How to Edit Product Images on iPhone

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a red lipstick product image with different product image background

Technology has evolved a lot recently, and it’s definitely beneficial for e-commerce owners. You can now produce a high-quality product image and remove the original background without touching a computer. What used to take hours of editing and readjusting products for capturing can now occur in less than five minutes.

It’s all possible with the power of modern editing apps. In this article, we will review the best photo editing app on the market and how it can help you enhance your online listings.

The Importance of a High Quality Product Photo

A high-quality product photo is necessary to give consumers the best experience possible. Here are a few reasons why you should ensure your images are the best they can be before pressing upload:

  • Sharp and clear images create a sense of trust in customers
  • Nobody will buy a product that isn’t showcased in a creative and clear way
  • Low-quality product images can give the impression of a cheap offering
  • Conversion rates are directly correlated with how you present your products
  • The background matters just as much as the product you’re highlighting

If you’ve browsed luxury brand websites, you know that high-resolution product photos with a creative touch have a heavy emphasis on whether you decide to purchase or not. It also helps the product stay in your mind for hours, a huge benefit for retargeting potential customers.

Promeo — The Best the Best Product Photo Editor App in 2023

display a watch in 5 different product image backgrounds including marble, silk, autumn, gift box and garden

Promeo is a comprehensive product photo editing app with many convenient features to make your product image pop. One of the most popular aspects is its AI product background. You can choose from various background styles and quickly create a photo that stands out. You can also remove the current background, blur the background, or incorporate an all-white background. The background removal process is seamless, leaving you with a sharp image and no leftover pixels.

an image with resize feature highlighted and an image with resize options carousel displayed side by side

Another thing that makes promoting your products easier is the resize photo feature. This lets you pick any app or platform you plan to post to and instantly resizes the image for you without needing specific measurements. This way, you can create several different versions of the same product photo for Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, and any other platform you can think of.

Learn More About Product Background

How to Apply AI Backgrounds to Product Image?

If you want to use the convenient AI background feature of Promeo, you can do so in a few simple steps.

1. Download Promeo and Tap “AI Product Background”

highlight AI Product Background feature at the main page

First, head to App Store and download Promeo – the best product image editor. Open it once the download is complete. From there, tap “AI product background” to initiate the process.

2. Upload Your Product Photo

Use the convenient upload screen to navigate to your product image in your camera roll and add it to your digital workspace. It’s best to choose a high-resolution image for this step.

3. Select a Background Style

product background changing UI of Promeo applied to a watch product image

Promeo offers various kinds of background styles for every occasion. It has wood backgrounds, marble backgrounds, color backgrounds, and even silk backgrounds. There’s something for every kind of store owner.

Are you selling colorful clothing? Minimalistic water bottles? Small pieces of gold jewelry? Whatever product you’re showcasing, choose the best background style to make your product image capture the attention of your audience and generate clicks.

The platform will give you four product images with the background style you picked. You can generate more, browse other styles, or move on to the next part of the process.

4. Make Further Edits to the Product Background

product background edit UI of Promeo

After you have a background you love, you may want to add text, adjust the photo settings, and just make the image look perfect. Promeo lets you do all of this, and you can use the resize feature to post your photos on different sites.

an image with resize feature highlighted and an image with resize options carousel displayed side by side

5. Export Your Product Image

Promeo UI with export feature highlighted

Once you have created the product photos you love, there will be an export icon on the screen. You can save the images to your camera roll, post them directly to your social media, or do both.

How to Make a Product Image with White or Blur Background

Some product photos require a blurred background or a plain white background. If that’s what you need, then this feature of Promeo will help you get the job done right.

1. Download Promeo and Tap “Blur Background” or “White Background”

download Promeo to edit product photo background

After downloading Promeo, it shouldn’t take too long before you can go to your home screen and open the application. Navigate to the “Blur Background” or “White Background” buttons and choose which one you prefer.

2. Upload Your Product Photo

Promeo will prompt you to choose the image from your camera roll. It’s recommended to use a high-resolution photo so your result is clear and sharp.

3. Make Further Edits

edit a cup of coffee product image by changing the background and shadow color

The blurred background and white background features have many edit options. You can change the background color so it fits the style of your brand, add borders and shadows to your product photo for a better user experience, and make further adjustments as needed. The large selection of tools makes it easy to get the perfect results you’re searching for.

