How to Crop an Image for Free [Windows, Mac, Online]

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Cropping an Image

Images don’t always come in the sizes we need them. Fortunately, there are easy to use image croppers to help us make any photo the size we want. Whatever your reason for needing to crop an image, this article will go over all the different ways to crop an image.

If you’re short on time and need a quick solution for cropping, we recommend using the image cropper PhotoDirector. It is the easiest photo editing software available on Windows and Mac.

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What is Image Cropping?

Cropping means cutting off a piece of your image. This is done for three main reasons: to zoom in on something in the image, to change the aspect ratio for social media, or to improve the framing or overall look of the image.

Best Image Cropper

PhotoDirector Logo

PhotoDirector - Best Software to Crop an Image

The best all-in-one free photo software for both organizing and editing images. Designed to be easy enough for novices and powerful enough for professionals. The cropping tool makes it easy to resize your image for social media with predefined aspect ratios or improve framing with a crop box.

How to Crop an Image on Windows and Mac

The best way to crop an image on Windows and Mac is with PhotoDirector. Download it for free below and follow these steps:

  1. Open PhotoDiretor and click the + next to Project.
  2. Choose Import Photos.
  3. Find the photo you wish to crop and click Open.
  4. Open the Adjustment tab.
  5. Under Regional Adjustment Tools, select the first option for crop and straighten.
  6. You can choose a predefined ratio from the Aspect Ratio drop-down.
    For example, if you plan to post to Instagram, there is 1:1 for the feed and 9:16 for Stories.
  7. Use the crop box in the preview window to adjust the size of your crop.
    Just deselect the Lock icon if you want to unlock the aspect ratio to freeform crop.
  8. PhotoDirecor - Crop Image
  9. Once you have your crop just right, click Done.

How to Crop an Image Online

The best way to crop an image on online is with MyEdit.

  1. Visit MyEdit.Online
    Start by visiting the MyEdit online platform at MyEdit.Online. This is where you'll find the tools you need to modify your images.
  2. Upload Your Image File
    Once you're on the site, the first thing you'll need to do is upload the image you want to crop. Use the Choose a File button then, navigate to the location on your device where the image file is saved, select it, and confirm the upload.
  3. Crop Your Image
    After your image has been uploaded, you'll have the option to crop it. You can either select a preset cropping option, which will automatically crop the image to a specific size or aspect ratio, or you can manually adjust the crop area to suit your specific needs. To manually crop the image, click and drag the edges of the crop box that appears over your image.
  4. MyEdit- Crop Image
  5. Download Your Cropped Image
    Once you're satisfied with the crop, it's time to save your image. Look for a "Download" button. Click this button to save the cropped image to your device.

How to Crop an Image on Mac With Photos

If all you need to do is crop a photo without any other editing, it is easy to crop using the photos app on your Mac. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Photos icon.
  2. Find and click on the photo you would like to crop.
  3. Mac - Photos
  4. Click on Edit in the upper right.
  5. Mac - Edit Photo
  6. Click Crop from the menu at the top.
  7. Place your cursor on the corner of the photo until it becomes a double arrow. Crop as needed.

    Mac - Save Edit
  8. Click Done in top right when finished.

How to Crop an Image on Windows With Photo Editor

If you’d like to crop an image using the Photo Editor on your Windows device, follow these steps:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Search for Photos and click to open the app.
  3. Click on the picture you wish to crop.
  4. Click the crop icon from the menu along the top.
  5. Windows - Photos, Crop
  6. Click and drag the pins in the corners of the image to move the cropping area.
  7. If you would like to use a predefined aspect ratio, you can use the drop-down menu under Aspect Ratio to choose between Square, 3:2, 4:3, 10:8 and Make a Portrait.

    Windows - Photos, Aspect Ratios
  8. Click on Save a Copy.

Download the Best Image Cropper for Free

You’ve just read a lot of different ways to crop images, but the best way to crop a picture using your desktop or phone is with PhotoDirector.

The cropping tool is precise, quick, and easy to use. You can crop automatically or manually through a variety of options. The app allows you to choose from common aspect ratios, including popular sizes for Instagram and Facebook. PhotoDirector even has grid lines to help make perfect crops every time.

PhotoDirector includes advanced features like AI background and object removal, animated effects and photo effects like glitch, mirror, blur and more.

PhotoDirector is free to download on your computer and phone.

Crop an Image FAQ

1. What Is the Difference Between Photo Cropping and Photo Resizing?

Resizing a photo changes its dimensions. All of the photo pieces remain the same, but the file size and quality of the image are impacted.

Cropping a photo cuts away part of the image. This can also affect the quality, as the more you crop, the more the image is zoomed in and can make it look pixelated.

2. How Do I Crop a Video?

You can crop a video using the video editing software PowerDirector.

Download PowerDirector for free and follow along with these steps:

Mac and Windows

  1. Open PowerDirector.
  2. Click on the import media icon (the first icon along the top).
  3. Click on Import Media Files.
  4. Find the video you want to crop and click Open.
  5. Drag the video to the Editing Timeline.
  6. Click on Tools in the toolbar above the editing timeline.
  7. Click on Crop/Zoom/Pan from the drop-down menu.
  8. Crop video using one of three ways. Change the width and height using exact numbers or the slider tool, choose a predetermined aspect ratio from the drop-down list, or manually move the cropping box by putting your cursor on the corners, then clicking and dragging it to the desired size.
  9. Click OK.

iOS and Android

  1. Open PowerDirector app.
  2. Click New Project.
  3. Choose aspect ratio.
  4. Tap Video, then choose the video you wish to crop.
  5. Click the + on the video to add to the editing timeline.
  6. Tap on the timeline to bring up the Edit Icon.
  7. Scroll through the bottom menu and open Crop.
  8. Use your fingers to move the crop box to the desired effect.
  9. When done, continue editing or click the download icon in the upper right corner to save.

3. What Features Should I Look for in an Image Cropping Software/App?

  1. Variety of ways to crop images
  2. Automatic crops for popular aspect ratios (i.e. for social media)
  3. Undo / Redo buttons in case you don’t crop the first time correctly

4. What Are the Best Image Cropping Software/App?

The 5 Best Image Cropping Software for Windows and Mac are:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. Batch Photo
  3. Pixlr
  4. Ashampoo Photo Commander
  5. Movavi Picverse

For more information on the above software, check out 5 Best Image Cropping Software.

The 5 Best Image Cropping Apps for Android and iOS are:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. VSCO
  3. Snapseed
  4. Photo Crop
  5. Picsart

For more information on the above apps, check out Best Image Cropping Apps.

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