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5 Tips for Creating Amazing Instagram Photos

No matter if you are a blogger, photographer, or brand, Instagram is one of the most popular marketing tools to share your work. Here we list five photo editing tips to create amazing Instagram posts to impress your followers.

#1 Crop Your Photos

As a mobile app, you will always crop your photo to get the perfect aspect ratio for an Instagram feed. Check our previous post The Best Image Size You Should Use for Instagram to learn more. Cropping a photo can also help achieve better composition of your photo. Quickly reframe your object to capture viewers' eyes with PhotoDirector. If you're going to learn one thing about photography, the Rule of thirds is considered the golden rule - PhotoDirector's crop tool will help you achieve this desired result.

#2 Adding Text to Your Photos

Another way to make your Instagram photo stand out is by adding text to tell a better story.

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There is a lot of photo editing software that can do this; check this step by step on how to add text to your photo in PhotoDirector.

#3 Retouch Your Photos

It's essential to adjust the brightness and color of your photos. Doing so will make your photos look more pleasing and make your Instagram layout more consistent.

Experiment with different exposures and color palettes to achieve a consistency of style. You can apply various color presets until you find your style.

#4 Apply Special Effects

Be creative! See your photo take a whole new meaning in black and white, or add effects such as bokeh and lens flare. But keep in mind, there is such a thing as an over-edited image.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use PhotoDirector's Color Splash photo effect, which lets you turn a photo into black and white while retaining some ??a splash of the original color.

1. Once you have PhotoDirector installed, navigate to the Guided tool, and you will find the Color Effects.

2. Select the Color Splash effect and use the color picker to select the color you would like to keep.

3. Then you can use the erase brush to remove or restore any color of your photo.

#5 Creative Layer Editing

Take your photo to the next level with advanced layer editing techniques. Layer editing provides the flexibility to create unique compositions by combining images, texts, and graphics. Using blending modes, effects and masks, your creative possibilities are virtually endless.

If you are new to photo editing, here's an introduction to how layer editing works in PhotoDirector.

Now with all the tips above, it's time to begin capturing amazing Instagram photos to post to your feed!

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