AudioDirector 365
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AudioDirector 365

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AudioDirector 365

Edit, Mix, Record, and Restore Audio

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Director Suite 365

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AudioDirector 365

Edit, Mix, Record, and Restore Audio

Latest Offers

Restore Audio in 1 Click with AI

With the AI Restoration Assistant, auto-remove unwanted noises and fix audio issues in a single click with recommended tools.

Crystal Clear Speech

Restore and fine-tune speech in your video and audio projects. Create podcasts & voiceovers with unmatched clarity even in loud or noisy environments.

  • AI Speech Enhancement

    Enhance speech in your recordings with world-class AI algorithms.

  • Clean Up Audio

    Remove noise, hiss, hum, or distortion with precision restoration tools using state-of-the-art AI.

Voice Profiler & EQ Match

Create templates from your audio files to replicate on other tracks.

  • AI Wind Removal

    Remove distracting and destructive background noise when shooting outdoors.

  • Vocal Removal/Boost

    Detect, adjust volume, or flawlessly remove vocals with fine-tuning precision tools and world-class AI algorithms.

AI De-Reverb

Gain complete control of reverb and echo in your recordings.

  • New Sound Packs

    Access the best catalog of background music and sound clips with new additions monthly!

Learning Resources

Kick-start your projects with tutorials, tips, and guides.

  • How to Trim Audio for Free on PC

    Using an Online Audio Trimmer - Step 1: Upload your audio file. Step 2: Trim your audio. Step 3: Download the edited audio file. Using an Audio Editing Software - Step 1: Import your audio file. Step 2: Trim your track. Step 3: Export the edited audio track.

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  • How to Make a Podcast on Spotify

    Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to make a podcast on Spotify: Step 1: Record a Podcast. Step 2: Make Sure Podcast Meets Spotify Requirements. Step 3: Add Podcasts to Hosting Service. Step 4: Create a Spotify Account.

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  • How to Remove Vocals from a Song [Online & PC]

    Learn how to effortlessly remove vocals from any track in just a few clicks.

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AudioDirector 365 | 25% OFF | Ends February 25th