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25 Best Facebook and Instagram Story Templates in 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Best Facebook and Instagram Story Templates in 2022

Whether you’re introducing a new product, offering customers a deal or sale, announcing a special event, or celebrating any other milestone, it’s a challenge to find the right content and graphic design for your Facebook and Instagram Story. It’s no wonder since over half a billion users upload stories daily, and over 50% of users are interested in advertising in the form of an Instagram or Facebook Story.

With these statistics in mind, it’s important to ensure your stories hit their mark and accomplish their goal. We understand the challenges, so we’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best templates and design relevant, high-quality, eye-catching Facebook and Instagram Stories.

What Is a Facebook and Instagram Story Template?

Story templates are pre-designed layouts that allow you to easily customize animations, graphics, text, and other features and upload it to your Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Why Use a Facebook and Instagram Story Template?

Using templates to create each Facebook or Instagram Story has numerous advantages:

  • Simplicity. Pre-designed layouts are very easy to use, edit, and upload.
  • Consistency. Using templates helps you to achieve visual consistency across platforms and with each consecutive story.
  • Adaptability. Templates are usually designed to fit various screen ratios and orientations. This is important, for example, since statistics show that stories that are optimized for smartphone screen ratios increase brand results by 35%.
  • Increased creativity, professionalism, and relevancy. Having countless professionally designed templates to choose from, with the ability to edit and customize, will allow you creativity and attract followers to your brand or account.

Types of Facebook and Instagram Story Templates

There are many types or categories of templates, and here are a few popular ones:

  • Ads: Story designs for advertising a product or service for your business
  • AMA: Ask-me-anything (AMA) or Q&A stories to engage your audience
  • Celebratory: Congratulations for reaching an important milestone or memorializing a special event
  • Quotes: Original or famous quotes in a template designed to elicit a response
  • Game: Games viewers can play to reach an objective or win a prize
  • Donation: Stories used to receive and track donations to a charity or cause
  • Music: Stories with individual tracks or playlists that keep viewers engaged
  • Polls: Polls and surveys for viewer response and feedback, resulting in interactive engagement with customers or viewers
  • Informative: Quick facts, announcements, and interesting anecdotes to keep followers informed and entertained

Best Facebook and Instagram Story Templates Designer

PowerDirector Business Logo

PowerDirector Business 365

PowerDirector Business 365 is an all-in-one promotional ad maker that’s popular with those who use social media platforms. It’s specifically designed software for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It offers:

  • Advanced editing tools that really put customization in the hands of the content creator.
  • Access to countless royalty-free videos, photos, and music tracks
  • Over 17,000 templates to choose from
  • Integration with most social media platforms
  • Mobile access through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Whether you’re creating content for a business, selling products, recommending travel or entertainment, exploring fashion, or promoting healthy living and education, the creation of each Instagram and Facebook Story for your account has never been simpler.

Note: The mobile version of PowerDirector Business 365 is Promeo

25 Facebook and Instagram Story Template

1. Thanks for Watching - Best for Food Channels

Thanks for Watching - Best for Food Channels

This template is great if you’re sharing recipes or providing viewers with a virtual tasting experience. It was chosen for its colorful graphics and invitation for viewers to subscribe. Use it to direct viewers to your YouTube channel and encourage subscription.

2. Summer Home Savings Sale - Best for Home and Decor

Summer Home Savings Sale

The colors of this template are chosen from the palette of a cool summer. It was chosen for the vertical layout and animation, which is more effective for advertising stories. It also has a built-in “Shop Now” button, which is great for eCommerce sites.

3. 10K Followers - Best for Followers Milestone


For influencers, bloggers, and vloggers, reaching a milestone in followers is important. Celebrate it with this celebratory gratitude template. The vertical orientation and ease of customization make it a great pick.

4. New Product Launch - Best for Product Launch

New Product Launch

This animated template doesn’t reveal the new product, which creates suspense, but it does allow for effective logo and website link placement, which creates brand awareness. Its vertical orientation is very effective for smartphone users.

5. Healthy Recipes - Best for Nutrition

Healthy Recipes

Not only does this template offer a colorful, animated presentation for healthy food, but it begins with a logo or subscribe image, which helps to create brand awareness and build a following.

6. Dream Plan Do - Best for Inspirational Quotes

Dream Plan Do

This simple but inspirational background can be used for short motivational quotes or thoughts. The rousing background track makes it a winner.

7. Latest Trends - Best for Fashion

Latest Trends

Subtly seductive and classy videos and animations are combined seamlessly with various textures and styles, making this template fit almost any new launch of any new fashion line. It’s a good choice because it’s so versatile and captivating.

8. Freshly Baked - Best for Baked Goods

Freshly Baked

The earthy color palette of this template is great for baked products. You can almost smell the odors of freshly baked bread as the video plays. The vertical orientation and built-in “Shop Now” button make it great for online products.

9. Try Yoga - Best for Yoga Instructors

Best for Yoga Instructors

This template combines all the greatest features for aspiring yoga instructors. The gracefully seductive images combined with brand awareness and a link to your website will likely generate more leads and direct traffic to your site.

10. Compassionate Care - Best for Caregivers

Compassionate Care - Best for Caregivers

This professional-looking template with customizable graphics is a great front door for caregivers. The text banners can be edited to encompass your facility’s mission statement and direct traffic to your website.

11. Keep Moving Forward - Best for Rock Climbing

Best for Rock Climbing, Keep Moving Forward

This is a great example of combining an inspirational thought with advertising. The image, slogan, and activity mesh together to motivate viewers to action. The use of the social media handle builds and expands your audience.

12. Adopt Don’t Shop - Best for Animal Shelters

Adopt Don’t Shop Template

The image alone makes our reason for picking this template self-explanatory. But besides the cute factor, it also has the features for driving traffic to your site, helping ensure conversion from interest to adoption.

