTube Channel. Hope this guide on “How to Create your YouTube channel” has helped you on your YouTube journey.

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