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Top 5 Photo Background Changer Apps for iPhone and Android

Last Updated on Aug. 26, 2021 – by David Morgan
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How to Change a Photo Background

Sometimes the most memorable moments happen in front of a drab or distracting background. Whether you work as a professional photographer or enjoy taking photos of friends and family, you've likely felt the frustration of snapping an image, only to discover that the background ruins the photo.

While some advanced editors can utilize photo editing software like Photoshop to remove unwanted backgrounds, many beginners feel confused by the complicated workflow. You could opt for a background-changing app instead, but with so many options to choose from, you might spend hours experimenting with different apps before finding one that works well.

To simplify the process and help you get back to editing photos faster, we've researched and reviewed the top photo background changer apps. While all five apps share similar functions, only one combines unlimited creativity with effortless results: PhotoDirector.

PhotoDirector's AI technology makes it easy to remove or change the background of a photo, no matter how much editing experience you have. Download the PhotoDirector app and start creating stunning backgrounds, laugh-out-loud memes, and trendy photo effects in minutes.

5 Best Photo Background Changers

1. PhotoDirector for Android & iOS

PhotoDirector makes it easy to change the background of your photo with a few taps. While most editing apps only work if your picture features a green, blue, or white background, PhotoDirector can handle even the most colorful, textured backgrounds with ease.

PhotoDirector offers three background replacement tools.

  1. Cutout - Automatically removes the background from around the main subject in a photo and creates a transparency. You can save it as a .png to preserve the transparency, add a new background image from your library, or add a stroke around the subject.
  2. Background Art - Automatically replaces the background of the image with a stylized image from an ever-growing library. Backgrounds range from sceneries and retro art to fireworks and hearts.
  3. Surreal Art - Automatically places the subject of a photo into a fun, whimsical scene. These include floating above a city in a bubble or riding in a boat with a tiger.

Background Art

Background Art



Surreal Art

Surreal Art

If you can't find the right background you can also search PhotoDirector's built-in stock library. There are millions of images provided by Shutterstock for you to download and use.

On top of changing the background of a photo, you can use PhotoDirector's AI-powered editing tools to create customizable effects, seamless animation, or dramatic sky replacements.

Best Features

  • Offers one-tap background removal
  • Library of backgrounds
  • Selection of surreal art templates
  • Shutterstock content available in app
  • Streamlines the editing process—make masterpieces in seconds

2. Simple Background Changer

Simple Background Changer App

Simple Background Changer's name is aptly chosen. This background editor features a streamlined set of editing tools that allow even the most inexperienced users to highlight, erase, and restore background colors in seconds.

From solid color backgrounds to vibrant or shadowed backdrops, Simple Background Changer's eraser tool eliminates backgrounds while leaving the subject of your photo untouched. If you have a new background in mind, you can easily upload your image to replace your photo's original backdrop.

However, if you want to add a bit of variety to your images, you can choose from Simple Background Changer's free library of exotic locations. Transport yourself to the beach, a bustling city, or a remote mountain range with the touch of a finger.

That said, the app's fundamental functionality and scaled-back editing tools may limit your creative ability. Unlike PhotoDirector, Simple Background Changer won't allow you to make any additional edits, meaning you'll have to move between photo editing apps to make color or lighting adjustments.

Best Features:

  • Comes loaded with stock backgrounds for quick edits
  • Features a simplified background eraser tool
  • Limits options for quick mastery

3. Superimpose

Superimpose App

While Simple Background Changer limits functionality, Superimpose provides users with a wide array of essential editing tools. The app also includes a few advanced features.

Superimpose's primary function is layering one photo over another and limits you to working with a maximum of two images at a time. The app's eraser tool lets you highlight layers, mask the subjects of your photo, and eliminate an unwanted background with a few clicks.

On the downside, to change a background, you have to go through a few complicated steps, including saving the cutout into your mask library, uploading another photo, and applying the cutout mask to your image. It is much easier to achieve the same results in PhotoDirector.

Best Features:

  • Includes basic photo editing tools
  • Gives you access to some advanced blending and effects
  • Provides beginners with a fairly intuitive workflow

4. LightX

LightX App

LightX offers a simplified creative experience. With various editing tools and effects to choose from, the app allows you to combine photos, experiment with double exposure, and use selection tools to edit photos.

The background removal tool includes a combination of a lasso, smart eraser, and detail tools to ensure that your image has clean, precise lines. It also includes a Magic Brush that helps you change the background of your photo without affecting the subjects in the foreground. That way, you can erase or customize your environment.

The app does have its shortcomings. LightX doesn't offer any selection tools small enough for detailed photos the way PhotoDirector does, and you can't adjust the position of the image while editing. Both aspects make it challenging to remove all traces of the previous background.

Best Features:

  • Includes additional photo editing tools
  • Features a streamlined editing interface for fast editing

5. Facetune

Facetune App

Facetune allows users to amplify their features, smooth out their skin tone, and even decrease their waist size. Be warned, many photographers and social media users question the app's integrity.

Alongside perfecting your latest selfie, you can use Facetune to make minor background edits. You can apply textures and shadows to solid-color backgrounds.

While Facetune has a few unique functions, it still doesn't have the same capability or array of options found in PhotoDirector. It also won't allow you to change your background completely, though you can enhance your photos with subtle textures.;

Best Features:

  • Provides in-app tutorials for beginners
  • Enhances backgrounds with subtle edits

Get the Best Background Changer

All the background changer apps reviewed here offer at least the basic background editing capabilities—but one stands apart from the rest, PhotoDirector. Its vast array of basic and advanced editing features, visual effects, and AI-powered tools will transform your photos into epic creations that will stun your friends, family, and followers.

Say goodbye to dull or distracting backgrounds. Replace your original backdrop with a dynamic stock photo or upload one of your images for a truly customized result. Then share it to your Instagram profile using the app's built-in sharing feature.

Download the PhotoDirector app for iPhone, iPad, or Android today.

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