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25 Best Christmas Templates

Last Updated on Mar. 5, 2024 – by David Morgan
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25 Best Christmas Templates

It’s that time of year when you count down the remaining days until Christmas and start getting your home and online presence ready to share tidings of good holiday cheer. The only challenge is that once you get into the fall months, everything starts to move so quickly that it can feel like a scramble to even think about getting online content ready for the holiday season.

Luckily, you have stumbled across this article because we will give you precisely the holiday support you need. This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of the 25 best Christmas templates so that you can share festive social media content in minutes.

How to Choose a Christmas Template

The best way to choose a Christmas template is by first deciding on your message and who you are sending it to. Once you know what you want to say and who you want to share your message with, you can select a theme that consists of snowflakes, gingerbread cookies, or Christmas trees so that the whole design and look come together smoothly.

Why Use a Christmas Template?

A Christmas template is an excellent way to save yourself the headache of coming up with every detail that goes into a flier, video, or graphic for your business or online social platform. Instead, you can create anything for your audience, family, or friends, from simple Christmas greeting posts, gift tags, gift certificates, or Christmas cards in a snap because you have already selected the Christmas template that incorporates all of your favorite Christmas themes and ideas.

Best Christmas Template Designer

PowerDirector Business 365 Logo

PowerDirector Business 365

PowerDirector Business 365 is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use graphic and video designers. You can select from thousands of excellent, themed, pre-set Christmas templates to wow your social media following as well as your family and friends. You can design, edit and curate your creations with one straightforward program.

Note: The mobile version of PowerDirector Business 365 is Promeo

25 Best Christmas Templates

1. Christmas Gift Exchange by CMX - Best for Original Video-Based Invitation

Christmas Gift Exchange Template - Best for Original Video-Based Invitation

This video is fantastic and exciting in a simple and straightforward way. The image of Santa and his reindeer running across the Christmas sweater pattern reveals an invite to a Christmas Gift Exchange event. This is a very original way to invite people to your event.

2. Merry Christmas by Creator3 May - Best for Funny Santa

Merry Christmas Template - Best for Funny Santa

This video makes you laugh and giggle watching a mohawk-stylized Santa Claus drinking a beverage in a flamingo pool floatie. This template can be used to give your friends or audience a laugh while also getting them in the holiday spirit.

3. Christmas Greeting by Daniel Shueh - Best for Minimalist Holiday

Christmas Greeting - Best for Minimalist Holiday

This photo-based template was selected due to its simplicity. The mix of scrabble letters spelling out Merry Xmas and the snow-covered pine cones invokes a clear holiday spirit. Use this for TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram posts or stories.

4. Christmas Party by Daniel Shueh - Best for Christmas Party Video-Based Template

Christmas Party Template - Best for Christmas Party Video-Based Template

This video-based template features a dancing Santa Claus boogieing to Christmas music with headphones on. The customizable text boxes below invite you to join a Christmas Party on Christmas Day. It’s so much fun and sure to get your invitees in the mood for the holidays.

5. Christmas Cookie by Creator7 May - Best for Christmas Cooking

Christmas Cookie Template - Best for Christmas Cooking

This template gets you reminiscing about making cookies during the holidays with your mom as a little kid. But, of course, you could use it for anything Christmas-related cooking, and the creator added text animations to make the photo-based post more attractive.

6. Christmas Sale by Erin Yang - Best for Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale Template - Best for Christmas Sale

This Christmas template is geared towards sharing details about a Christmas sale for posts or stories. It features a lit-up entryway with a Christmas wreath and tree and a reveal animation that makes this Christmas discount sale feel new and exciting. So drop in your lego and customize it to make it your own.

7. Enjoy Christmas by Bella Huang - Best for Christmas Gift Surprise

Enjoy Christmas Template - Best for Christmas Gift Surprise

When you receive this Christmas video, it’ll get you excited to open your Christmas presents! This template shows a gift exchange and a family opening their Christmas presents and getting a surprise! A cute kitty. Of course, you can always edit the template and add a video with your fun surprise or keep the one included if you’re a cat fan.

