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10 Best Free AI Background Changer Apps in 2024

Last Updated on Apr. 26, 2024 – by CyberLink
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May 4th, known as Star Wars Day, celebrates the iconic franchise with the pun "May the Fourth be with you." Fans worldwide engage in Star Wars-themed activities like movie marathons and cosplay, sharing their passion on social media.

To elevate the celebration, numerous photo background changer apps offer tools for seamlessly integrating Star Wars imagery into photos. From PhotoDirector to Promeo, these apps empower users to replace backgrounds with iconic scenes or characters, enhancing the spirit of May the Fourth with creative compositions and personalized tributes to the beloved saga.

Snapshot of the Top 3 AI Background Changer Apps

1. Vivid AI — The Best Background Changer

Vivid AI's AI background changer accurately segments subjects from images, effortlessly replacing backgrounds while maintaining realism. What makes it stand out is not only its multiple styles of refined aesthetic backgrounds but also the “custom” feature that allows you to generate and apply a customized background by typing. Learn More ->

2. PhotoDirector — Best For AI Photo Editing

PhotoDirector provides seamless background removal techniques and dozens of stylish backgrounds, from paint, vintage, neon, to action adventure. In addition, PhotoDirector is an all-in-one free photo editing app. You can make the most of it by trying out its comprehensive and useful features like AI enhance, photo collage, and more. Learn More ->

3. Promeo — Best for Product Images

Promeo’s features include background removal, AI product backgrounds, adding white backgrounds and blurring backgrounds for marketing content. It offers AI generated templates from images or a text prompt, and it is popular among creators and online sellers for efficient product image editing and marketing material creation. Learn More ->

8 Best Free AI Background Changer Apps

Here are the top 8 free AI background changer apps. Each one has its own standout features. Let's take a look together and find the one that suits you best!

  1. Vivid AI - The Best Background Changer
  2. PhotoDirector — Best For AI Photo Editing
  3. Promeo— Best For Product Images
  4. PhotoRoom: AI Photo Editor — Best For Accurate Removal
  5. Picsart — Best For All-In-One Photo Editing
  6. Fotor — Best For Seamless Background Removal
  7. YouCam Perfect — Best For Beauty Retouch
  8. Background Changer & Eraser — Best For Changing Clothes Color
  9. Lightleap by Lightricks — Best For Changing Sky
  10. B612 — Best For Editing Photos & Video

1. Vivid AI — The Best Background Changer

Enhance photos with Vivid AI

Vivid AI is a professional AI background changer app. It provides over 20 meticulously designed AI backgrounds, automatically identifies the primary subject in the photo, effectively eliminates the existing background, and substitutes it with the chosen one. Following the transition, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the main subject's brightness to align with the new background. 

What is particularly noteworthy is if the available 20+ backgrounds do not meet your preferences, you can utilize the "custom" option to type the desired background style and specifications. Vivid AI will then harness its robust AI technology to turn text to image for you.

Enhance photos with Vivid AI

If you're only looking to change the sky style, the “AI Sky” feature of Vivid AI can cater to that as well. It will automatically detect the sky area and replace it with your chosen new sky style. Give it a try now!

In addition to the background changer and sky replacement tool, Vivid AI offers a plethora of delightful and intriguing AI features that will surely surprise you:

  • AI Scene - Transform your interior in any style with AI
  • Text to Image - Create any image you want through typing
  • AI Outfit - This random outfit generator provides you with endless outfit ideas
  • AI Avatar - Generate unique and stylish personal profile photos

2. PhotoDirector — Best For AI Photo Editing

replace 4 StarWars backgrounds with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a feature-rich and powerful photo editing app that offers over 20 background styles, including Y2K backgrounds, Retro, Handwritten, various seasons and festivals, and even video games. It also provides a variety of stylish templates to infuse your photos with diverse possibilities.

In celebration of May 4th, known as Star Wars Day, here are four Star Wars-themed backgrounds to transport your photos to a galaxy far, far away.

The value of PhotoDirector extends beyond a background changer. Never miss out on its other practical and convenient features like AI Avatar, AI Enhance, Object Removal from photos, ID Photo Maker, Body Reshaper, and more.

Learn More about PhotoDirector’s Background Features:

3. Promeo— Best For Product Images

replace 4 Star Wars backgrounds of a shaver product image with Promeo

May the force be with your sale! Promeo is a design template app specifically tailored for businesses and social media. It offers over ten thousand high-quality templates, which are suitable for promotional activities. Additionally, the Product Photo Tool automatically removes the background from product photos using AI and replaces it with high-quality backgrounds, instantly transforming your product image into professional-grade product photos!

Key Features:

  • AI product background features to generate AI product backgrounds, remove backgrounds, or blur backgrounds
  • Generate templates from product images or text prompts
  • Batch edit product photos

4. PhotoRoom: AI Photo Editor — Best For Accurate Removal

PhotoRoom: AI Photo Editor excels in product photography enhancement, offering Magic Retouch for seamless object removal. You can also generate marketing materials, customize profiles, and curate stories effortlessly. 

Key Features:

  • Precise background removal
  • Batch editing
  • Assisted Cutout
  • Magic Resize
  • Smart Templates
  • Instant Backgrounds for stunning product visuals

5. Picsart AI Photo Editor — Best for All-In-One Photo Editing

PicsArt is an ultimate AI-powered editing tool with a range of features. Notably, its background changer feature offers seamless background replacement in one tap. The app covers video editing, collage making, stickers, and stylized effects, ensuring your content stands out effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Photo Editing Tools — Picture background changer, Selfie Retouch, adding text and stickers to photos, etc.
  • AI Tools — AI Enhance, AI Image Generator, AI Filters, etc.
  • Video Editor — Adding music to video, versatile effects and filters, slow motion, etc. 

