Title Designer 2: Adding 3D Titles

3D-like title temples let you rotate text on its X, Y, and Z axis, add 3D texture settings, and more.

1. Select and drag a title template to the timeline.

2. Double click on the template to open the Title Designer to modify it.


3D-like templates use the text "My 3D Title" by default.

1. Change your personalized text for 3D title.

2. Go to Character Presets and then select your preferred preset.

3. On the Font Face tab, you can adjust the extrusion level.

4. Select 3D Rotation Settings to enable the text’s X, Y, and Z rotation.


To convert the 3D-like text into 3D, simply select 3D Settings to enable. Use the slider to adjust the 3D depth of the text if required.

5. Click on the Motion tab to apply the starting and ending effects.