5 Best Online Tools to Remove People from Photos

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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In an era where every snapshot holds the potential to be the next viral image, achieving the perfect photo composition is more important than ever. Whether you're capturing serene landscapes, bustling cityscapes, or a cherished personal moment, unwanted individuals or crowd intrusions can sometimes spoil the frame.

The good news is you don't have to be a Photoshop wizard to rectify this. The digital space is bursting with user-friendly tools designed specifically for this task. Dive into our comprehensive guide on the best online tools to seamlessly remove people from your photos, ensuring every shot is precisely how you envisioned.

Snapshot of Our Top 3 Online Tools to Remove People from Photos

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1. MyEdit - The Best Object Remover

MyEdit offers users an uncomplicated journey from cluttered pictures to refined imagery. Whether it's a photobomber or an unexpected crowd, MyEdit ensures they vanish without a trace. It's intuitive, user-friendly, and perfect for those looking for a hassle-free photo editing experience without compromising on the end result. Detailed Review >

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2. PhotoRoom

Step into the world of streamlined photo editing with PhotoRoom. With a user-centric interface, this tool promises to transform your photos by erasing people with just a few taps. Ideal for both amateurs and professionals, PhotoRoom is a reliable companion in delivering clear, crowd-free visuals while also offering advanced features that cater to more detailed edits. Detailed Review >

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3. PicWish

Dive into the next generation of photo editing with PicWish's AI-powered tools. Apart from its exceptional object removal capabilities, it can effortlessly erase people from any frame, ensuring your photo retains its original essence. Get ready to explore the magic of automated editing, where every picture becomes a masterpiece with PicWish. Detailed Review >

Reasons to Remove People from Photos

Removing people from photos can sometimes be essential, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. Here are some reasons why individuals and professionals alike might choose to do so:

Distractions: In some photos, especially landscapes or architectural shots, people can serve as distractions, diverting attention away from the primary subject or focus of the image.

Privacy Concerns: With increasing emphasis on personal privacy and data protection, removing identifiable individuals from photos can be crucial, especially if the image is for public consumption and the persons in question haven't given their consent.

Artistic Vision: Sometimes, the creative vision behind a photo calls for a clean or isolated subject, free from any human presence.

Unwanted Photobombers: We've all had that picture where a stranger unexpectedly appears in the background. Removing them can help retain the intended ambiance of the shot.

Sentimental Reasons: After personal fallouts or breakups, one might wish to keep photos of an event but remove specific individuals from them.

Commercial Usage: For images intended for stock photo libraries or advertisements, having people in them can complicate licensing due to the need for model releases. Removing them simplifies the process.

Historical or Educational Content: For documentaries or educational purposes, modern people might be removed from historical sites or landmarks to provide a more authentic representation of the past.

Enhancing Composition: By removing people, photographers can improve the composition, balance, or symmetry of a photo.

Event Documentation: In crowded events, removing people can help highlight specific elements, such as a product in a launch event.

Safety and Sensitivity: In some cases, it might be appropriate to remove people from photos to protect their safety or in consideration of sensitive situations.

While there are legitimate reasons to remove people from photos, it's essential to approach the task ethically, ensuring that any alterations do not misrepresent or deceive the viewer, especially in journalistic or historical contexts.

5 Best Online Tools to Remove People from Photos

1. MyEdit - The Best Object Remover

  • Intuitive Design: Crafted with users in mind, MyEdit’s interface caters to both the novice and the expert, ensuring seamless navigation.
  • Detail-Oriented Tools: Enjoy spotless edits thanks to its superior object removal capabilities that leave no remnants behind.
  • Speedy Performance: MyEdit handles even the bulkiest of high-res images with commendable speed.

Key Features:

  1. AI Image Generation: Craft detailed images using the power of artificial intelligence.
  2. Object Removal: Seamlessly remove unwanted objects or people with precision.
  3. Background Removal: Perfect for creating professional product images or isolating subjects.
  4. Deblur: Rectify blurry photos and bring clarity to your images.
  5. Denoise: Cleanse your images from unwanted noise, which is especially beneficial for low-light photography.
  6. AI Image Enhancement: Enhance overall image quality, balance, and vibrancy through AI algorithms.

Price: Free
*Premium subscription available for $4/month

Why We Picked It

MyEdit shines brilliantly amidst a sea of online image editors. Its fusion of user-friendly interface and algorithmic accuracy ensures that users are presented with exceptional outcomes without the usual editing hassles.

Bottom Line

If you’re on the hunt for an editor that offers both simplicity and expert-level object elimination, MyEdit should be on your radar. While the free version's ads and some feature restrictions might be minor setbacks, the platform's overall prowess and the caliber of output undoubtedly position it as a favorite amongst both casual users and photo professionals.

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2. PhotoRoom

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
  • Pinpoint Object Erasure: Boasts unmatched accuracy in removing unwanted elements.
  • Swift Edit Capabilities: Facilitates bulk editing, revolutionizing tasks like creating product catalogs.
  • AI-Accented Backgrounds: Seamlessly renders realistic, studio-grade backgrounds in a snap.

Key Features:

  1. Background Remover Tool: Efficiently separates subjects from their original backdrops.
  2. Instant Backgrounds: Craft high-quality backgrounds for any subject.
  3. Batch Editor: Efficiently handles multiple images, ensuring uniform edits.

Price: $12.99/month

Why We Picked It

PhotoRoom isn’t just another editor in the digital space; it’s akin to a portable professional studio. The application’s mettle lies in its remarkable AI-driven features, notably in background-related tasks. The raving user reviews and sheer download numbers echo its effectiveness, with a diverse clientele, including digital marketers and online retailers, singing its praises.

