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Your wedding is one of the most important and exciting days of your life, but it can come with a lot of stress. While you’re booking a venue, contacting caterers, and making the guest list, PhotoDirector makes one thing easier. With its AI Avatar feature, you can try on wedding dresses at home!

The app saves you time and helps you pick out wedding dress styles virtually. See yourself in traditional styles or a sleek and modern white dress when you generate your next look. Keep reading to find out how to try on your next wedding dress!

PhotoDirector: The Best App To Let You Try On Wedding Dresses at Home

PhotoDirector’s complete editing platform lets you transform your snaps with its object removal, background replacement, and image cutout tools. But it takes things to the next level with its AI Avatar feature, which puts you in as many wedding dresses as you want in the palm of your hand.

Try on wedding dresses at home and see yourself in dozens of styles at once. All you have to do is choose the look you want and let the AI photo editor take care of the rest. No matter what your wedding theme is, PhotoDirector generates a different look every time. You can download your favorite and use it as inspiration as you search for the dress of your dreams in real life!

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How To Try On Various Wedding Dress Styles with an App

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature makes the process of trying on wedding dresses more efficient, so you know exactly what you want when you go to the boutique. Plus, it leaves you with more time for the rest of your wedding planning!

Start trying on wedding dress styles when you download PhotoDirector. Choose your photos and your AI Avatar style, and then watch the app generate your ideal wedding dress!

1. Download PhotoDirector — The Best Solution for Trying On Wedding Dresses at Home

PhotoDirector has endless options for creating the perfect photo edit, from photo collages to picture filters that match your vibe. It gets your selfies ready to share, and its AI features are unparalleled with plenty of styles to explore.

You can find the app for iOS and Android, and it’s free to download. It lets you try any feature you want right away, so you can see your wedding dress styles instantly.

2. Select Photos

Choose AI avatar from PhotoDirector

Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose AI Avatar from the launch screen. To help the AI generate an accurate image of you in different wedding dress styles, start by uploading between 13 and 20 photos of yourself.

Before you choose your snaps, though, PhotoDirector has some guidelines for choosing the best pictures for the generator. Make sure your face is clear and you’re not wearing anything that covers your face, like sunglasses, hats, or scarves. Select photos with different expressions, but try not to make them too dramatic so the AI can still detect your facial features.

Don’t use photos with more than one person in them, as it will confuse the AI and make it harder for it to show you in your wedding dress. You should also choose the best-quality photos you have — nothing too grainy, dark, or pixelated.

The more you choose, the better reference PhotoDirector has for generating your photo as it won’t use the exact images you provide. Instead, it will use those photos to create a new image based on the style you chose. PhotoDirector doesn’t save any images you upload, so it’s safe to use to try on wedding dresses at home.

3. Choose Your AI Avatar Style

Next step: select gender Female, Male or other.

Next up, choose your gender. PhotoDirector provides three options — female, male, and other for many styles. However, the wedding style feature currently only supports a female gender to virtually try on wedding dresses at this time.

Choose different AI Avatar styles from 4 categories. Such as petals, sparkle, or watercolor and tap Continue to create your own Avatars.

PhotoDirector lets you choose AI Avatar styles from 4 categories. If you want to try wedding dress styles, tap the Realistic category and you will find the Wedding Avatar style. You can choose other styles such as petals, sparkle, or watercolor and tap Continue to create your own Avatars.

4. Get Your Perfect Wedding Dress Photo!

PhotoDirector will take 10-20 minutes to generate your AI avatar. While you wait, you can still use other features in the app or leave the app entirely. PhotoDirector will keep working in the background and notify you when it’s done making your avatars.

Collection of wedding dress styles in the avatar maker app. This image showcases a variety of wedding dress styles, including traditional, lacy dresses, long veils, and strapless dresses with different bodice designs. Explore the app to find the perfect wedding dress style that suits your preference.

Then, when you come back, you’ll see a whole collection of wedding dress styles to explore! The avatar maker app has traditional, lacy dresses, long veils, and strapless dresses with all kinds of bodices to suit your preference.

Download the styles you like best in the style collections PhotoDirector creates for you, or select individual avatars from each group and save them to your phone. Take your favorites to the bridal boutique to show what you want, or use the generated avatars for other parts of your wedding planning!

3 Best Uses for Trying On Different Wedding Dress Styles with Avatars

Aside from seeing yourself in various wedding dress styles, you can use those looks throughout your wedding planning process. With PhotoDirector, you can make quick edits that give you professional-level results without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas for how to use your wedding dress avatars leading up to the big day:

1.       Wedding Invitations

Even if the virtual dress isn’t the same as the one you wear on your wedding day, you can still put it on your wedding invitations as a preview of what’s to come. PhotoDirector can also generate an avatar for your partner and add both of you to your invitations. The app has collages and templates you can browse, including several for wedding invitations, bridal showers, and more, so you can make all your edits in the same place.

