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11 Best Free AI Art Generator Apps for Text to Image Creation

Last Updated on Jun. 21, 2024 – by CyberLink
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With AI on the rise, AI art generator apps have sparked a trend that gives people a chance to get creative without going through all the time and effort it takes to learn to draw and edit art. Of course, AI-generated images aren’t a replacement for human-created art, but they’re a fun way to explore designs and styles.

Choosing the best AI art generator app for the job can get overwhelming, especially as the AI trend ramps up. Keep reading to discover the 11 best AI art generator apps that can create new images with your text!

What Is an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator uses a type of machine learning called artificial neural networks that takes your text input and turns it into an image. The apps give many people a way to see their selfies or generate images in various styles using keywords. These models use existing art to tailor their images and produce varied styles, so it’s important to use them ethically.

How To Choose the Best AI Art Generator App?

Aside from creating AI-generated images from text, the AI art generator app’s other features matter. Not all AI art generator apps include the same tools or quality level. Here are a few things to consider before you tap the download button:

  • Quality and clarity of generated images
  • Ease of use and ability to navigate
  • Plan pricing
  • AI styles and variety
  • Additional features beyond generating images

With Vivid AI, you not only generate AI arts with text prompt, but you can use many of its AI tools for free, like its AI Anime, AI Replace or AI Sketch features. Plus, it gives you control over your images and styles, so you get the looks you want.

Snapshot of 3 Best AI Art Generator Apps

Explore cutting-edge AI image generator apps for creative expression by our choice-

App (iOS/Android Rating) Top Features
1. Vivid AI (4.9/4.8)
  • Gen-AI generative photo app
  • Text to image
  • Sketch to Image and other Gen-AI tools
2. PhotoDirector (4.8/4.7)
  • Ultimate photo editing app
  • Generate images with text prompt
  • AI tools to remove objects and enhance photos
3. AI Arta (4.6/4.7)
  • Turn words into art with AI picture generator
  • Support editing photos and videos
  • Can use an image as a visual base for your prompt

11 Best AI Art Generators for iPhone & Android

1. Vivid AI

Available on: iOS and Android

Key Features:

Vivid AI empowers users with a plethora of AI tools, making it one of the best AI art generator apps available. With Vivid AI, you can effortlessly create AI art from text prompts or images, even without any prior design experience.

  • Text to Image Generator

    an image of Vivid AI's text to image UI and generated images side by side

    Vivid AI's Text-to-Image generator converts text into captivating images with diverse artistic styles, from Disney to steampunk, enabling users to create four unique visuals from a single text input. It's a versatile and effortless tool for unleashing creativity.

  • Turn photos into anime, cartoons, or sketches

    a woman in curly hair photo transformed to 5 different sketch styles with Vivid AI

    AI Sketch, another amazing AI tool of Vivid AI, seamlessly transforms your photos into exquisite sketches, capturing the essence of the original while adding an air of sophistication.

    Beyond sketches, explore the AI Anime and AI Cartoon features, which transcend traditional filters and offer various artistic styles. They also offer a customization option in which you can enter text prompts to create unique looks.

  • Add and replace designs seamlessly

    Woman sitting on floor, holding green smoothie photo being AI replaced with Vivid AI

    Vivid AI also offers AI Replace, which works like the generative fill feature of Photoshop, but without any cost. It simplifies object removal effortlessly; even rough outlines are refined with precision. It enables everyone to explore limitless design possibilities with intuitive text prompts.

2. PhotoDirector

Available on: iOS and Android

Key Features:

PhotoDirector’s variety of AI features makes it one of the best AI art generator apps out there. Its all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to edit all in one place, so you can generate stylized photos and edit your snaps with the help of smart tools.

3. AI Arta

AI Arta has several art styles you can choose from with different levels of complexity. It gets more specific when you put in your keywords, and its realistic sketches create a fun way to discover different art styles, even with simple pencil sketches.

4. Lensa

Lensa generates a collection of avatars from the photos you upload. You can choose from various styles, and the app creates new images of you with the looks you choose. Unfortunately, Lensa isn’t free, so you do have to pay to generate your AI art.

5. WOMBO Dream

WOMBO Dream gives you plenty of room to explore different art styles when you tell it what to generate. When you input a string of keywords, changing even one of them can totally alter the look of the art for a custom look that corresponds with lyrics, poems, zodiac signs, and more.

6. Wonder

With Wonder, you can put in a single word or use a keyword phrase for your text to image AI generation. Like other apps, you can choose from a lot of styles before you describe the image you want, but Wonder also lets you generate art with no style, so you get a creative surprise!

7. UniDream AI

UniDream AI works well if you’re looking for a quick and easy AI art model. It’s less realistic and not as high-quality as PhotoDirector and other AI art apps, but it still lets you give it simple prompts. It mainly generates anime-style avatars, too, so if you’re looking for variety, a different app may work better.

