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PowerDVD Copy Rave Reviews and Awards

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PowerDVD Copy 

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PC Praxis (Germany)

"In the test the program gave the impression of being stable"PC Praxis, Germany. Mar 2006

PhazeDLL (USA)

"PowerDVD Copy simplifies the copying process." PhazeDLL, USA. November 2005

PC Magazin (Germany)

"Power DVD Copy working reliably." PC Magazin, Germany, August 2005

Impulse Gamer (Australia)

"Easy to use, compress an 8.5 gb dual layer disc down to a standard 4.7 gb disc with all menu items intact. I'd recommend this software to anyone looking to make backups of their DVDs."Impulse Gamer, Australia, July 2005

PC World (Hungarian)

"Supports double layer disc burning. Surprisingly simple use, one-botton copy feature for DVD duplication of non-copywright materials." said Halasi Miklos of PC World,Hungarian, November 2004

Digital Photo Magazine

"PowerDVD Copy is extremly easy to use and can transcode your Movie to fit 4.7gb DVD media and allows you to select which features to remove from the original movie," said Sefy Levy, reviewer of Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.7

CHIP (Singapore)

"The software (PowerDVD Copy) is extremely easy to use"said CHIP singapore, Oct. 2004

CHIP (Italy)

The software is extremely easy to use

PC Professionell

PowerDVD Copy is an easy-to-use copy software for video DVDs.

SoftDeko (UK)

"PowerDVD Copy gets the SoftDeko "thumbs up" - it truly is a smashing little tool answering the needs of the many with a straight forward easy to understand product. PowerDVD Copy is a real credit to the CyberLink collection," said Dafydd, the reviewer of SoftDeko,UK, July 2004