13. Train Smarter, Not Harder - Best for Fitness

Train Smarter, Not Harder, For Fitness

This template combines the well-known motivational slogan, “Don’t train harder, train smarter,” with powerful images and a pulsing backing track. It’s essentially a call-to-action designed to give the last motivational push to those considering changing their image.

14. Relaxation Teas - Best for Anti-Stress Remedies

Relaxation Teas for Anti-Stress Remedies

A great template that builds suspense in the viewer. It’ll leave your followers guessing for just long enough to hook them, but not so long as for them to lose interest. The color palette makes total sense when the brand and product are revealed.

15. Perfect Cut - Best for Salons

Perfect Cut for Salons

The images in this video template are current and stylish — yet ambiguous enough to allow you creative license in editing the text. Finishing off with a “Book an Appointment” button will drive traffic to your site, converting leads into sales.

16. Earth Day - Best for Educators

Earth Day for Educators

Not only does this template work for building awareness, but it also takes the next step of offering an educational experience. The options are endless, and the focus groups are many. This makes it very flexible and adaptable.

17. Camping Vlog - Best for Outdoors

Camping Vlog for outdoors

While designed for vlogging and blogging about the outdoors, the editable text makes it suitable for eCommerce sites selling outdoor equipment, groups sharing outdoor experiences, or sites offering outdoor survival tips. We love how adaptable and flexible templates like this can be.

18. Learn Auto Repair - Best for Mechanics

Learn Auto Repair for Mechanics

This template can be used by auto repair channels, online parts stores, or service and repair shops. Versatility and multi-use visuals are the hallmarks of this template.

19. Family-Friendly Hotel - Best for Hotel Owners

Family-Friendly Hotel for Hotel Owners

While it’s specifically designed for family-friendly hotels, the images could work just as well for vintage hotels, boutique hotels, and a variety of resorts. Making it that flexible and incorporating the vertical layout with the website link make it a great template for hotel owners and travel sites alike.

20. Are You a Foodie? - Best for Foodies

Best for Foodies

Introduce yourself to your followers or promote your foodie channel with this customizable template. It has the added value of logo placement for brand awareness.

21. Travel Blogger - Best for Travel Channels

Travel Blogger for Travel Channels

The collages in this template combine the vintage and retro with the modern. It’s a great choice for introducing your blog or expanding your audience by telling them your story.

22. Biking - Best for Cyclists

Biking Best for Cyclists

Whether you ride for fun, for fitness, or for a cause, this template can put your story out there. The prominently positioned social media subscription button is a great way to grow your audience.

23. Drone Footage - Best for Photographers

Drone Footage - Best for Photographers

Drone footage services are a rapidly growing, high-demand niche in professional photography. Let your viewers and followers know you offer this service. The slogan is great, but you can customize it as well.

24. Go Wild - Best for Zoos and Safaris

Best for Zoos and Safaris

Easily customizable for zoos, safaris, jungle tours, and animal farms, this is an exceptionally versatile template. Appeal to your followers’ sense of adventure!

25. Learn More - Best for Online Education

Learn More - Best for Online Education

The images and text banners are focused — yet just ambiguous enough to make it versatile. No matter what the content of your online education, webinars, or consultations is, this template can be adapted to your story.

How to Customize a Facebook or Instagram Story Template

How can you use PowerDirector 365 Business to customize a Facebook or Instagram Story?

In three easy steps:

  1. Select a template in the portrait ratio (9:16).
  2. PowerDirector - Ad Designer Template
  3. Go through each tool and customize every single element of your video from changing your intro duration, replacing images/videos, trimming, and cropping the background clip. You can even replace the music and change audio levels. Each tool is quick and straightforward to use.
  4. PowerDirector - Intro Designer Media
  5. Ensure your brand logo is uploaded and your personal branding message is conveyed clearly.
  6. Produce and share!

Download the Best Facebook and Instagram Story Template Designer for Free

Even the most creative content provider or professional designer runs out of ideas. And the challenge of creating captivating stories that keep your viewers engaged can be a daily battle. But PowerDirector 365 Business can simplify the process greatly and keep your stories relevant and engaging.

Besides helping you create effective Facebook and Instagram Stories, PowerDirector 365 Business can help you create or edit all your videos and branded content. It also offers an AI-Powered Cutout for editing photos before adding them to your ad or Story templates.

Try PowerDirector 365 Business today to see how easy it is to create Instagram and Facebook stories that will captivate your viewers and drive traffic to your site.

Note: The mobile version of PowerDirector Business 365 is Promeo

Facebook and Instagram Story Template FAQ

1. How Do I Create a Custom Instagram Story Template?

Use PowerDirector 365 Business to customize a Facebook or Instagram Story in three easy steps:

  1. Select a template and choose your screen ratio.
  2. Go through and customize your template.
  3. Save your Instagram or Facebook Story template for future use.

2. How Do I Find a Template for a Story on Facebook?

PowerDirector 365 Business gives you access to over 10,000 customizable, creator-designed templates for Facebook and Instagram Stories.

3. How Do I Post a Story on Facebook?

To upload a Story, tap the “Add a Story” button at the top of your feed, choose a photo or video, choose the targeted audience, and then share. If you want to use a pre-designed template, use PowerDirector 365 Business to search for a template. Customize it to fit your brand, product, service, or profile, and then save and upload.

3. How Do I Post a Story on Instagram?

To upload a Story, swipe right from your feed, scroll down to “Story,” choose a photo or video, draw, add text or place stickers on your Story, and then share. If you want to use a pre-designed template, use PowerDirector 365 Business to search for a template. Customize it to fit your brand, product, service, or profile, and then save and upload.

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