8. Holidays Gift by Erin Chiu - Best for Christmas Shopping

Holidays Gift Template - Best for Christmas Shopping

This photo-based template is clean and classy, reminding you about your holiday shopping with a beautiful snowy white background, animated elements with golden bows and ornaments with matching gold text, and a Shop Now button!

9. Social Media - Christmas Party by PeiYi Lin - Best for Photo-Based Christmas Party

Social Media - Christmas Party - Best for Photo-Based Christmas Party

The party photo selected for this template looks cool and exciting with the shiny disco ball, clubby lights, and happy, attractive faces. The text overlaid is revealed to be an invitation to a Christmas party, plug in your information, and let’s go party!

10. Christmas Night by MaxB - Best for Video Intro

Christmas Night - by MaxB - Best for Video Intro

It’s a beautiful intro panning over a lovely house decorated with Christmas lights and the lawn covered in snow. You could use this intro for anything highlighting your holiday plans, like a Christmas get-together.

11. Xmas by Dboy - Best for Short Basic Videos

Xmas Template - by Dboy

What a lovely, tall Christmas tree with many Christmas presents underneath! This template would make a perfect Christmas party invite or an intro to your Christmas-related video.

12. Merry Christmas by Daniel Shueh - Best for Simple Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas Template - by Daniel Shueh

The simplicity of this image speaks volumes. The image of this natural pine or evergreen evokes Christmas without any distractions. The green branches allow the white cursive Merry Christmas to pop off the page with class. Use this template for anything from an intro to a Christmas gift certificate to an invite to a Christmas gathering.

13. Holiday Cake by Terho - Best for Holiday Shopping Guide

Holiday Cake Template - by Terho

This is just a cute video intro with dropping sale and discount-related comment boxes and gift tags behind a giant holiday cake. This template is geared towards an audience of holiday shoppers looking for help with their Christmas gifts.

14. Holiday Food by Tomoko Suzuki - Best for Holiday Cookies

Holiday Food Template - by Tomoko Suzuki

This template contains a yummy-looking holiday spread. You can customize the text box in the Christmas Ribbon for a holiday cookie sale, a Christmas card, or a gift certificate.

15. Holiday by Tomoko Suzuki - Best for Christmas and New Year

Holiday - by Tomoko Suzuki

This Christmas template has a cute moving red ornament dangling from a Christmas tree. In addition, it has customizable text and gift art, making this work as a holiday greeting or gift card.

16. Christmas Concert by MaxB - Best for a Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert - by MaxB

This photo-based template works excellent if you want to invite folks to a Christmas concert, whether in person or virtual. It does use animations in the hearts and the location tags to give it some energy. You can make this template work for you by editing the text, animations, or clip art options.

17. Modern Holiday by D Boy! - Best for a Modern Christmas Ad

Modern Holiday - by D Boy!

This video intro template has a beautiful way of showcasing it by spinning this Christmas display. It is too much fun and makes you feel the holiday spirit. All the text boxes revealed are editable so that they can be used for commercial holiday ads or Christmas invites for friends and family.

18. Christmas in Summer by Belle Wu - Best for Southern Hemisphere Christmas

Christmas in Summer - by Belle Wu

Even people in tropical locations celebrate Christmas. So here’s a Christmas template for those folks! This template is incredible; anyone receiving this video will love this sunny Christmas vibe, whether it’s a store ad or a holiday invite to your new spot in Fiji.

19. Christmas by TIA - Best for Christmas Boutique

Christmas Template - By TIA

This Christmas ad template features someone putting on Christmas ornaments on a Christmas tree. Since you can edit the text and even the photos you can customize the ad to fit your business and whatever discount you are looking to offer.

20. Happy Christmas Market by Tomoko Suzuki - Best for a Christmas Market Place

Happy Christmas Market - by Tomoko Suzuki

Who wouldn't love this Christmas card design? It's so sweet with a daughter kissing a mom or older female relative. They're making something delicious with the background filled with the Christmas tree's lights.

21. Christmas Time by Sodoma - Best for Holiday Quote

Christmas Time - by Sodoma

Here’s your next Christmas card greeting template ready for you, or go ahead and edit it with a different quote or message. Its design is so easy and full of snowy holiday spirit.

