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PhotoDirector 9

PhotoDirector 9

Complete Photo Adjustment & Design
  • Be Creative! - Create amazing art with PhotoDirector. Unchain your imagination and make anything you can envision with pro tools easy enough for anyone to use!
  • One-of-a-Kind Family Photos - While there are hundreds of family photo ideas out there, your family is one of a kind. PhotoDirector is designed to help you create stunning family memories, unique to you.
  • Stunning One-Click Travel Shots - Believe it or not, creating great travel shots isn’t that hard. And you don’t need expensive cameras and lenses. Try PhotoDirector’s one-click presets that instantly improve your images.
  • Inspirational Landscapes - Give yourself the best chance of landing great photos with PhotoDirector’s easy-to-use tools for creativity and correction in landscape projects.
  • Flattering Portraits Every Time - Good portraits reveal the true personality of someone. Transformative tools for retouching the face and body make telling the story you want, easy.

Award of PhotoDirector

Highly Rated Award - PCMag, US

"PhotoDirector, CyberLink's photo-editing software, always impresses with its clear interface and quick operation. It's an affordable tool that gives Adobe a run for its money in photo workflow and editing software" PCMag, US, 10/2016

4-star Excellent from PCMag, US

“PhotoDirector...always impresses with its clear interface and quick operation.” PC Mag, US, 10/2016

Best Photo Editing Software 2017 from PCMagazine, US

“You can have a lot of fun at a reasonable price with CyberLink PhotoDirector.” “[PhotoDirector’s] interface is well thought out, and it has all the standard photo-editing tools, along with a bunch of cool extra goodies.” PC Mag, US

5 Star User Rating, FileHorse, USA

"FileHorse visitors rated PhotoDirector 8 with a score of 4.82 out of 5" FileHorse, USA, 2017

Top Ten Reviews Gold Award, USA

"PhotoDirector is photo-organizing software that merges a wide selection of tools with an intuitive user interface. Learning to edit and organize your photo albums has never been easier. All of the tools and features in PhotoDirector are clearly marked and their functions are obvious." Top Ten Reviews, US, 10/2012

Excellent Rating, Software.informer, US

"CyberLink PhotoDirector is no longer a “pro-looking” photo editor, but a full-featured professional editing tool with more functionality than many other similar tools that boast of wearing the “pro” tag in their names.", US, 10/2014

Best Photo/Video Software Award, PC Advisor, UK

"...it deserves to be a popular choice for editing photos.” PC Advisor, UK, 6/2013

4.5 Star Award, CNET, US

"CyberLink PhotoDirector is a winner… its strength is really its simplicity of workflow.” CNET, US, 02/29/2012

Highly Recommended, Photography Blog, UK

"The attainable price tag and powerful systems make Cyberlink PhotoDirector 5 an attractive purchase if you're a keen amateur or start up professional." Photography Blog, UK, 9/2013

4 Stars Award, Photoschool, FRA

"A good tool for editing and organizing your photos." Photoschool, FRA, 02/2013

Sehr Gut, Digital Photo, Germany

"The user prompting is clear and suitable for beginners as well as advanced users." Digital Photo, Germany, 3/2013

Sehr Gut, Das Magazin für die Praxis, Germany

"With PhotoDirector 4 Ultra, you get a high-performance program which covers all functions you need as a hobby photographer." Das Magazin für die Praxis, Germany (3/2013 magazine issue)


"In comparison, Cyberlink offers a more compelling handling and more sophisticated functions, so that more ambitious photographers will be happy." Foto & Video Digital objektiv, 01/2013, Germany

9.0/10 Rating, Déclic Photo Magazine, FRA

"Over the versions, PhotoDirector gets better. It reached a very interesting level and has almost nothing to envy its competitors." Déclic Photo Magazine, FRA, Jan 2013

4.5 Star Award -Quetelecharger.com, FRA

" Simple, intuitive, recommended for all photo lovers." Quetelecharger.com, FRA, 09/2012

PCWelt, Germany

"Photo Director 3 is a multifaceted software which covers a large part of the photographic workflow." PCWelt 5/2012

Grade: Good - Foto Praxis, Germany

"CyberLink PhotoDirector 3 shines with a sumptuous extent of functions." Foto Praxis 03/2012

Gold Medal Award - HiTech Legion, US

"Cyberlink PhotoDirector 3 is very good software. They've put lots of power into easy to use tools. Even a novice can pick up PhotoDirector 3 and immediately start making professional looking photos." HiTech Legion, US, 04/2012

4.5 Star Rating - DownloadCrew, USA

“Manipulate and correct photos using this semi-professional tool.” Download Crew, US, 11/2011

Choice Award - Chasseur d'Images, FRA
Choice Award - Chasseur d'Images, FRA

"PhotoDirector is excellent for its ease of use : even a beginner could use it easily." Chasseur d'Images, Oct 2011

14/20 Rating - Windows News, FRA
14/20 Rating - Windows News, FRA

"This software has a well thought interface." Windows News, Sep 2011

Recommended - Photography Blog, USA

"If you're on the look out for a key word tagging system that has basic editing and a slideshow option thrown in, then it's worth taking a look at PhotoDirector because at £80 / $100, it's a lot cheaper than Lightroom and most importantly also does a good job." Photography Blog, Sep 2011

Top Ten Reviews Gold Award, USA

“PhotoDirector 2011 is the perfect application to help you adjust your photos and remove imperfections.” Top Ten Reviews, August 2011

4 Star Rating - Techradar, UK
4 Star Rating - Techradar, UK

“This is a great product for people who are getting to grips with editing their photos.” Techradar, August 2011


"CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 is an all-in-one photography program that lets you manage, retouch, enhance, and share your digital photos. With its intuitive workflow and nondestructive editing environment, we think it's a great choice for beginners and intermediate users.” CNET, July 2011

SoftwareCrew, UK

“If you need a photo management/processing app and the high-end competition seem a little expensive, give PhotoDirector a try - it's a great tool, and excellent value for money.” SoftwareCrew, June 2011


"Interfaces that look like the one in Lightroom are common these days, but the new CyberLink program goes beyond that" Pixiq, June 2011