11 Best Free AI Art Generator Apps for Text to Image Creation

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With AI on the rise, AI art generator apps have sparked a trend that gives people a chance to get creative without going through all the time and effort it takes to learn to draw and edit art. Of course, AI-generated images aren’t a replacement for human-created art, but they’re a fun way to explore designs and styles.

Choosing the best AI art generator app for the job can get overwhelming, especially as the AI trend ramps up. Keep reading to discover the 11 best AI art generator apps that can create new images with your text!

What Is an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator uses a type of machine learning called artificial neural networks that takes your text input and turns it into an image. The apps give many people a way to see their selfies or generate images in various styles using keywords. These models use existing art to tailor their images and produce varied styles, so it’s important to use them ethically.

How To Choose the Best AI Art Generator App

Aside from creating AI-generated images from text, the AI art generator app’s other features matter. Not all AI art generator apps include the same tools or quality level. Here are a few things to consider before you tap the download button:

  • Quality and clarity of generated images
  • Ease of use and ability to navigate
  • Plan pricing
  • AI styles and variety
  • Additional features beyond generating images

With PhotoDirector, you not only get clear images, but you can use many of its AI text to image features for free, like its text to sticker tool. Plus, it gives you control over your images and styles, so you get the looks you want.

Snapshot of 3 Best AI Art Generator Apps

PhotoDirector Logo

1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector has a variety of tools to turn your text to images and stickers, and with this trendy AI art generator app, you have lots of options for exploring AI generated art styles. Detailed Review >

YouCam Perfect Logo

2. Vivid AI

Vivid AI is a professional AI Art Generator that allows you to turn text to images, generate AI Avatar, replace background with AI. You can also change clothes in styles you want or use AI Scene to complete AI interior design. Detailed Review >

Lensa Logo

3. AI Arta

AI Arta lets you generate avatars, create AI image sketches, and even get inspired by its gallery images generated by other people. Detailed Review >

11 Best AI Art Generators for iPhone & Android

1. PhotoDirector

Available: iOS/Android

Rating: 4.8/4.5

Key Features:

PhotoDirector’s variety of AI features makes it one of the most versatile AI art generator apps out there. Its all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to edit all in one place, so you can generate stylized photos and edit your snaps with the help of smart tools.

Text to Image

PhotoDirector's "Text to Image" feature is a leading AI art generator app, enabling users to effortlessly transform text into diverse artworks with eight styles. The app stands out with curated text prompts, fostering creativity, and customizable settings, making it a must-have for users seeking a seamless and personalized artistic experience.

AI Scene

PhotoDirector shines with the ability to effortlessly convert any photograph into a plethora of mesmerizing AI styles, such as Fairy, Vector Art, Graffiti, and more. You can even describe the style you like by typing a custom prompt. Its adaptability also extends to interior design, opening up a world of infinite prospects for crafting individualized and enchanting living spaces.

AI Fashion

PhotoDirector boasts another exceptional attribute with its AI fashion feature, a random outfit generator. Whether you're in need of inspiration for your daily attire or striving to make a fashion statement at a special occasion, the AI fashion feature presents a wide selection of clothing and accessories tailored to your preferences.

AI Avatar Maker

PhotoDirector has 13 AI avatar styles that you can use to make an avatar for your profile. By uploading several selfies, you let the AI use them to generate images of you in the styles you choose. You can try classic looks or give your avatar a fantasy look!

Turn Text to Stickers with AI

PhotoDirector’s free text to sticker feature has five styles, including 3D, realistic, pop art, watercolor, and hand-drawn, that you can apply to create stickers up to five times each day. If you need inspiration for how to turn text to images, tap the lightbulb to get sticker prompts before you get started.

PhotoDirector’s AI Feature Related Articles:

2. Vivid AI

Available: iOS/Android

Key Features:

Vivid AI's Text-to-Image Generator converts text into captivating images with diverse artistic styles, from cartoon, pop to steampunk, enabling users to create four unique visuals from a single text input. It's a versatile and effortless tool for unleashing creativity.

The "AI Scenes" feature of Vivid AI transforms your photos into AI artwork. It offers 8 art styles, from fairy, vector art, to graffiti. Moreover, you can even customize the background by typing .The feature is also great for sparking interior design ideas.

Vivid AI's AI Outfit Feature utilizes AI to curate unique clothing combinations, considering user preferences, weather conditions, and fashion trends. It simplifies outfit choices and inspires creativity effortlessly.

