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7 Best Profile Picture Makers in 2022 [Windows, Mac]

Last Updated on Sep. 2, 2022 – by David Morgan
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7 Best Profile Picture Makers

A profile picture is the first piece of content people see when they search for your content and find your profile. This first impression is more important than you realize in analyzing your social media. Often times, profile pictures fail to be memorable or convey what you want them to convey. 

If you use a profile picture maker, you can really take control of your image and start with the perfect first impression. Below, check out the top 7 profile picture makers to up your profile picture game and ensure that you and your profile stand out from all the rest.

Top 3 Profile Picture Makers Snapshot

PhotoDirector 365 Logo

1. PhotoDirector - Best Overall

​​PhotoDirector gives you complete control over your profile picture. Quickly perform touchups, magically replace the sky, and edit photos for maximum creativity with eye-catching effects such as bokeh and sparkles. Detailed Review >

Projector Logo

2. Projector - Best for Templates

With Projector, you can create a profile picture using their picture maker as well as make GIFs, email graphics, and craft story posts for your social media Detailed Review >

Avataaars Generator Logo

3. Avataaars Generator - Best for Creating Avatars

Suppose you want to make your profile pictures totally unique. In that case, Avataaars has a fantastic way of helping you develop avatars to show all your unique qualities and quirks in your profile picture. Detailed Review >

What is a Profile Picture Maker?

A profile picture maker is a program or application that serves to help you create a more exciting and dynamic profile picture.

7 Best Profile Picture Makers

1. PhotoDirector - Best Overall

PhotoDirector Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 10/10

Beginner-Friendly: 10/10

Key Features

  • Photo Animation Tools
  • Advanced Photo Editing Tools
  • Constantly updated new stickers, tools, frames, and templates

PhotoDirector is the best software for designing the perfect profile picture. With precision editing tools, you can make essential lighting and color adjustments, crop, and add one-touch looks to transform every detail of your profile photo. 

Plus, powerful photo animation tools can bring any of your images to life with natural-looking movement. You can even add animated decorations, apply sky replacements, and effortlessly remove unwanted objects.

PhotoDirector is the photo editor that lets your imagination run wild with hundreds of styles, effects, templates, and tools. This is the program to choose if you want to make an unforgettable first impression with your profile photo.

 Stylize, edit, and animate all in one easy-to-use app.

  • Share to your social media channels directly
  • AI-powered tools like Sky Replacement and Cutout
  • Beauty touch up tools
  • Lots of extra tools and features are not needed for profile pictures

2. Projector - Best for Templates

Projector Interface

Compatibility: Web browser

Overall Rating: 9/10

Beginner-Friendly: 9/10

Key Features

  • Collaborate with coworkers
  • Tons of free templates
  • Design and create social media stories and posts

Projector has a lot of great, modern templates and editing tools to help jazz up your profile picture. This app was built on a video game graphics engine and has an adaptive interface that is easy for anyone to use. 

Projector allows you to collaborate with coworkers and share multimedia presentations you’ve designed with a link. 

This product is fantastic with all its templates but specializes in team and collaboration tools. Unfortunately, it is only available via a browser, so it’s dependent on your network connection. You could also experience performance issues if you don’t regularly update your browser or enable performance acceleration. 

  • Design tools
  • Custom formatting
  • Use on browser only
  • Potential performance issues if you don’t update your system or enable hardware acceleration

3. Avataaars Generator - Best for Creating Avatars

Avataaars Generator Interface

Compatibility: Web browser

Overall Rating: 8/10

Beginner-Friendly: 10/10

Key Features

  • Ability to personalize
  • Create a whole avatar
  • Extremely easy

Avataaars Generator is the most straightforward possible tool to create a personalized, cute, and fun avatar for your profile photo. All you have to do is click the selection you like in the drop-down menus to fully customize your avatar. You can use the avatar for any purpose. 

The website also provides a link where you can download zoom backgrounds with your avatar. It’s free for anyone and has a random generator button for those who don’t feel like taking the time to custom-select all of the avatar options. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to edit your existing photos.

  • Free to Use
  • Simple and straightforward
  • One trick pony
  • Cannot edit your own photos with this product

4. Adobe Photoshop - Best for Professional Designers

Adobe Photoshop Interface

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Overall Rating: 9/10

Beginner-Friendly: 7/10

Key Features

  • Powerful Editing Tools
  • Edit images in batches
  • Create raster images in the form of layering

In the right hands with the knowledge and skill Photoshop can make your profile picture pop off in a sea of millions of social media subscribers with their advanced editing features. 

Photoshop is a raster graphics editor that can be used with Windows and MacOS. You can create so many gorgeous images, 3D graphics, even paintings, whatever marketing or social media content you want to dream up, you can make it. 

For those that don’t have the time for studying tutorials, this may just not be the fit for you with all the other amazing, more simplified profile picture makers out there.

  • Has everything you will ever need to edit a photo
  • Works seamlessly with other Creative Cloud software and apps
  • Not easy to learn the basics
  • Pricey

5. Canva - Best for Using Online

Canva Interface

Compatibility: Web browser

Overall Rating: 8/10

Beginner-Friendly: 8/10

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Editing tools
  • Design templates

Canva is swiftly growing into a handy design and editing tool for creating a great social media presence through videos and images. They do offer a free profile picture maker that allows you to use cool editing features to help you make a great impact with your profile photo.

