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Buy ColorDirector Color Grading Software

Precision Color Grading. Professional Results.

$129.99 $96.99
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  • Dramatically improve the quality of your videos with color grading
  • Seamless integration with PowerDirector’s video editor
  • Enhanced Color Match to instantly match color from one clip to another
  • NEW Enhance or generate light sources to create dramatic scenes
  • NEW Intelligent selection mask with motion tracking
  • NEW Waveform scope for greater color correction accuracy
  • NEW Intuitive selection tool to turn any clip into a green/blue screen
  • Intelligent de-noise and de-haze to create remarkably clear videos
  • Selection-specific color adjustment for precision color correction
  • Import & export LUTs for professional-grade color adjustments
  • Enhanced 3-way split toning to adjust highlight, mid-tone & shadow settings

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