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Top 5 AI Photo Editing Tools

Last Updated on Jul. 1, 2021 – by David Morgan
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5 AI Photo Editing Tools

PhotoDirector is an AI-powered photo editing program that combines a user-friendly interface with professional tools and features, allowing beginner editors to create pro-level photo creations with a few clicks of a button.

While PhotoDirector incorporates numerous AI editing tools into its vast interface, we have selected the five best tools to teach you about today. AI Style Transfer, Person Segmentation, Sky Replacement, Content-Aware Removal, and Deblur are all impressive AI effects that take the hard work out of manual photo editing.

You don't need to be an editing expert to produce wow-worthy photos with PhotoDirector. Instead, you simply need to know how to use the program's AI tools to your advantage.

Download PhotoDirector for PC and Mac today to try out these features yourself and then read on to learn more about the top five AI editing tools

Top 5 Ways to Edit Photos With AI

1. AI Style Transfer

AI Style Transfer is an editing technique that allows you to recompose your photo into another art style, such as an oil painting or watercolor painting. The AI Style Transfer tool will break down and analyze the elements within the photo and then apply the style filter to mimic a real painting technique.

If you're looking for a way to turn your photo into a true work of art, applying an AI Style Transfer effect is a quick and easy way to do so.

PhotoDirector makes it easy for beginner editors to incorporate AI Style Transfer with confidence. Follow these steps to turn your photo into a painting:

  1. Import your photo into PhotoDirector
  2. Navigate to the Guided tab at the top of the page
  3. Select AI Style Transfer in the list of effects on the left-hand side
  4. Scroll through the AI templates and select your preferred design
  5. If desired, use the eraser tool to remove the effect from specific areas of the photo

Applying AI Style Transfer is as easy as layering a filter over your photo. We recommend using this AI editing tool on landscape photos, outdoor scenery pictures, or images that showcase bright, attractive color palettes.

2. Person Segmentation

Have you ever wanted to edit an absent family member into a family photo? Or apply a filter to a photo's background, leaving the people untouched?

In the past, you would need to use a manual selection tool to painstakingly outline the person's silhouette by hand. Today you can use PhotoDirector's AI technology to outline people or objects in your images automatically, saving you significant time during post-production.

PhotoDirector' Person Segmentation tool is easy to use, whether you are a beginner or a professional editor. You can follow these steps to outline and select a person or object in your photo:

  1. Import your photo into PhotoDirector
  2. Navigate to the Guided tab at the top of the page
  3. Select the Extract or Compose dropdown
  4. Click on the Background Removal tool
  5. Select the person icon under “Select a brush”

PhotoDirector will use AI technology to select the person for you. If necessary, you can alter the selection by clicking and dragging the dotted lines around the person.

With PhotoDirector's Person Segmentation tool, you never have to waste time tediously outlining a person or object in your image again.

3. Sky Replacement

Vacation photos are some of the most tangible reminders you can have of the fun times you spend with friends and family. However, if the weather doesn't cooperate, your beach or mountain photos can turn out cloudy, dark, and dull.

One easy way to enhance outdoor vacation photos is to replace the sky with an awe-inspiring sky preset through PhotoDirector. The program makes it easy to select the sky in your image and quickly replace it with one of the various sunsets, sunrises, night skies, or galaxy images in the PhotoDirector library.

To use the sky replacement tool, simply upload your image to PhotoDirector, navigate to the Guided tab, then select Sky Replacement under the Photo Effects dropdown. PhotoDirector will automatically identify your sky, and you can apply the replacement by clicking on your preferred sky image in the library.

4. Content-Aware Removal

Trash cans, cars, and other stray objects can make your photos less visually appealing. The next time an unwanted object interrupts your image, you can easily remove it using PhotoDirector's Content-Aware Removal tool.

The Content-Aware Removal tool uses AI technology to replace the objects you would like to remove with a seamless background patch. You can find this tool under the Object Removal dropdown in the Guided tab.

Once you click on this tool, you can use your cursor to select a rough outline of your unwanted object. PhotoDirector will detect the object within your selection, analyze the surrounding area, and replace the object with a similar background to the surrounding landscape.

5. Deblur

Taking blurry photos is one of the easiest mistakes you can make as a photographer. Thankfully, PhotoDirector offers an intuitive deblur tool that focuses and clarifies blurry shots. You can find this tool under the Improve or Remove dropdown in the Guided tab.

Applying the deblur effect is as easy as clicking the Apply button and adjusting the strength using a slider tool. PhotoDirector will analyze the image and sharpen the detail in the photo, creating a clear, precise final product.

Final Thoughts

PhotoDirector's AI for photo editing tools take the complexity out of editing photos, allowing you to apply professional-looking effects with a few clicks of a button.

The AI Style Transfer, Person Segmentation, Sky Replacement, Content-Aware Removal, and Deblur tools are just a few of the numerous AI tools PhotoDirector offers in its desktop program.

Now that you know how to use AI to edit photos with PhotoDirector, the possibilities for your next photo creations are endless. Download PhotoDirector for PC or Mac today to begin trying out these tools and see the impressive effects they can create for your pictures.

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