Bottom Line

PhotoRoom is a beacon for those seeking to upgrade their editing endeavors, especially if they're entrenched in the e-commerce or influencer domains. It metamorphoses mundane captures into striking, professional-grade visuals in mere moments. If your aspirations revolve around quality, agility, and top-tier performance, PhotoRoom should undoubtedly be on your radar.

3. PicWish

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
  • AI-Infused Functions: Houses an array of AI-centric tools, catering to multifaceted editing needs.
  • Versatile Editing Palette: Ranging from refining blurry shots to adding vibrance to monochrome pictures, its array of tools is both diverse and potent.
  • Streamlined Interface: Consciously crafted for ease, ensuring users, irrespective of their proficiency, can navigate with grace.

Key Features:

  1. AI Art Generator: Transform your ideas into creative artwork.
  2. Background Remover: Easily isolate subjects from cluttered backdrops.
  3. Photo Enhancer: Enhance image quality with a few simple clicks.

Price: $5.99/month

Why We Picked It

PicWish isn’t just a regular photo manipulation platform. It carves its niche with an impressive suite of AI-anchored tools, accommodating both rookies and seasoned editors. Its prowess is evident, from basic backdrop extractions to fashioning art from standard images. The volume of images it processes daily, in the hundreds of thousands, stands testament to its prowess and user trust.

Bottom Line

For aspirants desiring a multifaceted, AI-integrated, and proficient image editor, PicWish is a prime choice. Whether your aim is to amplify efficiency, channel inner creativity, or execute swift modifications, PicWish is your reliable ally.

4. Picsart

VideoStudio Pro Interface
  • Complete Editing Suite: Seamlessly integrates photo manipulation, collage crafting, and sketching tools.
  • Expansive Digital Repository: Furnishes users with a plethora of effects, adornments, and creative utilities.
  • Bustling User Base: Grants a space for individuals to both exhibit and unearth innovative content.

Key Features:

  1. Upscale: Improves photo quality with upscale functionality.
  2. Background Remover: Easily separate subjects from undesired backdrops.
  3. Stickers: Add flair to images with a wide array of stickers.

Price: $5.00/month

Why We Picked It

Picsart isn’t merely a digital tool; it's a canvas for imaginative expression and community engagement. The editor's extensive toolkit, harmonized with its communal attributes, molds it into a nexus for creative exploration. The Remix Chat, a distinctive feature, facilitates real-time cooperative edits, setting Picsart a notch above its counterparts. Additionally, periodic challenges keep its audience enthralled, inspiring innovative artistic endeavors.

Bottom Line

For those in search of an all-around platform that merges potent editing capabilities with an energetic user base, Picsart stands unparalleled. It masterfully fuses dynamic editing tools with a lively community spirit, elevating the photo-editing journey from a solo task to a communal adventure.

5. Fotor

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
  • Intuitive Layout: Tailored to cater to both rookies and adept editors.
  • Broad Editing Palette: Encompasses tools spanning from rudimentary tweaks to intricate design undertakings.
  • Collage & Craft: Equipped to fabricate distinct collages and intricate designs, extending beyond mere photo adjustments.

Key Features:

  1. HDR Tech: Enhance image depth and contrast using HDR.
  2. Beauty Retouching: Perfect for refining portraits and achieving that flawless finish.
  3. Cloud Saving: Securely save and access your edits anytime, anywhere.

Price: $8.99/month

Why We Picked It

Fotor carves a distinct niche in the saturated photo-editing domain, marrying simplicity with progressive functionalities. Designed to resonate with a vast spectrum of users, from casual editors to design maestros, Fotor promises an all-encompassing editing expedition. With standout features like HDR technology and intricate portrait refinement, it beckons both photography aficionados and portrait lovers.

Bottom Line

For those oscillating between personal touch-ups and achieving professional finesse, Fotor emerges as a reliable ally. It’s more than an editor – it’s a holistic realm dedicated to image enhancement and artistic creation.

Try the Best Tool to Remove People from Photos for Free

Within the sprawling landscape of online photo editing tools, MyEdit emerges as a beacon for accuracy and ease of use. Every snapshot encapsulates a memory, and with MyEdit, you're empowered to craft those memories just as you envision. Embark on your editing journey today and create flawless imagery.

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Remove People from Photo FAQ

1. Is it ethical to remove people from photos?

The ethics of removing people from photos largely depend on the context and intent. For personal use, artistic vision, or to eliminate distractions, it's generally acceptable. However, manipulating images to mislead, defame, or alter historical or journalistic truth is unethical.

2. Can I remove people from old printed photos?

Yes, with the help of digital tools. You can scan the printed photo, use tools like MyEdit to remove people, and then reprint the image.

3. Will the photo quality be affected after editing my photo online?

With advanced tools like MyEdit, the photo quality remains largely intact. However, it's essential to save the edited image in a high-resolution format to preserve quality.

4. Is it possible to remove multiple people from a crowded photo?

While it's more challenging to remove multiple people from a crowded scene, sophisticated tools like MyEdit can handle such tasks with precision. The results might vary based on the complexity of the background and the proximity of subjects.

5. Can I also add people or objects after removing someone from a photo?

Absolutely. Most advanced photo editing tools allow users not only to remove but also add elements to photos, ensuring seamless integration.

6. How do I ensure the background looks natural after removing someone?

Tools like MyEdit use AI to analyze the surrounding background and fill in the space left by the removed person. It ensures the edit looks natural and consistent with the rest of the image.

7. How do I choose the best tool for removing people from photos?

Look for tools that offer precision, ease of use, and maintains image quality. MyEdit offers all of these and is a great option to try.

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