11 Best Gender Swap Apps To Discover Another You Virtually

Last Updated on Sep. 11, 2023 – by CyberLink
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Gender Swap Apps

The gender swap trend has taken over TikTok and Instagram, and now you can join it! Discover how you’d look with a new face, body, and clothing with a gender swap app. These apps can show how you’d look with a beard or curve your jawline for a more feminine vibe.

You can find tons of gender swap apps, but each one works a little differently. While some use filters over your original photos, others generate a completely new face, and they all have varying degrees of realism. We’ve put together 11 of our favorite gender swap apps to give you a complete look at what’s available, how to use them, and why they’re among our top picks.

What Is an AI Gender Swap App?

An AI gender swap app lets you change your appearance virtually to look like a different gender. Most apps give you two choices so that you can see yourself with a masculine or feminine appearance. AI technology adjusts your face and body based on typical masculine and feminine qualities. The changes can include sharper or softer jawlines, shorter or longer hair, flat chest or bigger bust, and various different makeup or clothing choices.

11 Best AI Gender Swap Apps

1. PhotoDirector: Best for Photorealistic AI Gender Swapping

Available on: iOS/Android

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature generates realistic gender swap looks so you can see yourself as both masculine and feminine. You can explore many different styles to create a new version of yourself beyond simply changing your facial features. You can keep generating new gender-swapped versions of yourself based on your selfies for a unique result every time.

How To Swap Gender with PhotoDirector

1. Download PhotoDirector

First, download PhotoDirector for free on the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have the app, you get immediate access to AI Magic features such as AI Enhance, AI Anime, or AI Removal that make editing your photos easy, and you can try out your own gender swap with the AI Avatar feature.

2. Tap AI Avatar and Select Gender

On the launch screen, tap the AI Avatar feature. PhotoDirector will bring you to the gender selection screen, where you can choose from three options – Female, Male, and Other.

While many gender swap apps only offer two options, PhotoDirector has a third one for people outside the gender binary. That way, you can get an AI Avatar that more accurately represents how you want yourself to look and gives you more freedom with your image.

Your gender choice will affect how your results turn out. For example, choosing the Male option means you won’t get results with dresses, and the Female option gives more choices for hairstyles and accessories.

3. Select Styles from Different Categories

Best Gender Swap

When choosing your style, you can select from four categories:

  • Hair Design: Change your hair color or hairstyle.
  • Hat Collection: Choose different hat styles and accessories for your outfits.
  • Artistic: Get a cartoon-style look.
  • Realistic: Generate a more photorealistic image of yourself.

Some categories let you select multiple style options, giving you plenty of variety in your final avatars.

Learn More about AI Avatar Styles in PhotoDirector

4. Save and Share Your Gender Swap Photos

Once you’ve chosen your styles, PhotoDirector will generate a collection of avatars. You can download the ones you like best or share them directly on social media from the app!

Learn More about PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar Feature:

2. Vivid AI: Best for Gender Swapping In Fashion Outfits

Vivid AI is a comprehensive AI art generator, offers a diverse selection of 40+ styles through its AI Avatar feature, facilitating versatile gender swap results. Notably, the standout "AI Outfit" feature allows you to experiment with various fashion ensembles and accessories while seamlessly altering gender expressions. With the following simple steps, you can generate the alter gender self in fashion outfits:

  1. Download Vivid AI and tap “AI Outfit”
  2. Select the opposite gender and clothes styles
  3. Import a picture of yourself
  4. Wait for the amazing results
Learn More about Other Powerful AI Features of Vivid AI:

3. Rehancer: Best for In-the-Moment Gender Swapping

Rehancer offers exciting AI filters, including the impressive gender swap feature, providing instant transformations to see yourself as the opposite sex. With Baby Filters and Face Aging, plus 3D cartoon, celebrity look-alike, and advanced editing options, Rehancer guarantees endless fun for captivating selfies.

4. TikTok: Best for Authentic Gender Swapping

TikTok has tons of face-changing filters, including a gender swap filter. It uses AI to detect your facial features and create a filter customized to your face, giving you a more authentic look at yourself as another gender. To try it, find a video that uses this filter and tap CapCut to apply it to your own video.

