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Action Camera Center in PowerDirector 14 – Part 1: Repair & Enhancement

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The new Action Camera Center in PowerDirector 14 includes the most frequently used features for editing and enhancing action camera footage.

Launch the Action Camera Center

There are 2 different ways to launch the Action Camera Center.

Launch from Media Room

1. Select a clip in Media Room

2. Click on and select Action Camera Center

Launch from Timeline

1. Select a Timeline video object

2. Click on and select Action Camera Center

In PowerDirector 14’s Action Camera Center, the features are arranged into two tabs.

Fix: Lens Correction, Video Stabilizer, White Balance and Color Presets

Effect: Replay and Speed, Freeze Frame

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the “Fix” features to repair and enhance video.

If you would like to learn about the “Effect” features in the Action Camera Center, please refer to this other tutorial.

Lens Correction

Most action cameras are equipped with ultra-wide angle lenses. For example, the GoPro Hero can capture 170° of video. However, ultra-wide angle video usually comes with slight fish-eye effect, which causes curve/barrel distortion at the four edges of your video. In PowerDirector 14, you can use the Lens Correction feature to correct the distortions.

1. Tick Lens Correction

2. Choose the Maker and Model of your action camera. PowerDirector supports Lens Correction from major action camera makers, such as GoPro, Sony, Panasonic and JVC.

3. You can also do manual adjustment to correct Fisheye Distortion and Vignette.

4. If your device is not shown, you can click the icon to visit DirectorZone and download more lens profiles.

5. The lens profile you download from DirectorZone will be a *pdlcp file, click on to import it into PowerDirector.

Now let’s take a look the corrected result

Video Stabilizer

Most action sports videos are shot in highly dynamic environments, and the resulting footage might be too shaky. You can use PowerDirector’s Stabilizer to fix it.

1. Tick Video Stabilizer

2. Adjust the strength of video stabilization.

3. If your video is recorded with a hand-held camera and has rotational shakiness, you can select Fix Rotational Camera Shake.

4. The Enhanced Stabilizer fixes non-directional shakiness, useful for pan shots.


Note. The enhanced stabilizer is more resource consuming, and anomalies might display during preview mode.

Here’s a before/after comparison video for the stabilizer function.

White Balance

Most action sport cameras use auto white balance by default. But if the auto white balance is not accurate, you can use PowerDirector’s White Balance Tool to correct it.

1. Tick White Balance.

2. Manually adjust color temperature and tint.

3. You can also use the eye drop tool to manually set the white calibration.

4. In the White Calibration interface, click on the area which should be white. In this demo, that would be the brightest part of the snowy surface. The entire video’s white balance (color temperature and tint) will be adjusted based on the selected point.

Here is the white balance corrected result

Color Presets

PowerDirector 14 also provides another way to correct color by using Color Presets. In the Action Camera Center, you can apply one of three frequently used color presets for sports video.

1. Tick Color Presets.

2. Under the sub-menu, you can choose from three frequently used color presets for sports videos that will correct outdoor, snowy and underwater shots.

Countryside – enhance color saturation in outdoor shots

Snowfield – correct underexposed shots with lots of snow

Underwater – increase the color temperature for underwater shots


You can also choose from over 20 color presets from the default Preset sub-menu, performing advanced color grading with ColorDirector (if you’ve also installed ColorDirector on your PC).

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