Top 5 Free Poster Maker Apps with Thousands of Templates: Create Posters with One Click! (2024)

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Free Poster Maker Apps

Many people lack confidence in using design software for poster creation and production. However, by using a poster maker app, anyone can unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life. With a large selection of quality poster templates and intuitive and simple tools, you can create posters and flyers using a variety of audio and video materials!

Here are 5 of the best free poster maker apps to show you how to complete high-quality poster design and production in 6 steps for free. We will also share some frequently asked questions and answers about poster maker apps.

If you want more than creating static posters and flyers but also want to publish video posters on Instagram and Facebook, we recommend Promeo to meet all your needs at once!

Download Promeo for free now and enjoy tens of thousands of poster templates!

5 Recommended Poster Maker Apps

1. Promeo: Thousands of Poster Templates To Create High-Quality Posters Easily

Promeo is a graphic and video template app designed for social media, offering tens of thousands of customizable poster templates for free. The template themes include food, fashion, pets, romance, travel, and more, allowing you to quickly create personalized posters on your phone based on your personal preferences or brand needs.

In addition to a wide selection of beautiful templates, Promeo also provides 8 million royalty-free images, videos, and music tracks, as well as various dynamic stickers, over 130 applicable fonts, frames, and animations. Everyone can easily unleash their creativity and design unique posters with Promeo.

Promeo Key Features:

  • 100+ Different Fonts To Customize Your Creative Output
  • 20,000+ Customizable Poster Templates
  • Built-In Royalty-Free Stock Assets
  • AI-Powered Cutout
  • Apply Your Style with Exclusive Color Filters
Promeo - Try out this template

Learn More about Promeo’s Templates:

2. Picsart: Recommended poster maker app for Beginners

Picsart is a photo editing app that supports features like collage making, designing stickers, and removing backgrounds. Even beginners can easily create posters using templates, filters, effects, characters, and collages within the app. Additionally, it also allows you to add speech text, art effects, layers, and handwriting processing, making it easy for you to create posters using your photos.

3. Canva: A poster maker app with a Rich Collection of Poster Design Templates

Canva is a poster maker app that provides various design templates. There are many trendy templates available, with styles that include fashion magazine, movie poster, or advertising design. In addition, you can also edit the poster templates provided by Canva, and it also supports creating poster designs from scratch.

4. Poster Maker, Flyer Designer: The Amazing Poster Maker for Android Users

Poster Maker, Flyer Designer is a popular poster maker app for creating eye-catching promotional posters, advertisements, offer announcements, and cover photos for your business or social media accounts. With an impressive array of backgrounds, textures, effects, fonts, and stickers, this easy-to-use app allows you to customize your designs and make them stand out.

5. VistaCreate: The Cloud Hosted poster maker app

VistaCreate is a poster maker app that includes a large number of materials and poster templates, image editing, photo processing, and animation creation. Since VistaCreate is a cloud-based design tool, you can directly modify the photos designed on your phone on your computer, and vice versa.

It is important to note that there are a few limitations for the free version. For example, the free version allows a maximum 5 image downloads per month and the background remover feature is locked.

6 Steps for How To Make a Poster

Now that you have 5 free poster maker apps to choose from, we will use Promeo to demonstrate how to use poster templates to create posters. Feel free to download Promeo and follow the tutorial to easily design any poster you want!

1. Download Promeo and Choose Your Favorite Poster Template

After opening Promeo, you can see that tens of thousands of poster templates are categorized into dozens of themes to help you quickly find the template you like.

After selecting a template, you will see a heart icon in the upper right corner, which allows you to  add the template to your favorites so that you can easily access it in the future. Below the template, you will see information about the template, including the number of views, likes, and shares.

To use a poster template, simply click "Edit" to quickly modify and replace it with your own material and start designing your poster!

Promeo - Try out this template

2. Replace the Photo

You can freely modify everything on the poster design template, such as the images, lines, text, colors, sizes, and so on, to create a completely personalized poster design that suits your preferences!

To replace the photos on the poster template with your own images, simply click on the photo you want to replace, click Replace, and then use photos from your phone or from the library of over 8,000,000 stock assets.

Promeo - Try out this template

3. Use the AI-Powered Cutout Tool

You can surely put a photo on a poster directly, but when it comes to designing a poster, automatically removing the background can help you focus more on the layout and color design of the poster.

Promeo's built-in Cutout feature includes Auto, Eraser, and Brush functions. The most useful of these is the Auto feature, which allows you to easily remove the background with just one click. Even if you don't know how to use Photoshop or don't have time to use photo editing software, you can quickly get started and create high-quality poster designs on your phone.

Promeo - Try out this template

When you click on the Cutout function and select the Auto option, Promeo will automatically detect the objects in the photo and determine the background to select the object area in reverse. With this powerful feature, you can quickly select the area and remove the background perfectly even on a mobile device!

Promeo - Try out this template

The photo with its background removed can be moved, resized, and positioned freely, and Promeo also supports practical layer features that allow you to create more design effects.

4. Customize the Poster Text

Modifying text on the poster template is also very simple. Just click on the text you want to modify and select Edit to freely rewrite it in one of 15 languages including English and Chinese. Additionally, Promeo supports changing fonts, layer order, text alignment, and color, among other features.

Promeo - Try out this template

Currently, Promeo supports up to 150 English fonts, allowing you to freely change fonts without design limitations.

Promeo - Try out this template

5. Replace Poster Background

If you don't like a solid color background for your poster, you can also replace it with a photo you like or use Promeo's built-in library of over 8,000,000 stock assets to search for and create your poster in one go! Simply click on the background, press Replace, and you can easily change the background image and adjust its size and position.

Promeo - Try out this template

6. Export the Poster

Click the Export icon on the top right of the screen, and you can choose to export the completed poster in JPEG or PNG format. You can also share the poster on social media like Instagram or Facebook!

Promeo - Try out this template

Tip: Preset Color Layout

In addition to the essential features mentioned above, there is another useful color matching function to recommend. Many people worry that they do not have aesthetic taste or are too lazy to adjust manually. You can save time with Promeo's preset color matching layout!

Click on the Colors icon, and you can see many color combinations recommended by designers. You can quickly apply them with one click and use the back button above to quickly compare the effects of different color combinations!

Promeo - Try out this template

Tip: Double-clicking on a color can also quickly alternate the colors, saving a lot of time on manual adjustments!

FAQs about Poster Maker Apps

1. Are There Free Poster Maker Apps?

Yes, we recommend the following 5 poster maker apps.

  1. Promeo: Thousands of Poster Templates To Create High-Quality Posters Easily
  2. Picsart: Recommended poster maker app for Beginners
  3. Canva: A poster maker app with a Rich Collection of Poster Design Templates
  4. Poster Maker, Flyer Designer: The Amazing Poster Maker for Android Users
  5. VistaCreate: The Cloud Hosted poster maker app

2. What Are the Common Features of a Poster Maker App?

A popular poster maker app includes common features like the below:

  1. Abundant poster templates in different styles and themes
  2. Background removal feature
  3. Special fonts
  4. Photo editing features like cropping and duplication
  5. Millions of image and audio stock resources.
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