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Introducing our Photo Editor, PhotoDirector 10

When it comes to the best photo editing software, nothing beats PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector 10 offers a bunch of new opportunities for creative image editing, including tethered shooting, AI style transfer, One-click Keystone correction and more advanced layer editing tools. Let’s take a peek at these new features.

Unchain Your Creativity

PowerDirector 10 provides a new way for you to edit your photo. With the AI style plugin, you can really transform your photos into stunning artworks by using the brand new AI Style Transfer. The new AI Style Engine can analyze your photo intelligently and apply brushstrokes so your photo looks like it was hand-painted by a master artist.

AI Style Transfer effect

Use the AI style plugin to change the style of the images within a few seconds.

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Content-aware Clone

Remove, duplicate, or move objects or people within photos simply by brushing over them. PhotoDirector instantly fills spaces using an intelligent algorithm that blends perfectly with the surrounding background.

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One-click Keystone Correction

Quickly fix common distortions that arise while shooting, especially in urban settings. Intelligently correct image perspective to make objects appear flat on the horizon.

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Advanced Layer Editing Tools

PhotoDirector 10 has added new layer editing tools for an even better user experience. These new tools provide the flexibility to create unique image compositions by combining images, texts and graphics. Using a combination of blending modes and masks, your photo editing possibilities are virtually endless.

Edit with Layer Mask

Use layer masks to hide portions of a layer and reveal portions of the layers below.

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Group Layers

Group layering lets you establish a relationship between layers, even if they aren't next to each other in your layer order. Once the layers are selected into a group, you can move or adjust them simultaneously.

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Using Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers include exposure, contrast, and white balance. You can edit an adjustment layer whilst leaving the underlying pixels unchanged.

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Creating with Clipping Mask

Clipping Mask allows the content and transparency of one layer to control the visibility of another.

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Incredible 360 ˚ Photo Editing

PowerDirector 10 supports all major 360° camera brands so you can edit your 360° photos effortlessly. Import, edit, correct and export 360˚ photos using our cutting-edge features.

Straighten Crooked 360º Photos

Capture cropped images from your 360 photos by adjusting the visual perspective to straighten skewed angles.

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Tripod Removal

Tripod trouble? Not anymore. The blur and reflection bubble effect helps you to remove tripods in 360° images.

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Panoramas from 360º Photos

With your 360° image and PhotoDirector you're well on your way to creating truly flowing vistas.

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Create Your Own Little Planet

Turn your 360° photos into a world of their own in just a few quick clicks with the new Little Planet feature.

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Make Your Workflow more Efficent

Tethered Shooting

Tethered shooting enables you to get the perfect photo in fewer attempts. Each shot you take is instantly viewable on your monitor. Quickly identify & fix problems with focus, lighting or composition.

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Soft Proofing

Soft proofing makes sure the image you see on your screen is exactly what you’ll see when you print. This allows you to foresee and correct any issues that may arise when you print you work.

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