8. starryai

While other apps require keywords, starryai can give you a new AI image from emojis alone. It works best for scenery, and while it can’t turn your photos into AI avatars the way PhotoDirector can, it does generate stunning scenes, from futuristic streets to bright, colorful surrealist images.

9. Fotor

Fotor’s AI art effects have trendy styles, including cyberpunk, to generate your next image. With your keywords and phrases, it generates art based on famous artists, including Picasso and Van Gogh. It even has other AI tools, like retouch and photo enlarger, to help you make other improvements to your images.

10. Imgit

Imgit uses keywords to generate your AI art, but beyond that, it lets you put in song lyrics to see what vibes your favorite music creates. It works well for making your next wallpaper for your phone, and you can choose from 8 different styles.

11. Airt

Airt has over 100 AI avatar styles and 10 art styles that you can discover and experiment with your text to image generator. When you upload your selfies, you can get dozens of unique avatars to put on social media, and each time you use the app, you’ll get something totally new.

Best Online AI Art Generator to Create Astonishing AI Art


MyEdit's AI algorithm provides a user-friendly platform for artists, designers, and content creators to effortlessly transform ideas into captivating images online. It distinguishes itself with a cost-effective approach, offering a free version allowing exploration of its capabilities with 5 daily prompts generating 4 images each.

Notably, MyEdit excels with its text to image tool, converting word prompts into striking artwork. Users can freely enter their text prompts and choose from the styles such as vibrant, pop art, 3D and more  they like. MyEdit stands out as a premier AI art generator, combining simplicity, affordability, and consistently impressive results, complemented by additional tools for refining and enhancing generated art.

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How to Convert Text to Image with the Best AI Art Generator App

Vivid AI’s AI image generator allows you to turn text to images by simply typing out your fantasy. With it, you can create the most unique art work within seconds!

1. Download Vivid AI

Vivid AI

Go to the App Store and Google Play Store to download Vivid AI. Then, open it to get started!

2. Tap “Text to Image”

On the main screen, choose “Text to Image” from the toolbar at the bottom to start creating yours. There are Cartoon, Pop Art, Neon and 8 other styles awaiting you.

3. Type Your Text and Turn Text to Images with AI

In the box at the top of the screen, describe the image you want Vivid AI to create for you. You can put in 800 words. If you need more inspiration, you can tap the light bulb at the upper right side and apply the preset prompt generated by Vivid AI.

4. Download Images and Share With Your Friends

When Vivid AI finishes generating your images, you can tap “Generate More” to get more AI generated images. Once you are satisfied with the generated images, you can select them and download them to your phone or share them with your friend directly.

For Vivid AI’s premium users, you can get generated images without watermarks, and even get 40% off on AI Avatars and 30% off on AI Fashion features.

FAQs for AI Art Generators

1. What can an AI art generator do?

AI art generators use machine learning to offer many art styles that you can use to generate images. By learning from many existing art styles, AI art generators can use your photos or text to make a new image for you.

2. Can an AI art generator convert text to images?

Yes, AI art generators can convert text into images in different art styles. There are some excellent AI art generator apps available, such as Vivid AI and PhotoDirector. You can use these apps to effortlessly create beautiful art pieces from simple text prompts.

3. What is the best AI art generator online?

MyEdit provides a user-friendly platform for artists, designers, and content creators to effortlessly transform ideas into captivating images online. Notably, it excels with its text-to-image tool, converting word prompts into striking artwork. Users can freely enter their text prompts and choose from the styles such as pop art, 3D, and more they like.

4. What are some best AI art generator apps?

Here are some of the best AI art generator apps we found:

  • Vivid AI
  • PhotoDirector
  • AI Arta
  • Lensa
  • WOMBO Dream

We recommend Vivid AI because of its variety of AI features. It can generate images from texts, turn selfies into anime or cartoons, and seamlessly replace objects from photos.

5. Which is the best AI art generator app?

Vivid AI provides users with a wide range of AI tools, making it one of the best AI art generator apps on the market. Using Vivid AI, you can easily generate AI art from text prompts or images, even if you have no previous design background.

6. How do I generate an image with an AI art generator?

It's incredibly easy to generate images with an AI art generator! Take Vivid AI, the best AI art generator app, as an example:

  1. Download Vivid AI at App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Tap “Text to Image” on the home page.
  3. Type your text prompts and select preset keywords
  4. Save and share the generated image with friends!

Download Vivid AI: The Best Text to Image AI App For Free

Vivid AI

Vivid AI’s Text to Image generator lets you turn text to images fast to get hundreds of generated images in seconds. You can customize prompts for free and select from more than 10 styles to generate high-quality AI images, even if you’re not an artist and don’t have design skills. Download Vivid AI free for iOS or Android to turn your imaginations into stylistic images!

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