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ActionDirector 3
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ActionDirector 3 

The ultimate action cam accessory.
Now with 360° filter effects and improved video & audio quality.


ActionDirector is for the action camera enthusiast. It's the ultimate Go Pro video editor and the best way to create powerful action videos that showcase all the excitement of your footage. On top of that it's incredibly quick and easy to use, putting the power of movie making into the hands of even complete beginners.

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Create high-impact, pro videos that showcase the action.

  • Incredible 4K Movies

    Virtually all action cameras sold can capture 4K video, but finding editing software that can cut and export 4K movies is harder. All the detail and crystal-clear resolution that an action camera captures is retained by ActionDirector when footage is edited and it's still all there when the finished movie comes out the other end.

  • Super-Fluid Slow Motion Action

    No other Go Pro video editor can match ActionDirector's mastery of high frame rate video. You can not only import and edit video taken at up to 240fps but importantly with ActionDirector, you can apply color and lens corrections to high FPS footage without losing any of the frames or quality when you export at the same framerate!

  • Share the Action

    Directly share your action movies to YouTube, Vimeo and other online platforms as soon as you produce them.

  • Action Audio

    Plug in any audio track to complete your action video story. Simple tools let you to fade it in, balance it out and mould it to complete your movie.


No tedious conversions. No complex tools. It's all action!

Extreme Video Editing Toolkit

ActionDirector is the complete Go Pro video editor for every extreme video maker, including tools for Motion Tracking, Stop Motion Video, Zoom and Pan Effects, Video Stabilization, Fish-Eye Correction, Slow Motion, Freeze Frame Video, Color Correction.

  • Instant Action Movies

    ActionDirector's powerful theme-based movie maker is the answer to turning folders of action footage into highlight-filled action clips perfect for sharing.

  • Drag 'n' Drop Storyboard Creation

    Storyboard movie making is a flexible, quick and very intuitive alternative to timeline editing. Reordering and rearranging of the clips is easily achieved by simple drag 'n' drop. See any added video effects or transitions, and view the entire movie sequence of scenes at once.

  • No Annoying Format Conversions

    Our Go Pro video editor is optimized to deliver pixel-perfect editing for the widest range of popular video formats availableWhile lesser video software converts all your action camera files, ActionDirector has no proprietary formats so there's no waiting around . Simply import the footage from your action camera in whatever format it's been captured and you're ready to go.


One click enhancements. Step-by-step guides to instant movies.

  • Clean and Clever Workspace

    ActionDirector works hard to keep things simple with an elegantly simple design. All modules contain refined controls designed to guide users through the production of their action showpiece.

  • All-in-one Action

    Finding the features you want to use in a Go Pro video editor, without having to delve through layer upon layer of menu options, are here at your fingertips. ActionDirector groups together all the features you want in one intuitive interface.

One-click Corrections

Take care of common action video issues with just the click of a button. See it in action with these quick videos.

  • Lens Correction

  • Color & White Balance

  • Video Stability

  • Noise-free Video & AudioNEW

    ActionDirector instantly gets rid of high ISO noise without destroying video detail.

    It can do the same for hiss and background noise from your audio, cleaning it right up and expertly improving the final result.

  • True-to-Life ColorNEW

    ActionDirector is a Go Pro video editor that breathes life into washed out footage with powerful one-click enhancements that gives video back the vivid, rich colors you see with the naked eye while leaving skin tones unaffected.


Capture the action from every angle.

End-to-End 360 Video Editing

Import, edit and produce your 360° action videos and upload them directly to for your friends and followers to enjoy! Trim, add titles, effects and transitions, and switch between viewing modes to get accurate visualizations of how footage will appear.

  • Expand Your 360° OptionsNEW

    Create dynamic conventional video using 360 footage, using either a flat 2D projection or experimenting with the eye-catching new Little Planet view that can put you at the center of your own world!

  • All-Around ArtistryNEW

    ActionDirector is not only the fastest and easiest Go Pro video editor to start making your own immersive 360° movies, you can now get creative with 7 brand new video filters that let you instantly apply artistic looks to your footage.

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