6. Fotor — Best for Seamless Background Removal

Fotor is an all-in-one photo editor equipped with AI-powered tools. Notably, it offers AI Background Removal for transparent backgrounds, AI Enhancer to sharpen blurry images, and various art effects to further enhance creativity, while an array of resources enrich customization options.

Key Features:

  • Change backgrounds in one tap
  • Retouch photos with AI 
  • Use AI Enlarger to transform your image into high-definition
  • Creative design templates and art effects

7. YouCam Perfect — Best for Beauty Retouching

Besides its fully functional beauty retouch features, YouCam Perfect's background changer allows users to easily erase unwanted backgrounds or objects with a single tap. This feature resembles a green screen effect for images, making it distinct from other apps.  

Key Features:

  • Cut out the subject of a photo and change background in seconds
  • Effortlessly remove blemishes and accomplish other facial and body retouches
  • Animate selfies and turn them into videos
  • Create unique AI avatars

8. Background Changer & Eraser — Best for Changing Color of Clothes

Background Changer & Eraser is an intuitive photo editor app for transforming raw photos into stunning Instagram-worthy images. It offers one-click background changes, 3D backgrounds, filters, overlays, object removal, and precise adjustments. 

Key Features:

  • Offers 200+ high-quality 2D and 3D backgrounds
  • One-click clothes changer
  • Provides multiple styles of filters and overlays

9. Lightleap by Lightricks — Best For Changing Skies

Lightleap is a user-friendly photo editor that empowers you to capture and enhance your vision. Its standout feature, the background Sky, lets you effortlessly replace backgrounds with 60+ high-quality sky options. 

Key Features:

  • Offers 60+ high-quality skies for users to change backgrounds
  • The “Heal” feature allows users to remove unwanted people and background smudges easily
  • Full collection of photo editing tools like light adjustment, filters, overlays, etc

10. B612 — Best For Editing Photos & Videos

B612 is a free AI background changer app that focuses on enhancing portraits and removing backgrounds from photos. However, its expertise lies in portrait photography, so individuals with landscape editing needs might want to explore other options. Additionally, the frequent appearance of ads can be distracting and slightly detracts from the user experience.

Key Features:

  • Use contour lines or brushes to remove backgrounds
  • Customize photo filters
  • Beauty Camera

How To Change Backgrounds with Vivid AI — the Best Background Changer

With Vivid AI, you can refresh your photos by replacing them with visually appealing backgrounds through the following few steps:

  1. Download Vivid AI And Tap “Stylish Background”
  2. Import Photo And Choose A Background Style
  3. Adjust Harmonization
  4. Save And Share!

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “Stylish Background”

After downloading Vivid AI — the best free background changer, just tap “Stylish Background” or “AI Background” to start changing the background.

2.Import Photo and Choose a Background Style

Import the photo with the background you want to change and choose from the seven styles of new backgrounds. Wait just a second, and a new and stylish background will appear for you.

If you can’t find a background you like, just tap ”Custom” and type a description of the background’s appearance or characteristics. Vivid AI will generate it in seconds, and the new background style will be saved for you to apply to other photos next time.

3. Adjust Harmonization

After applying a new background, Vivid AI automatically adjusts the colors and lighting of your main subject to match the new background. If you want to maintain the original colors and lighting, you can adjust the degree using the "Harmonize" slider.

4. Save and Share!

After everything is done, tap the download button at the top right of the screen and share it with your friends!

More Than a Background Changer — What Else You Can Do with Vivid AI

AI Outfit

Enhance photos with Vivid AI

Vivid AI's AI Outfit feature will randomly generate several different styled photos of you based on your chosen look. This not only allows you to see different appearances of yourself but also provides you with some outfit inspiration. Learn More about the AI Outfit Feature ->

Text To Image Generator

Enhance photos with Vivid AI

Vivid AI's text-to-image generator effortlessly brings your descriptions to life with various artistic styles, such as oil painting, pop art, and more. Simply type your idea, wait a second, and get four stunning images. Learn More about the Text to Image Feature ->

AI Scene

Enhance photos with Vivid AI

The “AI Scenes” feature allows you to turn your photo into AI art. Just upload a photo and choose from the 8 styles, from fairy and vector art to jungle. If you want to customize the art design, just tap “Custom” to type what you desire. It is also a perfect tool for you to get interior design ideas. Learn More about the AI Scene Feature ->

FAQs about Picture Background Changers

1. What’s The technique behind AI Background Changers?

AI background changers typically use convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for segmenting objects from images. After training on labeled data, the model separates foreground from background. New backgrounds are integrated, and post-processing refines edges for realism.

3. What’s the Best App To Change Image Background?

We recommend Vivid AI as the best app to change image background for the following reasons:

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Allows you to change to a refined aesthetic and stylish new background in seconds
  • Enables you to customize the background style by typing
  • Offers multiple useful AI art tools like AI Outfit, AI Scene, AI Avatar, etc

4. How Do I Change the Background of a Picture?

With Vivid AI — The best AI background changer, you can change image background with the following few steps:

  1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “Stylish Background”
  2. Import Photo and Choose a Background Style
  3. Adjust Harmonization
  4. Save and Share!

Download Vivid AI — The Best Background Changer

Enhance photos with Vivid AI

In conclusion, the technique of AI background changer has revolutionized photo editing, granting users the power to seamlessly transform images. Vivid AI's background change feature stands out with its remarkable feature that allows you to customize the background style by typing and the ability for you to adjust colors and lighting, ensuring a cohesive and professional finish. Embrace the future of photo editing with Vivid AI's advanced capabilities for breathtaking results!

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