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How to Use and Download a Free Photo Editor for Windows and macOS

Last Updated on Dec. 14, 2018 – by David Morgan
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We don’t always want to pay for a new piece of software before getting a chance to try it out, especially if we’re in the market for a piece of photo editing software, which can be a little expensive. After all, how do you know that it will be easy enough to use and deliver quality results?

PhotoDirector Essential is the free version of CyberLink’s award-winning photo editing software. It’s free to use forever, and includes a trial of the advanced features for 30 days. Download this free photo editor to try, and consider advanced features to take your photography to the next level.

PhotoDirector Free Trial Features

You might be thinking that a free photo editor for Windows and macOS might not come with all the bells and whistles you might want to use when working on your photos, but that is where you’d be wrong. The free version of PhotoDirector comes with everything that is packaged in with the fully priced version for a period of 30 days. These features run the gamut from simple aesthetic filters to complete visual overhauls.

If you download this free photo editor, you can even edit and create 360 degree photos! Not only can you edit photos taken with a VR-friendly camera, but gain access to advanced features like content aware cloning and tethered shooting so you can immediately see your photos on your monitor. Also, try our amazing AI Style transfer effects. With this free photo editor for Windows, the options are truly limitless.

PhotoDirector Free Download

Navigate to the PhotoDirector page and click the “free download” button. You’ll be ready to download a free photo editor right then and there! Just ensure that you’re running a 64-bit Windows or macOS operating system.

You can then install the software and get started right away by importing or even just dragging and dropping the photos you’ve taken right into the PhotoDirector editing window. Check out these simple tutorials on how to use PhotoDirector and all of its features.

You’ll still be able to use many basic features of this free photo editor for Windows and macOS, but after the trial period of 30 days has ended, the premium features described earlier (and more) will expire, after which you’ll be required to purchase PhotoDirector to continue using them.

But in the meantime, download this free photo editor from Cyberlink and see it in action!

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