Canva does offer more than just a free profile picture maker, they also have templates and tools that can assist with all your social media content. You can design and edit your photos, videos, and even print projects. 

It’s really great, but I would say the only real downside is the slightly limited number of templates, sometimes the interface is buggy as it lacks the power of the other major editing software, and you have a limited amount of export options.

  • Great for social media content
  • Budget friendly
  • Uploaded images can lose quality
  • Limited tools

6. TouchRetouch - Best for Touch Ups

TouchRetouch Interface

Image from ADVA Soft.

Compatibility: Mac

Overall Rating: 8/10

Beginner-Friendly: 7/10

Key Features

  • Object removal
  • Batch edits

TouchRetouch specializes in helping remove unwanted objects, images, or people in the background. The software promotes that if you can reduce the distraction in your images, the more powerful the images. It does not take away or absorb pixels in your picture.

It is a  basic editor that you can use to enhance and correct your photos. You can both crop and lens correct. 

This is a pretty good and handy tool, however it's a limited software that does pretty much one thing well. If you’re looking for something that does more than just retouching with more advanced editing tools and more features to offer, then this might offer nothing more than just an additional tool. 

  • Social media integration
  • Excellent at removing things
  • More of a one-trick pony as object removal is its best feature
  • Can potentially increase noise and graininess in the pic

7. Quozio - Best for Quote Profile Pics

Quozio Interface

Compatibility: Web browser

Overall Rating: 7/10

Beginner-Friendly: 8/10

Key Features

  • Create quotes and turn them into images
  • Easy to use
  • Professional looking

Quozio is unique in that it specializes in making quotes and allows you to customize them in so many different ways, from fonts and background images. This tool has a way of making these quotes look super cute or professional. You do have the ability to select quotes randomly and pick from premade backgrounds and fonts.

This program pretty much does just this. It was born to make quotes look dynamic and allow the user to feel empowered to customize. Unfortunately, it is not helpful for those needing to edit a real-life profile picture. 

  • Simple
  • Makes cool customizable quote pics
  • Specializes in one thing and one thing only
  • Does not have advanced editing tools

Best Profile Picture Makers Comparison Chart

Software OS Beginner-friendly Touch Up Tools AI Tools Stock Content Download
PhotoDirector Mac, Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Download
Secure Download
Projector Web browser Yes Yes No Yes Download
Avataaars Generator Web browser Yes No No No Download
Adobe Photoshop Windows, Mac No Yes Yes Yes Download
Canva Web browser Yes Yes No Yes Download
TouchRetouch Mac Yes Yes No No Download
Quozio Web browser Yes No No No Download

PhotoDirector vs


Mac, Windows





Touch Up Tools



AI Tools



Stock Content



How to Create a Profile Pic

The easiest way to create a profile picture is to start with a photo of yourself and follow these simple steps using PhotoDirector:

  1. Open up PhotoDirector and upload your image.
  2. With your image selected navigate to Adjustments. Select Auto Color Enhancement and your photo will instantly be transformed to look its best.
  3. PhotoDirector - Adjustments
  4. Now navigate to Edit. Here you will find various beginner-friendly tools to edit and enhance your image.
  5. We recommend starting with the People Beautifier tools. These include face, skin, and body touch ups to make sure you look your best. Simply select one and follow the instructions to make your edits.
  6. PhotoDirector - People Beautifier
  7. Browse through the other tools to see if there are any effects you would like to add to your image. Each tool will provide instructions on how to use it so if you have never edited photos before you shouldn’t have any issues.
  8. When you’re done editing, open the File dropdown menu and Export Selected Photos.
  9. PhotoDirector - Export Selected Photos

Download the Best Profile Picture Maker for Free

PhotoDirector truly stands out as the best overall profile picture maker. You can touch up, enhance, and add effects to your pictures even if you have never edited a photo before. It is a complete photo editing suite that even allows you to create GIFs and short videos with eye-catching motion effects. 

All of PhotoDirector’s most powerful tools and features are made simple enough for anyone to use so you can make a profile picture that stands out from the crowd in minutes.

Profile Picture Makers FAQ

1. How Do I Change My Facebook Profile Picture?

To change your Facebook profile pic, click Edit Profile and then Edit Profile Picture to upload your saved image.

2. How Do I Change My Instagram Profile Picture?

To change your Instagram profile pic, tap Edit Profile and then Change Profile Picture to upload your saved image.

3. How Do I Change My LinkedIn Profile Picture?

To change your  LinkedIn profile pic, click View Profile and then click on your profile image to View or Edit Profile Picture to upload your saved profile image or profile video.

4. What Features Should I Look For in a Profile Picture Maker?

The top features you should look for are

  1. Touch up tools
  2. Background remover
  3. Object Removal
  4. Variety of stickers, frames, and effects
  5. Sky Replacement

If you’re looking for a profile picture maker that checks all of these boxes, we recommend PhotoDirector.

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