10 Best Face Swap Photo Apps To Get Fun Photos in 2024

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Bored with your everyday selfies? Add some fun to your photos with a face swap! Switch your face with your bestie or even your pets for a totally new way to get people’s attention and share your memories.

A face swap app makes it easy to instantly replace your face with someone else’s in a photo without needing any editing skills. Some apps, like PhotoDirector, give you a seamless edit while letting you have fun experimenting with different faces. Keep reading to discover the 10 best face swap app options out there!

What Is Face Swap?

Try out the face swap feature. Make sharing photo more fun.

Face swap is a photo trend where you switch your face with someone else’s. Many reface apps have an AI-powered feature that lets you swap two faces in a picture, while others have an easy tool to cut faces out and replace them yourself.

Face swapping makes sharing photos more fun when you get hilarious results, like when you swap your face with your dog’s or a celebrity’s. Sometimes, the results are so believable that your friends will look twice before they spot the difference!

Benefits of Using Face Swap Apps

Face swap apps attract attention and get new followers by surprising people with a funny photo edit. They help you connect with more people by:

  • Making your images fun and encouraging engagement
  • Giving you an easy way to upgrade your snaps
  • Attracting interest from more viewers
  • Getting professional-level face swap edits
  • Seeing how you’d look with different facial features or as a different gender
  • Entertaining your existing followers

While face swap apps are mostly meant for fun, they can also inspire you with an artistic edit. Whether you’re setting trends or following them, a face swap app makes it possible to turn an average, boring picture into an attention-grabbing image.

Top 10 Best Face Swap Apps

Before you download your face change app, you should know what each one can offer you and where to find the best ones. We put together 10 of the best ones out there to make the choice easier for you. Try these apps to find the right one for your face swap photo:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. YouCam Perfect
  3. Multi-Face Blender
  4. Reface
  5. Snapchat
  6. Face Changer 2
  7. Faceover
  8. Face Swap Live
  9. Copy Replace Photo Face Swap
  10. B612

1. PhotoDirector — Best for AI Face Swap

Available: iOS/Android

Key feature:

  • AI Face Swap
  • AI Cut Out
apply deepfake technique of PhotoDorector to swap face in 4 photos

PhotoDirector’s AI Cut Out feature makes face swapping quick and simple, and it’s free for iOS and Android. You can choose from the reference images provided by PhotoDirector or upload the image by yourself and use the deepfake technique to swap faces seamlessly. 

PhotoDirector is your go-to solution for all your entertainment desires, whether you're eager to craft side-splitting memes or engage in virtual cosplay. With its cutting-edge AI Face Swap feature, PhotoDirector empowers you to effortlessly transform faces in your photos, adding an exciting twist to your creations.

apply cutout feature of PhotoDorector to swap faces of a father and his son

You can also use the cut out feature if you want to swap 2 faces at the same time. Apply your cutout to another photo using PhotoDirector’s Add Image tool. This tool lets you take your face cutouts, adjust their size, crop, and rotate them to create the perfect face swap.

PhotoDirector’s image overlays let you combine multiple photos and cutouts, and you can get creative with how they all look before you post them!

Learn More About Cut Out Images

2. YouCam Perfect — Best for Smart and Realistic Face Swapping

Available: iOS and Android

Key feature: AI Smart Brush

YouCam Perfect has multiple options to swap faces in your snaps! You can cut out your subjects’ faces manually, or use the app’s Smart Brush tool to detect them automatically. Once you turn on the smart brush, you can adjust your brush size and drag your finger over the area you want to cut out and swap.

YouCam Perfect will refine the lines where it detects your face, and you can trace around your face to erase any areas it gets wrong. Then, drag the cutouts onto your photo and make your adjustments for a more realistic look.

3. Multi-Face Blender — Best for Mix and Match Face Swapping

Available: Android only

Key Feature: Multi-face swapping tool

With Multi-Face Blender, you can use multiple images to create a whole new face in your photo. Combine baby eyes, your dog’s nose, and give yourself a beard with its face-swapping tools for a completely unique and customizable face swap. It’s an easy way to see how you’d look with mix-and-match features, and you can add even more effects with this app's features.

4. Reface — Best for Face Swapping in Videos

Available: iOS and Android

Key feature: Video face swapping

Reface doesn’t stop at face swapping in still-life images. It has believable face-swapping AI tools that cut out your face and switch it throughout your video. With it, you can make GIFs or change your face throughout your entire video by choosing whose face you add and which face you apply the cutout image to in your video. The Reface apps for both operating systems will do the rest for you!

5. Snapchat — Best for Instant Face Swaps

Available: iOS and Android

Key feature: Face Swap effect

Snapchat works a little differently from your typical photo editing app. Since it’s a social media app, it has an automatic face swap effect that doesn’t make you cut out and manually make your face swap edits. Open Snapchat’s selfie camera, tap and hold your face, and choose the Face Swap option to watch the app instantly switch your face with the other person, animal, or object in your picture. Since it’s an automatic face swap app, its results are hilarious, even if they’re not always accurate.

6. Face Changer 2 — Best for Funny Face Swapping

Available: Android only

Key feature: Exaggerating facial features

With Face Changer 2, you can swap out specific features on your face and make the most dramatic edits. The app lets you enlarge your eyes or mouth, edit your smile, and add stickers and effects, like glasses or a mustache, for a funny face swap. It’s great for making your own personal emoji, and you don’t even need to swap faces with your friends!

7. Faceover — Best for Swapping Multiple Faces in One Photo

Available: iOS only

Key feature: Swapping out multiple faces

Faceover gives you the option to either cut out or instantly swap the faces in your photo. You can make edits as you make the swap, and if you have multiple people in your picture, you can swap everyone’s face at once. The app creates realistic face swap results, and you can use images of your favorite paintings, celebrities, or family members and friends to make your next funny group photo.