3. AI Arta

AI Arta has several art styles you can choose from with different levels of complexity. It gets more specific when you put in your keywords, and its realistic sketches create a fun way to discover different art styles, even with simple pencil sketches.

4. Lensa

Lensa generates a collection of avatars from the photos you upload. You can choose from various styles, and the app creates new images of you with the looks you choose. Unfortunately, Lensa isn’t free, so you do have to pay to generate your AI art.

5. WOMBO Dream

WOMBO Dream gives you plenty of room to explore different art styles when you tell it what to generate. When you input a string of keywords, changing even one of them can totally alter the look of the art for a custom look that corresponds with lyrics, poems, zodiac signs, and more.

6. Wonder

With Wonder, you can put in a single word or use a keyword phrase for your text to image AI generation. Like other apps, you can choose from a lot of styles before you describe the image you want, but Wonder also lets you generate art with no style, so you get a creative surprise!

7. UniDream AI

UniDream AI works well if you’re looking for a quick and easy AI art model. It’s less realistic and not as high-quality as PhotoDirector and other AI art apps, but it still lets you give it simple prompts. It mainly generates anime-style avatars, too, so if you’re looking for variety, a different app may work better.

8. starryai

While other apps require keywords, starryai can give you a new AI image from emojis alone. It works best for scenery, and while it can’t turn your photos into AI avatars the way PhotoDirector can, it does generate stunning scenes, from futuristic streets to bright, colorful surrealist images.

9. Fotor

10. Imgit

Imgit uses keywords to generate your AI art, but beyond that, it lets you put in song lyrics to see what vibes your favorite music creates. It works well for making your next wallpaper for your phone, and you can choose from 8 different styles.

Fotor’s AI art effects have trendy styles, including cyberpunk, to generate your next image. With your keywords and phrases, it generates art based on famous artists, including Picasso and Van Gogh. It even has other AI tools, like retouch and photo enlarger, to help you make other improvements to your images.

11. Airt

Airt has over 100 AI avatar styles and 10 art styles that you can discover and experiment with your text to image generator. When you upload your selfies, you can get dozens of unique avatars to put on social media, and each time you use the app, you’ll get something totally new.

Best Online AI Art Generator to Create Astonishing AI Art


MyEdit's AI algorithm provides a user-friendly platform for artists, designers, and content creators to effortlessly transform ideas into captivating images online. It distinguishes itself with a cost-effective approach, offering a free version allowing exploration of its capabilities with 5 daily prompts generating 4 images each.

Notably, MyEdit excels with its text to image tool, converting word prompts into striking artwork. Users can freely enter their text prompts and choose from the styles such as vibrant, pop art, 3D and more  they like. MyEdit stands out as a premier AI art generator, combining simplicity, affordability, and consistently impressive results, complemented by additional tools for refining and enhancing generated art.

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How to Convert Text to Picture With the Best AI Art Generator

PhotoDirector is a must-have for anyone seeking a powerful yet user-friendly app to turn their imagination into visually stunning reality. Let’s see how easy it can be to generate your own masterpiece after downloading it from your app store!

1. Choose “Text to Image” from main page


At the main page of PhotoDirector, you will find an abundant AI tool that you can use to edit your photos. Among all the choices, tap “Text to Image” to convert text to picture. If you want to create an anime version of yourself, virtually try on fashion clothes or automatically remove objects from a photo, you can also tap other features to explore the infinite possibility.

2. Type the text prompt and Select Style


Enter the text you want to convert into an image within 800 words. You can define the style by yourself with the text prompt, or you can select the style and apply the default style prompt generated by PhotoDirector.

If you need more inspiration, you can always scroll down to view the chosen text prompt to make your generated artwork more vivid!

3. Save and Share Your Generated Images


After generating the images, you are free to download or share it to your friends. Sometimes an image might not be enough, you can tap the left icon to make a further edit such as adding text to the photo or removing unwanted objects from the photo.

How To Generate Avatars from Photos with the Best Avatar Maker

Generating your next avatar with AI only takes a few minutes with PhotoDirector. Once you download the app, you can upload your photos, select your settings and style, and generate an avatar you can’t wait to share!

1. Tap AI Avatar and Select 13-20 Photos


Choose the AI Avatar option on the main screen. Then, PhotoDirector will prompt you to add 13-20 photos of yourself. The more photos you upload with varied angles and expressions, the better the AI gets to know your face so it can create your images. Stick with photos that only include you, and make sure you’re looking at the camera in each one so that the app gets a good view of your face.

