The Best Free Intro Maker App for iPhone & Android

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Best Intro Maker for iPhone and Android

With powerful cameras always at our fingertips, it has never been easier to record HD videos. However, a good video requires more than good quality; it requires thorough editing and a captivating intro. But how do you make an intro? Simple. Download the best free intro maker app and it will help you create introduction sequences easily on your phone. Intros can strengthen the presentation of your video. A strong intro--like the ones you see in popular YouTube videos--hooks your viewers helping keep them engaged for the rest of your content.

In this list, we will highlight some of the best intro-maker apps for iPhone and Android so you can create professional videos worthy of posting on social media or even a YouTube channel. No matter your experience level, these simple-to-use apps for your phone will turn you into a video-editing pro.

Best Intro-Maker App for Android and iPhone

1. PowerDirector

The best intro-maker app for Android and iPhone

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

PowerDirector is perfect if you want to utilize intros, outros, and eye-catching text. PowerDirector works well for content creators of all types, from business professionals to creative types who enjoy making YouTube videos.

Sporting a plethora of editing options, PowerDirector gives you powerful cinematic tools that come in an intuitive and navigable package. Even without prior experience, you can take your recorded content and dress it up to make it appear professional.

Many YouTubers use PowerDirector because it is both easy to use and produces high-quality video content. PowerDirector is also one of the best special effects apps. PowerDirector’s numerous transitions and effects give you the tools to take a basic video and transform it into a work of cinematography art.

Navigating the app couldn’t be more straightforward since all the tools available to you will appear clearly on the screen while you edit. PowerDirector sits rightfully at the top of this list as the best intro maker app.

  • Apply transitions and effects easily to your content
  • Add text, titles, and captions to your video
  • Control the color and brightness of your content
  • Easily trim and manipulate footage
  • Join the subscription service to access premium features; flexible subscription options
  • Simply pick up and use as a beginner or a seasoned pro

2. Quik

Quik app

Great intro-maker for GoPro users

Known for its use in editing GoPro videos, Quik works as a great video-editing app for iPhone or Android devices.

Choose from among 26 themes to use for your videos. Quik gives you the ability to personalize your content using a range of filters and font styles.

Even as an entirely free app, Quik gives you a large variety of intro templates from which to select, allowing you to dress up your custom video and make your intro pop. These features and the absence of a subscription cement Quik as second to only PowerDirector for the best free intro-maker app.

  • Quik “Smart Cuts” can edit your videos automatically
  • You can share videos in 1080p or 720p at 60fps directly from the app
  • You can use more than 100 free songs or select songs from your iTunes library
  • You can trim, zoom, reorder, and rotate photos and clips with ease

3. Videoshop

Intro-maker app for novices

Videoshop logo

Videoshop contains many free effects, making it a great app to make intros for your YouTube channel. You can add voice-overs on top of your videos with Videoshop, which saves you time during editing.

While a subscription will give you access to Videoshop’s entire library of effects, the free version will let you edit videos pretty thoroughly. The app gives you access to the Ken Burns effect as well as scene transitions. Features like this make intros look more clean and professional, regardless of how much experience you have in video editing.

  • Merge clips
  • An extensive library of sound effects
  • Transition effects between scenes/videos
  • Stop-motion recording for claymation
  • Tilt-shift to add a sense of depth
  • Distortion effects

4. Intro Maker

Intro maker with many text options

Intro Maker app

With a library of over 4,000 intro templates for you to select from, Intro Maker is one of the best video editors for making YouTube videos. Intro Maker utilizes a straightforward UI, so you will spend less time fumbling around and more time editing your intros.

Intro Maker boasts a wide range of text options, including more than 20 preset text layouts, more than 120 fonts, and more than 20 animations. If you need to make an informative video introduction with so many different text options, this app is a great bet.

  • A wide array of text-customization options
  • Free music library with over 100 songs
  • Many preset templates for intro production
  • Lower-third template for logos and titles
  • Allows use of emojis and stickers


Wide selection of fonts and backgrounds

PixelFlow logo

If you need to make a beautifully designed intro, look no further than PixelFlow. PixelFlow offers users more than 150 video templates, giving you a lot of room to explore your creativity. Once you have selected one of the pre-designed templates, you just add your video and begin editing.

With more than 2000 fonts and dynamic backgrounds to play with, PixelFlow puts you in the driver’s seat. You could take your intro in thousands of different directions with PixelFlow, giving you more than enough resources to make a unique intro.

  • Dynamic backgrounds, ideal for text animation
  • More than 1,000 video backgrounds
  • Built-in image and video library
  • Over 150 premade templates


Your intro does not merely precede your content--it is part of your content that gives your audience a taste of what your video can offer them. Best of all, you do not have to be a pro to create stunning intros with one of these free video editors. Start with the best intro-maker, PowerDirector, today to revamp your video production.

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