Guide To Creating an Engaging Instagram Story With a Story Template Creator

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Guide To Creating an Engaging Instagram Story With a Story Template Creator

Instagram stories are essential to any creator's marketing strategy. While there are several ways to create engaging Instagram stories, adapting Instagram story templates is the easiest way to create social media posts that engage your audience. Read on for a quick and easy guide to create engaging Instagram stories using Promeo.

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How To Create an Instagram Story Template With Promeo

With Promeo's template feature, you can create a consistent look and feel across your social media channels. You can also use templates to help ensure that your brand messaging is consistent across all platforms. Promeo's Instagram story templates feature makes it easier to create visually appealing Instagram stories that engage your audience and drive them to action.

Step 1. Download Promeo — the Best App To Make Instagram Story Templates

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

To get started, download Promeo, available on the App Store or Google Play Store. Promeo is free and easy to use and lets you create engaging Instagram story templates in seconds. You can modify the template by adding or removing components or create an entirely different design from scratch.

Step 2. Choose the Instagram Story Template That Fits Your Style

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

Open Promeo and find the category called "Instagram Story." From there, you can pick the template you want from many styles and categories. Choose from the many Instagram Story templates, including e-commerce styles, art and design, restaurants, and foods.

If you don't want to browse through the extensive collection of templates, you can also choose a template according to categories, including seasonal templates, fashion templates, food templates, beauty templates, and more!

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

Step 3. Set Up a Brand Kit To Go With Your Instagram Story Template

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

If you're using Instagram as a business or looking for the perfect Instagram giveaway template, you can use Promeo to set up your personalized brand kit. With Promeo, you can upload your brand's logo, and the brand's colors will automatically match the template. You can later adjust colors and other settings as you wish.

You can also set up your brand's font, headers, and body text on the Brand Kit page — and edit these settings anytime. The Brand Kit will always be in the app whenever you create new templates. Your colors, fonts, and header font sizes keep a consistent aesthetic. You can make any adjustments in Settings at any time.

Step 4. Edit the Instagram Story Template However You Want

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

Once you complete the Brand Kit setup, it's time to edit your Instagram Story template. Replace the media by choosing images from your photo library or the Promeo stock image library. Go ahead and edit the aesthetic Instagram Story background template to match your style and brand's aesthetic.

Then, add text, images, stickers, and more. Replace the Instagram Story's music and continue with as many edits as you wish.

Step 5. Save Your New Instagram Story Template

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

Once you're happy with the results, export your Instagram Story template to your photo library. Remember to export as a GIF or MOV to keep the animations. Now, anytime you want to create a similar story, you can repurpose this Instagram Story template from a convenient location. All you have to do is change the photos, stickers, music, and effects.

What Are the Best Apps To Create an Instagram Story Template?

You can use stories to show behind-the-scenes footage or offer exclusive access to events and special offers. But templates can help you save time and create a consistent look. 

With the best apps to create Instagram Story templates, you can use them as a starting point to develop engaging stories and videos you can share with your followers. Here are some of the best apps to create an Instagram Story template from scratch.

Promeo Logo


Rating: 4.8 stars on the App Store | 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store

Available for iOS and Android, Promeo is a video maker design app that comes with tons of Instagram Story templates. With AI features that won't compromise image quality, Promeo lets you create professional-looking Instagram stories in a few seconds. With pre-matched color technology, you don't even have to worry about matching it to your brand's colors.

Pixlr Logo


Available for iOS and Android users, Instories is an all-in-one video maker app designed to help you level up video stories. With Instories, you can remove background, compose stylish collages, add text, use exclusive templates, and choose popular music tracks. Use ready-made templates from Instories for any occasion, including holidays, business, education, and more.

PicsArt Logo


Ash is an Insta art and story maker app available only on the App Store for iPhone. Make your stories look stunning when you choose from customizable templates. Customize any part of the templates you wish, including uploading your own photos or videos. You can also choose different fonts, colors, styles, and more.

Start Creating Instagram Stories

Now that you know how to create compelling Instagram stories, it's time to start. Get started with Promeo's template feature, which is available on iOS and Android. With Promeo's templates, you can make your Instagram stories stand out from the crowd and drive users to take action.

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