25 Best Vlogmas Ideas for Christmas Videos on YouTube

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Vlogmas Video Ideas

Finally, it’s that time of year again. Time for shopping, hot cocoa, twinkle lights, cookies, and watching Vlogmas YouTube videos in your Christmas-themed jammies.

Since you clicked on “25 Best Vlogmas Ideas,” you probably already know what Vlogmas is, if not check out our What is Vlogmas? article.

Vlogmas is a great way to celebrate the holidays with your subscribers, not to mention it helps you boost your following! Because who doesn’t love a theme?

However, Vlogmas can be difficult to create for Vloggers because of the amount of content it requires. The holidays are already insanely busy, so coming up with content, shooting, editing, and releasing a Vlog a day for 25 days seems near impossible! This article will give you all the ideas you need to make this year the best Vlogmas ever.

What is Vlogmas on YouTube?

Vlogmas first started 10 years ago back in 2011, when popular lifestyle vlogger Ingrid Nilsen released holiday-themed content every day in December leading up to Christmas. She called it “Vlogmas,” and a YouTube tradition was born.

Over the past decade, Vlogmas has become an annual tradition for many well-known Vloggers such as Zoe Sugg, Alicia Marie, and Sierra Furtado.

“The Vlogmas Challenge” is when YouTubers attempt to do the full 25 days of Vlogmas, but some prefer to do “The 12 Days of Vlogmas,” to alleviate some of the stress.

To come up with Vlogmas content, most YouTubers stick to their vlogging niche but add a Christmas spin. If you have a food Vlog, for example, you could do 25 days of Christmas recipes. If you do film reviews, you could review Christmas movies. The list below includes general ideas that cover a range of topics, but will hopefully get your brain going, whatever your vlogging genre happens to be.

25 Video Ideas for Vlogmas

The hardest part of Vlogmas is coming up with enough holiday-themed content to cover all 25 days of Vlogmas. And if completing the Vlogmas Challenge is an annual thing for you, it can be a challenge to come up with fresh content year after year!

Here are 25 Christmas video ideas – one for each day of Vlogmas. Apart from #1, these are in no particular order, so feel free to record your video ideas on your own schedule. Also remember to start filming some of these before December 1, like Christmas shopping or decorating the house. Make it easy on yourself and start recording early to skip the grind of filming every day.

1. Welcome to Vlogmas

Welcome to Vlogmas

The first day of Vlogmas should always be an introduction. Explain what Vlogmas is, how often you plan to release content, and why you chose to do it. Unless you are a very well-known Vlogger who has been doing Vlogmas for years, your subscribers might not know what to expect.

2. Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

Whether you shop at Target or Harrods, it’s fun to see a beautifully decorated store with fun holiday displays. Depending on your usual vlogs, this could be a fly-on-the-wall video where viewers watch you shop for friends, a “Best Gifts of the Year” list, a toy review, or a Black Friday special.

3. Wrapping Presents

Wrapping Christmas Presents

If you have any great gift-wrapping tips, you could share them here. If you are terrible at wrapping presents, entertain your viewers with your epic wrapping fails. You could even bring in an expert wrapper to teach you and your subscribers the best techniques. Show the viewers what you are wrapping, explain who it’s for and why you thought it would make the perfect gift…just warn your friends and family to skip that episode until after Christmas.

4. Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

We covered your friends and family, so now tell us what’s on your Christmas list this year and why. Tell a story about the best gift you ever got. How do you keep your list? Do you take screenshots and text them to family, drop hints or go full-on with a registry?

5. Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Who doesn’t love to make and decorate Christmas cookies? Cut out gingerbread or sugar cookies with festive cookie cutters and bake. Make a bunch of icing of different colors by adding food coloring. Invite over friends and have a cookie decorating party. You can be fancy with piping bags or just leave in bowls and spoon icing over cookies. Depending on your level of expertise, the video can be a how-to or a how-not-to.

6. Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread House

Like the cookies, your type of video for this depends on your expertise in the gingerbread-as-architecture department. You can buy all sorts of fun pre-made kits in popular themes, or try your hand at homemade! Again, invite some friends over of differing skills and watch the mayhem unfold.

7. Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas

This is one you can have in the bag before the start of Vlogmas and release at will. Unbox your ornaments and share stories of the ones that mean something to you. If you like to go crazy with the outside lights and decorations, that could be a separate entry.

8. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Driving around a neighborhood looking at crazy Christmas houses is a pretty common tradition. Get a gingerbread latte, crank the holiday tunes and cruise the streets. Look up the best Christmas houses in your town and make the journey. Or visit a drive-thru Christmas display at a local farm or church.

9. Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies

What are your favorite Christmas films and why? Do you have a film you watch every year to kick off the season? You could go see the newest holiday film in the theater and give a review, or have friends over to watch a classic over eggnog and cocoa in Christmas jammies.

10. Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

What’s on your holiday playlist? Songs you love and songs you hate. This episode could include going caroling or being visited by carolers, watching your niece in her school’s holiday concert, or doing Christmas karaoke with pals.

11. Photos with Santa

Taking photos with santa

I firmly believe you are never too old to get a pic on the old man’s lap. If you just can’t bring yourself to do it, go with your own kids/relatives/friend’s kids. Show your favorite photos of you with Santa. Or talk about if you believe in Santa or if you don’t anymore, for how long did you?

12. Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties

Let us watch you get ready for the big event, whether a fancy work party or an ugly sweater party. Get footage of the venue and the food. Or throw a party yourself and capture all the preparations and the final product.

13. Christmas Outing

Christmas Outing

You should have at least one special holiday outing in the lead-up to Christmas. Go see The Nutcracker or visit a nativity, see a play or concert, or go cut your own tree. While you might not be able to film inside a ballet or play, we would love to see what you wore, the outside of the venue, the program, and a review after the show! Maybe you are going to a venue downtown and can show us how beautiful the city looks.

14. Christmas Trip

Christmas Trip

Most of us travel somewhere in December, whether across the country to see family or a weekend trip with the gals. A Christmas Travel Vlog is always a good idea.

15. Winter Sports

Winter Sports

If you have snow in your town, the possibilities are endless. Film yourself tubing, skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. If you don’t have snow, go to an ice-skating rink or a hockey game. You could be an expert or a first-timer, just make sure you hand your camera to someone who can capture every embarrassing second.

16. Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

What are some traditions in your family? Film yourself participating in the tradition or just tell us about it. Invite friends and family to discuss their favorite traditions. Try out a new tradition. And if your sister happens to bring some embarrassing photos of you, even better.

17. Pick out a Christmas tree

Pick out a christmas tree

No matter if you are buying a real or fake tree, please invite us to come along. Explain what you look for in the perfect tree, and why you prefer real or fake! Please have someone record you trying to fasten it to the hood of your car or trying to make the box fit in the back seat.

18. Holiday Recipes

Holiday Recipes

Not a cook? Discuss or give out your favorite holiday recipes, whether sweet or savory. What traditions surround these gastric treats? Show your Mom/Aunt/Grandfather cooking or make it yourself. Maybe your family is from another country that has a traditional Christmas food of its own.

19. Christmas Drinks

Christmas Drinks

Run to your local coffee shop for your favorite seasonal beverage or make mulled wine from scratch in your own kitchen. Have a Hot Cocoa bar or test out new festive alcoholic drinks on friends and have them vote on a favorite.

20. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater

I mentioned attending or throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party above, but if you don’t have one of these items on your calendar, you can still join in the wonderful holiday tradition that is hideous sweaters. Film yourself shopping for one or make your own! There are ready-made kits you can buy to make your own ugly sweater, or pick a fun theme and find the goods yourself.

21. Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

Review or test skincare products made to help dry winter skin. Give make-up or hairstyling tips for holiday parties, or show off festive nails. Explain your winter beauty routine.

22. White Elephant Gifts / Secret Santa

White Elephant Gifts / Secret Santa

Go shopping for your office Secret Santa or try to find the perfect White Elephant gift at a thrift shop. Show past White Elephant gifts you’ve received. What are the best ways to do White Elephant Gift exchanges? Does your family do a version of this with rules for who goes first and how many times a gift can be stolen?

23. How to be Thrifty During the Holidays

How to be Thrifty During the Holidays

Explain to viewers how you save money during the holidays. What crafts or decorations can you DIY? Which stores have the best sales and when to get the best deals. Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping tips. The best homemade gifts to give to friends and family.

24. Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Have a big Christmas dinner? Open one present? Layout cookies for Santa? What are your special Christmas Eve traditions? If you don’t feel like filming and editing the day of, you can just discuss your plan and traditions instead of actually filming them.

25. Christmas Day

Christmas Day

You might not want to make a video on December 25, because who wants to worry about shooting and editing on Christmas Day? But you can do a Christmas Day-themed episode where you discuss your upcoming plans and traditions for the big day or past Christmases. If you can’t stand the thought of NOT filming on Christmas Day, give yourself a break and save the editing for later in the week. Or put out a compilation of scenes from Christmas mornings past.

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Merry Vlogmas 2021

Now you should have enough ideas and inspiration to attempt your own Vlogmas Challenge in 2021. And don’t forget after you’ve planned and filmed your holiday vlog videos, PowerDirector is the best way to edit your videos.

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