Avoid group photos, exaggerated expressions, face coverings, and photos that only show you from a distance. These kinds of shots can confuse the AI and prevent it from giving you the most accurate stylized avatar.

2. Select Gender/Style/Plan for Your Custom Avatar


Choose your gender to help the AI image generator give you the version of yourself that you want. Then, you can select up to 10 avatar styles for PhotoDirector to generate, including Fairy, Astronaut, Forest, and more.

Before PhotoDirector generates your avatars, you’ll need to choose a plan. You can ask it to create up to 200 avatars for you or stick to as little as 50. When you make your avatars, you’ll even get a special discount on PhotoDirector’s premium plan!

3. Save & Share Your AI Avatar

Tap the avatars you want to download to your phone from the different styles PhotoDirector generates. Then, go to your favorite social media platform and add them to your profile!

How to Turn Text to Image With AI Image Generator

PhotoDirector’s AI image generator does more than create your next profile pic. With it, you can make unique AI stickers by typing your text into the app. Then, let it turn your text into AI stickers!

1. Tap “Sticker” and Choose “AI Sticker”

On the main screen, choose Edit and go to Sticker to start creating your AI stickers. You can use the feature up to five times every day to grow your sticker collection. Choose one of five styles, or try generating your stickers without a style selected!

2. Type Your Text and Turn Text to Images with AI

In the box at the top of the screen, describe the sticker you want PhotoDirector to create for you. You can put in style examples, animals, sizing details, and personal preferences to create a trendy and attractive sticker to use on any photo!

3. Download Stickers and Add to the Photo

Once PhotoDirector finishes creating your stickers, download them to your phone. Then, use the app to upload your photo and apply your stickers to your snaps!

Download PhotoDirector: The Best Free AI Image Generator App To Turn Text to Images

PhotoDirector's Text to Image feature makes it stand as the best AI art generator app due to its seamless text-to-art transformation, a rich variety of styles, curated text prompts, and customizable settings. It's a must-have for anyone seeking a powerful yet user-friendly tool to turn their imagination into visually stunning reality.

You can also use other AI tools to generate customized stickers for free and select from more than 10 AI avatar styles to generate high-quality AI images, even if you’re not an artist and don’t have design skills. Download PhotoDirector free for iOS or Android to see how you look in every style!

FAQs for AI Art Generators

1. What Can an AI Art Generator Do?

AI art generators use machine learning to offer many art styles that you can use to generate images. By learning from many existing art styles, AI art generators can use your photos or text to make a new image for you.

2. Can I Use AI Generated Images Commercially?

It depends on the terms and restrictions of each AI art generator. Some apps may retain rights to the generated content, while others may grant you more freedom.Also we suggest you be cautious about potential copyright issues. If the AI-generated images incorporate elements from copyrighted materials or resemble existing copyrighted works, you could face legal challenges. Make sure the generated content is original or appropriately licensed.

3. How to Create AI Generated Images with an AI Art Generator?

You can create AI images with popular AI art generators. Take PhotoDirector for example, after downloading PhotoDirector, you can select "Text to Image" on the main page, unlocking a plethora of editing possibilities. By inputting up to 800 words, it allows you to shape the style by choosing from defaults or creating a custom prompt. When the text prompt edit is done, save and share your unique creations effortlessly, or refine them further with additional edits.

4. How Many Text to Image Styles Can I Choose From PhotoDiector?

There are 11 styles you can choose from to turn text to images with PhotoDirector. The most popular styles are Cartoon, Pop Art, and Neon. You can also choose not to apply any style and describe the image prompt by yourself.

5. How Many AI Avatar Styles Can I Choose from PhotoDirector?

You can choose from 13 AI avatar styles, and PhotoDirector will release 6 more in the coming weeks. PhotoDirector updates its styles often to give you the most high-quality images you’ll find in an AI image generator app.

6. How Many Sticker Styles Can I Choose from PhotoDirector To Turn Text into Images?

PhotoDirector offers 5 sticker styles, but you can also choose no style. No style gives you more freedom in your sticker design by letting you describe what you want in the text box and generate it that way.

7. What Is the Best AI Art Generator?

PhotoDirector is the best AI image generator because it offers an array of text to image styles and always gives you a high-quality image. You can turn selfies into cartoon or AI avatars or put in text to tell the app what you want your stickers to look like!

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