5. FaceApp: Best for Different Gender Swap Styles

FaceApp has several gender swap filters to explore male and female looks. You can see yourself with a beard, various face shapes and hairstyles, and changes to your facial features, like your eyebrows. It’s not a customizable filter, but you can swap between them to see which one you like best before you save!

6. FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap: Best for Aged-Up Gender Swaps

FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap lets you see an older version of yourself and a gender-swapped one. Just like with FaceApp, you can choose different versions of each gender to get one that still feels like you, even as another gender. You can even add a beard or bald filter to complete the change!

7. FacePlay: Best for Artistic Gender Swap

As an AI art generator, FacePlay lets you choose from many styles, including different genders. It doesn’t give you a specific gender swap option, like PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature. However, you can select Anime Guy, Barbie Girl, Super Muscle Man, and other gendered styles that will give you the gender swap results you want.

8. Lensa: Best for Gender Swapping Full Bodies

Lensa’s magic avatars produce such realistic gender-swapping results that it’s like looking at a photo of yourself as another gender. It does more than change your facial features. The app sometimes changes your body — for example, by adding breasts — especially if you choose the Other option, which may not produce the desired result.

9. Picsart: Best for Dramatic Gender Swapping

Picsart has several gender swap filters, and they can make dramatic changes to your appearance. Some of them apply unrealistic beauty standards to your gender-swapped self, which can mean you don’t look like you. But if you’re looking for a dramatic difference, try on different filter styles and use the Reverse button to compare to the real you.

10. Prequel: Best for Cartoon Gender Swaps

Prequel’s cartoon filter creates an artistic rendition of you as another gender. It doesn’t have a specific gender swap feature, but you can explore its art styles to find one stylized to look more masculine or feminine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a more realistic gender swap filter.

11. Fotor: Best for Profile Gender Swap Images

When you want to experiment and see yourself as a different gender in a professional or social media headshot, Fotor has you covered. Upload a photo of yourself, select your gender, and Fotor will generate a new image. You can even decide what you want to wear in your avatar to apply your style to your new gender-swapped image.

Download PhotoDirector: The Best Free AI App To Swap Genders

With PhotoDirector, your gender swap image is unique to you because it uses your face to generate your new look. PhotoDirector is easy to use, and it lets you choose from several different styles to create a version of you that fits your aesthetic, right down to your hair and clothing.

The app does more than a simple gender swap filter, too. After you’ve generated your AI avatar, you can restart the avatar creation process or make AI photo edits with its cutout, object removal, and background replacement features. Try PhotoDirector for iOS or Android to have fun seeing yourself and your friends transformed in an instant gender swap!

FAQs about AI Gender Swap Apps

1. What Can I Do with a Gender Swap App?

A gender swap app can create a fun headshot with a totally different look from your typical profile picture. Gender swap apps are trending on social media now, and you can use AI technology to turn yourself into the opposite gender or add a gender swap filter to your selfie.

2. What Should I Be Aware of in a Gender Swap App?

The gender swap features applied usually depend on the app and how the AI has learned to generate gendered features through continuous input. Gender swap apps often lack more inclusive or androgynous options for users who want a more gender-nonconforming look. At the same time, it can provide a gender-affirming experience for transgender users.

3. Are There Recommended Gender Swap Apps?

Here are 10 gender swap apps to get you started:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. Vivid AI
  3. Face Story
  4. TikTok
  5. FaceApp
  6. FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap
  7. FacePlay
  8. Lensa
  9. Picsart
  10. Prequel
  11. Fotor

We recommend trying PhotoDirector first since it uses your actual face to create a gender-swapped version of you. It gives you a photorealistic image of yourself, so you get the most authentic gender swap photos.

4. What Other AI Avatar Styles Can I Try with PhotoDirector?

PhotoDirector has four AI Avatar style categories: Hair Design, Hat Collection, Artistic, and Realistic. Each one lets you customize your gender swap to your aesthetic and preferences, whether you want a photorealistic look in your wedding dress style or if you want to virtually try on hair color. You can also choose from dozens of AI Avatar styles within these collections, including Fairy, Cyberpunk, Galaxy, Gothic, and more.

5. Which App Is the Best Gender Swap App?

PhotoDirector has 30+ AI Avatar styles to explore among its four categories. The app frequently updates its styles, too, so keep checking back for new ones! You can create as many AI gender-swap avatars as you want — no matter how many times you try it, PhotoDirector will always create something different.

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