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Restoring the Audio in a Wedding Video with AudioDirector

If there was too much background noise at your wedding venue when the video was shot, you can use CyberLink AudioDirector to remove this noise, without compromising the crucial audio you want to keep.

1. Click and drag your wedding video to editing track 1.

2. Select the video clip, click the Edit Audio button above the timeline, and then select AudioDirector.

3. In CyberLink AuidoDirector, go to the Restore room.

4. Click Noise Reduction, select Auto Denoise, and then click Next.

5. Adjust the Sensitivity and Dry-Wet mix sliders, and then click Apply.

Extra information

You can use Preview to listen to the adjustend result.

6. Click OK.

7. Click Back to return to PowerDirector.

8. Click Yes to save the audio as a new file.

9. The unwanted noise in the video is removed.

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