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2.       Wedding Planning

You can’t buy your wedding dress from PhotoDirector, but you can use the styles its AI Avatar feature generates and show them to your wedding planner, bridal boutique, and venue decorator. It will help everyone find the right styles and themes for your wedding so everything comes together cohesively for your ceremony.

3.       Social Media PFP

They say it’s bad luck for your partner to see your dress before the wedding, but it’s hard not to share the styles PhotoDirector gives you. Use them as your profile pic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and switch them out as much as you want while you prepare and plan for your wedding!

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3 More Features You Must Know Besides Trying On Wedding Dress Styles

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature isn’t the only one that can help you virtually try on wedding dresses. Use its other tools to see specific styles, create your wedding day makeover, and look into your potential future with your partner!

1. Cutouts: Another Way To Try On Different Wedding Dress Styles

Try on different dress styles using PhotoDirector's image cutout feature. Upload your own photos or choose from the collection of dress images available. Use the cutout feature to put your head on the selected dress style and visualize yourself wearing it. This allows you to see how the dress flatters your face and imagine yourself walking down the aisle. Discover the perfect dress style with PhotoDirector's dress try-on feature.

PhotoDirector’s image cutout feature lets you choose the exact dress style you want to see yourself wearing. If you have dresses in mind, you can upload those photos to PhotoDirector and use the cutout feature to put your own head on the original picture. That way, you can see how the dress flatters your face and envision yourself walking down the aisle.

Cutting out your image is easy, and PhotoDirector’s AI Cutout feature gives you a clean cut you can refine manually if you need to. Then, you can use the Overlay tool to apply the cutout on top of the wedding dress picture.

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2. Hair Color: Decide If You Should Get a Makeover Before Your Wedding

Get inspired for your wedding day hairstyle with PhotoDirector's AI Avatar Hair Color styles. Choose your preferred Hair Color style and watch the app generate a variety of different hair color options. Experiment with different shades and find the perfect hair color to complement your wedding look. Explore the possibilities with PhotoDirector's AI Avatar Hair Color feature.

Getting your hair done is half the fun of getting ready on your wedding day. Before the big day, PhotoDirector can give you inspiration with its AI Avatar Hair Color styles. Like with the wedding dress look, you can choose your Hair Color style and watch the app generate many different hair color styles.

You can match them to your wedding colors, bridesmaid dresses, or even your own dress if you wear something other than white. This style can also help you decide whether you want to get a total makeover and dye your hair before the wedding.

3. Kid Styles: See What Your Kid Might Look Like!

Get a glimpse of your future family with PhotoDirector's AI Avatar feature. Upload a photo of yourself and your partner, then select the Kid style. The app will generate images that show potential children, allowing you to envision what your future family might look like. Explore different genders and see all the possibilities with PhotoDirector's AI Avatar Kid styles.

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature can give you a look into the future to see what your and your spouse’s kids might look like! Upload a photo of yourself and another of your partner. Then, select your Kid style and wait for the app to generate images that show your potential children. It will even show kid styles for different genders, so you can see all the possibilities!

FAQs about Wedding Dress Styles

1. Is It Possible To Try On Wedding Dresses at Home?

Yes! PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar maker feature lets you generate different wedding dress styles with its Wedding AI style feature. With this feature, you can see as many wedding dresses as you want, use them for inspiration, and show them to your bridesmaids and loved ones to help you decide which one you want to wear down the aisle.

2. What’s the Best App To Try On Wedding Dress Styles with Your Phone?

PhotoDirector is the best app to try on wedding dresses at home. It generates many unique styles every time, giving you choices ranging from old-fashioned to elaborate to modest and simple. It saves you time at the boutique, too, since you’ll go in knowing exactly what you want to see.

3. How Can I Try On Wedding Dresses at Home with an App?

To try on your wedding dresses with PhotoDirector, follow these steps:

  1. Download PhotoDirector for free from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Tap AI Avatar from the main screen and select the female gender.
  3. Choose “Wedding” style from the “Realistic” category.
  4. Choose 13-20 photos to upload to the avatar maker.
  5. Tap Continue and wait 10-20 minutes for PhotoDirector to create avatars from photos.
  6. Save the avatars and use them in the rest of your wedding planning!

4. How Can I Use My Avatars with Different Wedding Dress Styles?

Your AI-generated wedding dress photos can be used in your wedding planning by making it easier for your wedding planner and coordinators to match the theme you want on your big day. Put your wedding dress avatar on your wedding invitations and get everyone excited to see you at the altar. You can even use your wedding dress look as your new social media profile so everyone knows you’re getting married!

5. Are There Other Features on PhotoDirector To Help Me Plan My Wedding?

PhotoDirector has a wide variety of features that can help you plan your wedding. With PhotoDirector’s image cutout tool, as long as you have specific dresses in mind, you can simply upload their photos to PhotoDirector and utilize the cutout feature to seamlessly blend your own head with the original picture.

You can also apply the “Hair Color” style from the “Hair Design” category to see what hair color fits you most in your wedding dresses. Moreover, the “Kid” style from the “Artistic” category can let you catch a glimpse of your future child's adorable appearance!

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