8. Face Swap Live — Best for Swapping Faces Live

Available: iOS and Android

Key feature: Live camera face swapping

Face Swap Live’s AR technology finds your face with your camera, so you don’t have to worry about cutouts, resizing, or even taking a photo beforehand. Make dramatic expressions, add effects, and then tap the face swap button to let the app work its magic! All you have to do is stand next to the person — or pet — you want to swap with.

9. Copy Replace Photo Face Swap — Best for Editing Face Swaps by Section

Available: iOS only

Key feature: Multiple face layering

Copy Replace Photo Face Swap lets you clip facial features from different areas of a person’s face, which you can reshape and resize as much as you want before applying it to your original photo. The app breaks up your face into a grid, so you can enlarge or alter how different parts of your facial features look. This is another mix-and-match option, so you can blend faces when you swap!

10. B612 — Best for Automatic Funny Face Swaps

Available: iOS and Android

Key feature: Auto face swapping

B612’s face swap feature isn’t the most sophisticated, but it does give you a quick and simple way to switch your face with your friend’s. When you apply the Face Swap effect, the app automatically applies your friend’s face to yours and vice versa. Without many adjustment features, it can make for a comical result!

3 Ideas To Swap Faces Using Face Swap Apps

PhotoDirector and other face changer apps give you plenty of room to get wild with your photo edits. With these face swap ideas, you can shock your viewers, make them laugh, and watch them try face-swapping for themselves:

1. Celebrity Face Swap

PhotoDirector's AI Cut Out feature for quick and seamless face swapping. With automatic background detection, you can easily cut out images with just a tap. Use the Add Image tool to apply your cutout to another photo, where you can adjust the size, crop, and rotate it for the perfect face swap. Enhance your face swaps with animated overlays and a variety of effects like blender, lens flare, scratch, and grunge looks. PhotoDirector's image overlays allow you to combine multiple photos and cutouts, giving you the freedom to get creative and customize the final result before sharing it with others.

Put yourself on the red carpet and choose your favorite celebrity to switch faces with. Become the next Kardashian, stand on a pop concert stage, or see yourself with your latest celebrity crush when you use PhotoDirector’s AI cutout feature to create your own famous face.

2. Family Face Swap

Create hilarious mix-and-match family face swaps with PhotoDirector. Take your last family photo and swap everyone's faces for a fun and entertaining twist. Challenge your friends and followers to guess whose face is whose in the hilarious result. Unleash your creativity and have a blast with PhotoDirector's face swapping feature. Share the laughter with your loved ones and make lasting memories.

Switch your face with your kids’ for a hilarious mix-and-match family face swap. Take the last family photo you took and give everyone a new face. Then, post it to see if your friends and followers know whose face is whose!

3. Friend Face Swap

Discover the fun of swapping faces with your best friend using PhotoDirector. Take your last selfie together and try swapping faces to see the hilarious and surprising results. Can you pull off your best friend's face? Share the laughter and enjoy a memorable experience with PhotoDirector's face swapping feature.

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with your best friend’s face? Well, now you can find out! Use your last selfie with your bestie and see if you can pull off your best friend’s face.

PhotoDirector: The Best Free Face Swap App

PhotoDirector gives you the most realistic face swap, and it will make people look twice when you post the next snap of you and your friend. It uses AI technology to instantly detect the faces in your photo so you can cut out faces and move it to anywhere you want.

The app is free for iOS and Android, and you can download it to discover tons of photo editing features to enhance your snaps. Explore filters and effects, including animation, to match your aesthetic and add some excitement to your images. With PhotoDirector, you can create natural-looking edits, even if you’ve never edited a photo before.

FAQ About Face Swap

1. Why Should I Try Face Swap?

Using a face swap app to change your face is a fun way to engage followers and start — or keep up with — trends. Face swap is an easy way to create funny edits, and you don’t need design skills or photo editing chops to do it.

2. What Are The Best Reface Apps?

The best face changer depends on what you want to do with your look. Here are the top 10 best face swap apps we found:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. YouCam Perfect
  3. Multi-Face Blender
  4. Reface
  5. Snapchat
  6. Face Changer 2
  7. Faceover
  8. Face Swap Live
  9. Copy Replace Photo Face Swap
  10. B612

We recommend starting with PhotoDirector because it’s easy to use, it’s free, and you can make seamless, realistic edits in a few quick taps. Its AI Cut Out option helps you make clean cutouts, and as an all-in-one photo editing app, you have lots of options to explore.

3. Is PhotoDirector a Free AI Face Swap App?

Yes, you can download and use PhotoDirector for free. Its AI Cut Out option makes face swapping simple, and it has tons of other tools to help you create the perfect face swap.

4. How Do I Change Faces With a Face Swap App?

You can swap faces with PhotoDirector using just four steps:

  1. Download PhotoDirector, the best face swap app.
  2. Upload the photo you want to use to swap faces.
  3. Cut out each person’s face with the AI Cut Out tool and put the cutout face wherever you want.
  4. Save your realistic face swap photo!

5. Are Face Swap Apps Safe to Use?

Some face swap apps are safer than others, and your best bet is to use well-known, reputable apps like these:

  1. PhotoDirector — Best for AI Face Swapping
  2. YouCam Perfect— Best for Smart and Realistic Face Swapping
  3. Multi-Face Blender — Best for Mix and Match Face Swapping
  4. Reface — Best for Face Swapping in Videos
  5. Snapchat — Best for Instant Face Swaps
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