Best App with Free Aesthetic Thanksgiving Invitation Templates

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Aesthetic Thanksgiving Invitation Templates

As the fall weather takes hold and the days become shorter, it is time to gather to give thanks for all we have.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for enjoying the company of friends and family while pausing to be grateful for the best parts of life. Whether you will be hosting a large Thanksgiving day dinner with your family or a fun Friendsgiving get-together, Thanksgiving invitation templates will help you inform your guests of all the festive details.

In this guide, learn how you can quickly create custom Thanksgiving invitations and find out the best app with Thanksgiving invitation templates that will make your hectic holiday season much, much easier.

Promeo: Best App with Thanksgiving Invitation Templates

Best For: Customizable Thanksgiving Invitation Templates

Available on: iOS and Android

Promeo is a story and reels maker that lets you quickly edit existing templates to customize them for your needs. Promeo makes it incredibly easy to quickly create stunning Thanksgiving invitations with a few taps of your finger.

200+ Thanksgiving-theme Templates

Promeo - create compelling ads in the palm of your hand

With hundreds of Thanksgiving invitation templates in Promeo to choose from, you can find the perfect style to match your event. For a classic Thanksgiving day meal with the family, you can use a sophisticated template. For a Friendsgiving party, opt for a Friendsgiving invitation featuring fun photos and animated elements.

Customizable Thanksgiving Templates

Not only will you love the wide selection of Thanksgiving templates available, but they are all fully customizable. You can change almost any element in the template, including media, text, the order of elements, theme colors, and more. This means you can quickly create a custom invitation that will leave fam and friends impressed.

Stock Media Library Supported

Adding to the convenience of Promeo is a built-in stock media library. You can use iStock(by Getty Images), and Unsplash for free two times every day in your templates.

How To Easily Create a Thanksgiving Invitation

If you are ready to create your own Thanksgiving invitation or greeting, use these simple steps to get started.

Step 1. Download Promeo

The first step is to download Promeo. You can download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Both iOS and Android devices support Promeo and it is free to download.

Step 2. Search “Thanksgiving” for the Best Template Selection

Once you have Promeo downloaded on your phone, simply type “Thanksgiving” into the search bar. This will immediately locate hundreds of Thanksgiving invitation templates. Scroll through and see which ones you love the most!

Step 3. Freely Customize 200+ Thanksgiving Invitation Templates

Once you have selected one of your favorite templates, you can quickly customize and edit the template as much as you want. You can swap out pictures, text, and theme colors, and even move elements around. This is where your creativity can shine and you can make your Thanksgiving greeting match your vibe.

As you customize your invite, include the details of your event. Add the when, where, and what to bring. You can also consider adding a fun hashtag for the event, inviting your guests to tag their own posts during the party with your custom hashtag.

Step 4. Save and Share the Unique Thanksgiving Invitation

Once you have designed the perfect Thanksgiving invitation for your event, it is time to share the invite. You can either upload it to your social media and tag friends and family, or you can quickly send it via text or email.

Download Promeo: The Best Thanksgiving Invitation Templates App

For creating a Thanksgiving invitation, the best app around is Promeo. This app is super simple to use, it’s free, and it literally has hundreds of templates to choose from, making it easy to design something that reflects your own style. With Promeo, you can create Thanksgiving invites that are sure to impress.

Thanksgiving Invitation Template FAQs

1. Can I Make a Thanksgiving Invitation with iPhone or Android?

Yes, you can make a Thanksgiving invitation with an iPhone or Android device. There are many apps that provide thanksgiving invitation templates, but we recommend Promeo hands down as the top pick. This app has hundreds of templates, and it is ridiculously easy to edit and customize any design.

2. Can I Customize the Friendsgiving Invitations with Promeo?

Yes, with Promeo, you can not only use the existing templates directly, but you can also make dozens of your own custom edits. This makes it the perfect pick when inviting over your closest circle for a Friendsgiving event.

3. What Edits Can I Make To Customize the Thanksgiving Invitation Templates in Promeo?

You can customize the Thanksgiving invitation templates in Promeo in many ways. For example, you can edit text, pictures, stickers, layouts, and colors.

4. What Is the Best App To Make a Thanksgiving Invitation for Free?

The best app to make a Thanksgiving invitation for free is Promeo. This app is super easy to use. Once it is downloaded to your phone, you can select from hundreds of templates, which can then be customized with the tap of a finger. Swap in your own photos, your own messages, and your own design ideas.

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