4. Export Your Product Image

After everything is to your liking, just select the export icon on the screen. Just like with the AI product background, you can add the product image to your camera roll, share it directly with your social media followers, or both. The choice is yours.

Top Three Product Photo Editor Apps in 2023

1. Promeo

Promeo is the best product photo editor app out there because of its versatile features and how beginner-friendly the platform is. No matter how much experience you have with editing, you can create the perfect product photo with unique backgrounds and styles. Whether you want to blur the background, add a plain background, or create exciting scenery behind your product, Promeo makes it easy.

You can even resize your images for any and all platforms with the quick resize feature—no need to remember the exact dimensions of each app. The processes are quick and straightforward to navigate, and the photos can be shared directly to any social media account with the click of a button or stored in your camera roll. It makes taking and editing product images ten times more efficient and offers a wide range of additional tools to enhance your creativity.

2. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a comprehensive photo editing app with several convenient features. You can remove the background of any image, change the background, and even enhance your product photo with the help of AI. This app is perfect for beginners, experts, and anybody in between.

3. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is another extensive photo editor app with product photos at the forefront of its functioning. You can erase the background, create stunning landscapes behind your products, and even batch-create images for several e-commerce platforms at once. You can also pick from their hundreds of product photo templates to make the process easy and produce stunning images with a few clicks.

FAQs About Product Photo Editing

1. What Is a Product Image?

A product image is a photograph of whatever you are selling to the consumer. It helps showcase what they will be receiving and shows off the product from different angles and in different lighting. For e-commerce, it is the best way to familiarize your customers with the product so they can decide to purchase from you.

2. What Is the Purpose of the Product Image?

As an e-commerce store owner, your website is the only impression the customer has before deciding to buy. Your product image will help them determine what the product is, if it fits their needs, and if they like or dislike the style. It directly affects your conversion rate for each item in your store.

3. How to Take a Product Photo?

Traditionally, taking product photos was a much more intricate process. You had to set up specific lighting, order different backgrounds, use a professional camera, and ensure the image looked perfect upon capturing. Now, you can take product photos with your phone, some lighting sources or natural light, and a good editing app like Promeo.

As long as you capture a high-resolution image, you can use AI to change the backgrounds, edit the lighting, and ensure the result is perfect for your store. You can even remove unwanted shadows or elements in the image without retaking the photo. Gone are the days of thousands of shots for one product photo because newer editing apps are here to make your life easier.

4. Why Is Product Photo Editing Important?

Editing a product photo ensures the image you place on your store and social media has the highest quality. Consumers prefer creative backgrounds, unique images, and something that makes your brand stand out from competitors. This is why product photos have such an impact on whether or not customers decide to purchase from you.

5. Which App Is Best for Editing Product Images?

We recommend Promeo because it makes the process simple and easy. As a store owner, you already have many things to focus on, so product images shouldn’t be too much of a stressor. With Promeo, you can capture an image and then add any background you want, resize the product image for any and all platforms, and launch your product image with the click of a few buttons.

There are several background styles, so you can choose the perfect wood, silk, marble, or plain background that suits your product best. It gives your store a unique, creative edge. The versatility and user experience of Promeo are what make it perfect for anybody to use.

6. How Can I Edit My Product Photos?

Using Promeo makes this task quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download Promeo - the Photo Editor app from your app store
  2. Open the app and tap “AI Product Background”
  3. Choose from various background styles until you find your favorite
  4. Click “Generate” to see the results
  5. Edit the product image to your liking, including text, frames, and resizing for any e-commerce or social platform
  6. Navigate the export icon and save the image to your camera roll or share it directly to social media

It’s really that easy. Just a few clicks, and you can have high-converting product images for all your e-commerce and social media platforms.

Download Promeo — The Best the Best Product Photo Editor App in 2023

display a cup of coffee in 3 different product image backgrounds including transparent, colors and blurry background

If you need to create stunning product images with the click of a few buttons, Promeo may just be the best app for you. With AI enhancement features, background removal and replacement, and convenient resizing, you can complete the entire product photo editing process from your phone. You can choose a silk background for luxury products or a wood background for a rustic vibe. No matter what style you decide, it will give you a competitive advantage and unique positioning in your industry.

Another great feature of Promeo is the image and video templates that make it easy to create other kinds of photos as well. Whether you want to create a YouTube thumbnail, an announcement Instagram post, or a professional LinkedIn image, Promeo can make it happen.

Head to App Store and check out how Promeo can make your next product image pop.

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