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Parental Control Restrictions

The best way to keep children away from R-rated movies.
PowerDVD offers you the easiest way to keep younger viewers away from watching movies that are not suitable for them (even when you are not there), with the special Parental Control feature. Many DVD movie titles available on the market today, have an Audience Rating assigned to them (see the chart below), which indicates the audience suitable for viewing the film. What PowerDVD can do is enable you to set the program so that you can certain people from watching films that are not suitable for them (such as not allowing young children to watch R rated films).

Rating Description
G Suitable for general audiences
PG Parental guidance suggested
PG-13 Parental guidance suggested, unsuitable for children under 13
R Restricted
NC-17 Adult theme or content, not suitable for children under 17

To enable the Parental Control feature, you first have to set yourself as the administrator and set the names of others (i.e. younger family members) and their relative rating limit. Then the next time when someone tries to watch a rated movie title, PowerDVD will request the viewer to type in his or her login and password to determine if the viewer is restricted from watching the movie.

Setup the Administrator and Users
The default operation mode for Parental Control is set to a single-user mode, where it grants you the privilege to access all levels of DVD titles. To activate PowerDVD's Parental Control features, you first have to setup the Parental Control Administrator in the Configuration menu. The following are the steps on how to do so.

Configuration Button

Step 1 Open your PowerDVD program, and locate the Configuration Menu by

    1. Right clicking on the screen to bring up the Express Menu and select "Configuration" or
    2. Click on "Configuration Menu" from the Control Panel or
    3. Press "Ctrl+C"

Step 2 After clicking on the Configuration button, a menu will open up. Click on the "Parental Control" Tab. If you have not setup as an administrator before, you have to enter the Administration menu to setup an administrator.

To setup a user or administrator, you have to enter the User Name, Password, Confirm the password and set the maximum Parental Level. PowerDVD provides Parental Levels other than the ones provided by the standard Audience Rating guide, to allow you to specially tailor the different rating guidelines.