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PowerDVD Copy

The One-Step DVD-to-DVD Copying Software

PowerDVD Copy—Copying Software—Features and Benefits

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PowerDVD Copy 

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Why Use PowerDVD Copy Software?

With One-Step Copying You Can Duplicate Discs Easily

The most flexible DVD copying software, PowerDVD Copy, simplifies the copying process. All you need to do is specify your content on your hard drive or disc, select a hard drive or disc as a destination, and then click Copy.

Your video content can be automatically shrunk to the size of your destination disc. Even better, by using the same type of disc for your destination as the source, you ensure the quality of your result is exactly the same as your original. What you get is a perfect clone of your video DVD.

How Do Advanced Features Deliver More Options for Customizing DVDs?

DVD Copying Software extraordinaire, PowerDVD Copy's Preview Modes in full display.Preview Modes

PowerDVD Copy makes it easy to decide which sections of a software DVD you want to copy. Intuitive controls and a preview window let you play the video files of your source content. Reviewing files before selection guarantees that you will copy only those software DVD features you wish to keep.

  • Play disc content in full
  • Play title (click to play)

Customization Options

Customization Options for PowerDVD CopySource content is laid out as a file tree. You choose which content to keep via the check boxes, giving you more space on your destination disc for essential content. Click on a title to reveal choices for subtitles and audio tracks, as well as compression rates.

  • Title removal
  • Subtitle removal
  • Audio stream removal
  • Video Compression Rate 30% to 100%

Compression Technology

PowerDVD Copy software provides the option to manually or automatically shrink large amounts of content into a set disc space, or set your video bit rate to reduce the size of the copied file.

PowerDVD Copy Software's compression technology shrinks large amounts of data Shrinking Options
8.5 GB to 8.5 GB
8.5 GB to 4.7 GB
4.7 GB to 4.7 GB

Media Support

CyberLink's PowerDVD Copy's media support includes double-layer discs

CyberLink DVD copy software, PowerDVD Copy, supports a broad range of software DVD media, including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and double-layer discs. You can also copy video from a software DVD disc to your hard drive using your DVD copying software by selecting your destination disc or folder.

  • DVD+R9 double-layer discs
  • DVD-R/RW
  • DVD+R/RW

*PowerDVD Copy, DVD copy software, supports duplication of non-CSS protected content. For more information about protection issues, visit our Useful Links