22. Seasonal Template by Chiachi_Chang - Best for Christmas Deals

Seasonal Template - by Chiachi_Chang

We love how this video ad template starts with a ride on a sleigh driven by real-life reindeer. There are a ton of snowy clips that you can edit with your own Christmas videos or edit the text to customize to your event or sale.

23. White Christmas by Cyberlink - Best for Snow Related Post

White Christmas - by Cyberlink

This ad template showcases a pretty woman with platinum blonde hair enjoying cold weather, and the text plays up all the imagery to align with a snowy white Christmas. You could sell clothing or a winter ski trip.

24. Xmas Deco by R Studio - Best for Christmas Ornament Ad

Xmas Deco - by R Studio

For those obsessed with Christmas trees, here ya go! This video ad puts a tiny Christmas tree ornament front and center amid the Christmas tree branches. Use this ad for Christmas video greetings!

25. Winter Sale by Tomoko Suzuki - Best for Seasonal Sale

Winter Sale - by Tomoko Suzuki

Share this 50% winter sale with your audience to get them amped for your holiday gift offerings. The sparkly star Christmas tree is very atmospheric and makes an overall great impression for a holiday sale.

How to Customize a Christmas Template

  1. Download and open PowerDirector Business 365.
  2. Select Photo-Based or Video-Based Templates and choose Seasonal from the drop-down list on the left.
  3. PowerDirector Interface - video/photo-based templates
  4. Once a template is selected, it will open up the template editor.
  5. Change your base video or image with Replace Background Media. You can select Continue From Last Clip to extend your scene with the initial image or video from the previous scene.
  6. PowerDirector Interface - Replace Background Media
  7. You can trim your video using the Trim tool.
  8. Click Add Scene to add a Beginning, Middle, or Ending scene.
  9. PowerDirector Interface - Add Scene
  10. Click the Video Overlay tool to add a graphic to your scene. You can select the PIP (Picture in Picture) Object that you like from the drop-down menu.
  11. PowerDirector Interface - Video Overlay, PIP object
  12. When you select the PIP Object you want to overlay in your scene, you have additional editing tools you can utilize. For example, you can adjust the Opacity to change the transparency of your PIP.
  13. Select Animation, and you can choose to add an animation to your PIP.
  14. PowerDirector Interface - Animation, PIP Object
  15. Go through the other various tools at the bottom of the Ad Designer to perfect your post template. You can Replace Background Image, Trim, Add Text, Add Scene, Add Image, Add Video Overlay, Add/Replace Music, and Change Color Scheme.
  16. PowerDirector Interface - template tools
  17. When you are happy with all the elements of your Facebook post, select Save Template, Share, Add to Timeline or Produce to complete the editing process.

Download the Best Christmas Template Designer for Free

Overall, we all know how stressful Christmas and the holidays can be. Coming up with all of the Christmas cards, gift tags, gift certificates, and other various related holiday materials adds up to a lot of work. 

But now you know about PowerDirector 365, so you can download an amazing Christmas template designer that will get your following or audience in the holiday spirit with you. The other thing about PowerDirector 365 that you should know is that it does so much more than have tons of unique templates. It includes AI-powered video editing tools making it one of the most powerful video editors available. 

For all of your Christmas template needs, click the button below to download PowerDirector 365.

Note: The mobile version of PowerDirector Business 365 is Promeo

Christmas Template FAQ

1. What is a Christmas template?

It is a preset graphic or video with customizable elements so you can personalize every aspect of it, allowing you to make all your holiday social media campaign and Christmas card-related materials.

2. How do I make a digital Christmas card?

Download PowerDirector 365, and you can select and customize a photo-based template from their massive collection of templates and download stock images from Getty Images and Shutterstock within the software.

3. How do I make a Christmas video?

In PowerDirector 365, you start by selecting a video-based template, customizing it, then publishing it as soon as you have designed it to your liking.

4. How do I make a Christmas video intro?

PowerDirector 365 has video intro templates for you to choose from. You can edit those like any other templates and then attach them to your main video.

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