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The World's Top AI Facial Recognition Engine

Next Generation Facial Recognition


99.83% Accuracy

Top ranked globally in NIST’s 1:1 & 1:N benchmarks


100% Anti-spoofing

100% Anti-spoofing protection against 2D and 3D fraud attacks

* Based on iBeta Level 2 compliance test.


240 Videos per Workstation

Support up to 240 video streams with facial recognition on a single workstation

* A workstation with four NV RTX A5000.


Low cost edge device

Enable facial recognition on devices with low cost SoC

FaceMe Delivers Biometric Identity Verification and Vision AI Solutions

  • precise and accurate facial recognition icon

    Precise and Responsible

    Bias-Free AI facial recognition software with both passive and active consent-based options. Facial recognition with mask also supported.

  • cross platform facial recognition icon

    Versatile OS Support

    Cross platform support for all popular operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Jetpack.

  • facial recognition chip icon

    Hardware Optimized

    FaceMe is optimized for IoT / AIoT Edge Computing Devices; able to run on most hardware configurations, including CPU, GPU, VPU and low cost SoC.

  • facial recognition certification icon

    Certified Liveness Detection

    FaceMe achieved iBeta ISO Level 2 liveness detection under ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), effectively preventing impersonation and substitution attempts using 2D photos, 3D masks, and deepfake videos. 2D, 3D, and IR+RGB cameras are all supported

  • computer vision analytics detection icon

    Age, Gender, and Emotion Detection

    For smart retail use cases, FaceMe supports the detection of age, gender, facial expression, and head orientation.

  • computer vision ai icon

    Vision AI

    Other than facial recognition, we also provide solutions for (1) people tracking, (2) people counting, and (3) person detection.

See FaceMe in Action

man monitoring surviellence system


woman clocking into work using facial recognition

Smart Banking

Software Built for Your Success

  • Cross-Platform Facial Recognition Engine for AIoT/IoT

    • Fast integration with edge-based AIoT/IoT devices
    • Support for multiple AI inference engines
    • CPU / GPU / VPU Hardware Acceleration
    Learn more
  • An Universal Web-based Facial Recognition API Service

    • Flexible HTTPS API development platform
    • Supports load balancing and failover functions support to ensure 24/7 operations
    • Built-In API testing tools for immediate validation
    Learn more
  • Facial Recognition for Surveillance and Access Control

    • Facial Recognition for Surveillance and Access Control
    • Integration with VMS (video management systems)
    • Access control, staff check-in/out time and attendance
    • Live monitoring & real-time alerts
    Learn more
  • eKYC for All Applications and Online Banking / Insurance Services

    • 1:1 and 1:N biometric verification for eKYC
    • Anti-spoofing support on 2D & 3D cameras and phones
    • Offerings for both servers & edge devices
    Learn more


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