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Create a house full of clones | PhotoDirector Tutorial

Ever had that awkward moment where no one has shown up to your party? Perhaps they’re late, or maybe they just forgot. Well one Redditor, The_Argentine_Pace, took matters into his own hands when faced with that exact predicament. Before he knew it, his post had gone viral on Reddit.

Yesterday was my birthday so i threw myself a party from r/funny

This talented creator used PhotoDirector to create this image. But how did he do it? Well we’re going to show you!

What we will be creating

This image includes one background image merged with another 6 different shots. A tripod is vital when taking photos to create this kind of effect. You’ll also need to set your camera to manual exposure and ensure you position yourself carefully in the scene.

After importing all the pictures into PhotoDirector, go to the Layers tab and then drag your second picture on top of the background picture.

Using the Select area tool to remove the background

To remove the background of the second image, click on the Select area tool. You will find there are several selection options you can use. For this picture use Manual brush selection to paint the area you would like to keep.

Once you’ve selected the parts of the image you want to keep, click Invert selection -> Delete selection -> Clear selection.

You’re done with the first part of your photo. Now it’s time to start adding your clones.

While merging other pictures, you can lower the Opacity to show which part of the picture will overlap with other layers.

To remove overlapping sections, change the Selection mode to Subtract from selection , which allows you to deselect and remove the overlapped area.

Rearrange the layers in the Layer Manager

You can move layers to the foreground or background of your composition by dragging the layer above or below other layers.

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