Best Video Game Backgrounds and Clipart

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Ready to level up your creative game? Dive headfirst into our treasure trove of awesome video game backgrounds and clipart! Whether you're decking out your website, crafting cool designs, or jazzing up your game project, we've got the pixel-perfect picks to bring your ideas to life. Grab your virtual paintbrush, it's time to create some game-inspired magic!

Best Way to Create and Download Video Game Backgrounds and Clipart

The most effective way to create and download captivating video game backgrounds and clipart is with the powerful and versatile software PhotoDirector.

With its advanced photo editing tools, support for a wide range of image formats, and user-friendly photo organization features, PhotoDirector is the ultimate tool for managing and enhancing your digital photos.

Additionally, with its built-in stock library, you can access millions of images for your video game projects. Not to mention creating your own images with generative AI. Whether you're an amateur or professional photo editor, PhotoDirector is the ideal solution for all your video game imagery needs. So why wait?

Try PhotoDirector today and elevate your video game content!

Best Video Game Backgrounds

Level up your design project with these incredible video game backgrounds. These aren't just pixels on a screen, they're tickets to immersive, digital realms. All the images below and millions more are available for download in PhotoDirector.


Retro Arcade - Remember the good old days with pixelated backgrounds reminiscent of classic 80s arcade games. Ideal for a nostalgic touch in your project.


Fantasy Landscapes - Let your imagination run wild with mystical forests, imposing castles, and fiery dungeons. Perfect for adding a touch of enchantment.


Futuristic Cities - Propel your design into the future with sleek, sci-fi cityscapes. These modern, neon-infused backgrounds are sure to give your project a high-tech vibe.


Alien Worlds - Transport your audience to galaxies far, far away with backgrounds inspired by extraterrestrial terrains and interstellar vistas.


Battlefields and Arenas - Embrace the thrill of the fight with backgrounds that capture the energy of epic game battles. These backdrops are perfect for a bold, action-packed aesthetic.

Remember, the best background is the one that brings your vision to life and immerses your audience in the world you're creating. Now, go forth and design!

Best Video Game Clipart

Equip your design arsenal with these game-changing video game clipart picks. From playful characters to essential game icons, they're sure to make your projects pop! Download these images and millions more in PhotoDirector.


8-Bit Heroes - Embrace the charm of retro gaming with pixelated heroes and villains. They're perfect for a fun, nostalgic touch.


Fantasy Icons - From magic wands to dragon scales, these fantastical elements can add a sprinkle of magic to any design project.


Space Elements - Take your project to the stars with alien creatures, gleaming spacecrafts, and twinkling galaxies. They're out-of-this-world cool!


Weaponry and Gear - Add some action with clipart of weapons, shields, and armor. They're great for giving your designs a battle-ready look.


Game UI Elements - Health bars, coin counters, level indicators, and more. These clipart pieces are essential for designing an interactive gaming experience.


Cute Monsters - Bring cuteness and chaos to your design with adorable creature clipart inspired by popular monster-catching games.

Remember, clipart isn't just about fun visuals - it's a creative tool that can communicate complex ideas in a simple and engaging way. Happy designing!

How to Download Video Game Backgrounds and Clipart

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and effortlessly find the perfect video game backgrounds and clipart for your projects. With PhotoDirector's extensive stock library and powerful editing tools, you have everything you need to create stunning, impactful imagery.

  1. Download and install PhotoDirector using the download button provided.
  2. Open the Library and select Stock Photos.
  3. step-2
  4. Search for "video game" or related content using keywords such as "8-Bit Heroes," "Retro Arcade," or "Cute Monsters."
  5. step-3
  6. Select the images you want and download them.
  7. step-4
  8. Finally, edit your images or export them as needed.

Following these easy steps, you can quickly and effortlessly find perfect video content for your projects. With PhotoDirector's extensive stock library and powerful editing tools, you have everything you need to create stunning, impactful imagery. So why wait?

Video Game Backgrounds and Clipart FAQ

1. What is video game clipart?

Video game clipart includes graphical elements, icons, characters, and other visuals that are inspired by or used in video games. They can be used in design projects, presentations, websites, and more to add a touch of gaming culture or create a game-like atmosphere.

2. Where can I find video game backgrounds and clipart?

Video game backgrounds and clipart can be found on various online platforms, including stock photo/image websites, digital marketplaces, and design software libraries. The best and most cost-effective way to download video game content is in PhotoDirector, which you can download for free.

3. Can I create my own video game backgrounds and clipart?

Absolutely! Download PhotoDirector and you can use its generative AI to create your own video game backgrounds and clipart.

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