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The Best AI Interior App to Generate Scandinavian Decor Design Idea in 2024

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Scandinavian style has perennially been a beloved choice in interior design, and as we step into 2023, its charm continues to endure. If you've ever hesitated to embrace this timeless aesthetic because of uncertainty about how to decorate or its suitability for your space, fear not. The solution lies in AI interior apps, and in this article, we'll show you how to explore and generate Scandinavian design ideas effortlessly using Vivid AI — the best AI interior app.

What is Scandi Design?

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Scandinavian design, hailing from the Nordic region, is a minimalist and functional interior design style celebrated for its timeless elegance. Key elements encompass simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. Neutral color schemes, especially whites and soft grays, dominate the palette, while natural materials like wood and stone foster a connection to nature. Also, abundant natural light, uncluttered spaces, and a focus on comfort underscore its hallmark. Scandinavian design achieves a harmonious blend of practicality, warmth, and aesthetic appeal in living spaces.

Vivid AI — The Best AI Interior App for You to Try Scandinavian Interior Design

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Vivid AI is an all-encompassing interior design AI app, boasting numerous enjoyable and practical functions such as AI Avatar, AI Outfit, and Text to Image. Among these, the AI Scene feature stands out as a pioneering addition. It enables you to effortlessly transform your photos into various artistic styles. What's even more impressive is that, besides the pre-existing styles, you can craft your unique one by simply typing. This versatile feature is ideal for experimenting with Scandinavian decor design. Just upload a room photo, type 'Scandinavian decor,' and witness your space undergo a Scandinavian makeover in seconds. Learn How to Turn Interior Design into Scandinavian Style ->

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Furthermore, if your photo includes main subjects like people or pets, AI Scene will also give them a Scandi-style makeover, making it an excellent tool for experimenting with Scandinavian style outfits. Don't miss out on the fun of trying this feature!

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Aside from the AI Scene feature, AI Background offers another valuable option for experimenting with Scandinavian decors. It identifies the main object within a photo, smoothly removes it, and replaces the background. If you wish to retain the primary subject while changing the background to a Scandi design, simply utilize this feature for a seamless transformation. 

Learn More about the AI Background Feature of Vivid AI:

How to Try Scandinavian Interior Design with Vivid AI?

With the following simple steps, you can try Scandinavian decor design with the “AI Scene” feature of Vivid AI:

1. Open Vivid AI and Tap “AI Scene”

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For the first step you need to download Vivid AI and open the app, then you can find “AI Scene” in the toolbar.

2. Upload the Photo of Your Interior

Now, when you upload a photo of your interior, consider your purpose. If you solely want to generate Scandinavian decor ideas, upload a picture of the room itself. However, if you're curious about how you and your family members would look with a Nordic touch, include a photo with your family inside the room.

3. Tap “Custom” and Type “Scandinavian decor”

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Vivid AI offers a diverse range of art styles for transformation, yet the predefined styles might not include Scandinavian style. However, fear not; Vivid AI's remarkable capability allows you to craft your unique style. Simply navigate to "Custom" on the style bar and input "Scandinavian decor” to create your personalized Scandi design.

4. Save and Share!

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Just wait for a few seconds then you will be impressed by the new look of your interior AI design. If you're not satisfied with the result, Vivid AI has a solution. The customized style is saved in the style bar, so you can tap it again to generate another Scandinavian style interior design. Once you've found the perfect one, share it on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Line. Share the beauty and amaze your friends with Vivid AI!

Try Other Trendy Interior Design Styles in 2023 with Vivid AI

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In addition to Scandinavian decor, Are you wondering about other trendy interior design styles in 2023? Actually there are dozens, below we list six most commonly seen ones, you can try them with the AI Scene of Vivid AI:

  1. Art Deco
  2. Originating in the 1920s, the style is characterized by bold geometric patterns, lavish materials like chrome and glass, and a fusion of modernist and decorative elements. It exudes opulence, luxury, and a sense of exuberance.

  3. Farm House
  4. Farmhouse interior style is a blend of rustic and traditional design elements. It features warm, cozy spaces with wooden accents, vintage decor, and simple, functional furnishings. It evokes a sense of rural charm and comfort.

  5. Nature Style
  6. Nature-style interior design emphasizes bringing the outdoors inside. It incorporates natural elements like wood, stone, and plants. Earthy color palettes, ample natural light, and open spaces create a harmonious, tranquil environment inspired by nature.

  7. Nostalgic
  8. Nostalgic-style interior design draws inspiration from past eras, evoking feelings of nostalgia. It features vintage furnishings, retro decor, and a color palette reminiscent of bygone times. This style seeks to capture the charm and sentimentality of the past.

  9. Bold Color Mix
  10. Bold Color Mix interior style embraces vibrant and contrasting hues in design. It combines unexpected color combinations, creating dynamic and visually striking spaces. This style celebrates creativity and adds a lively energy to interiors.

  11. Plaster
  12. Plaster Style interior design incorporates plaster as a dominant element, often with textured finishes on walls and ceilings. It creates a rustic, Mediterranean, or Old-World ambiance, featuring earthy tones and a timeless, textured aesthetic.

FAQs about Scandinavian Style

1. What’s the Keypoint of the Scandinavian Style?

The keypoint of Scandinavian Style is simplicity and functionality. It emphasizes clean lines, a neutral color palette, and the use of natural materials like wood and stone. Abundant natural light and a minimalistic approach create a harmonious, uncluttered, and cozy environment.

2. What Colors are in Scandinavian Decor?

Scandinavian decor typically features a subdued color palette. Whites and soft grays dominate, creating a bright, airy atmosphere. These neutral tones are often complemented by pale blues, soft pinks, and muted greens to add subtle touches of color. Natural wood accents provide warmth and contrast.

3. How Can I Generate a Scandinavian Interior Design Idea?

Here are some recommended ways for generating a scandinavian interior design idea:

  • AI Interior Design Apps: Use AI apps like Vivid AI, which can transform photos into Scandi styles by simply typing "Scandinavian" in the customization feature.

  • Online Inspiration: Explore Scandinavian design blogs, websites, and social media platforms to gather ideas and inspiration.
  • Consult a Designer: Consider hiring an interior designer with expertise in Scandinavian design for personalized guidance and ideas.
  • 4. Are There Any Interior Design Apps for Scandi Design?

    There are lots of AI interior apps for you to generate Scandinavian decor style ideas, blow are the top five recommended:

    1. Vivid AI
    2. Interior with AI - Home Design
    3. Arch - AI Interior Designer
    4. DesignSense AI
    5. Room AI

    Learn More about these AI interior design apps ->

    5. How do I Virtually Try the Scandinavian Decor?

    With the following simple steps, you can try Scandi design with Vivid AI:

    1. Open Vivid AI and Tap “AI Scene”
    2. Upload the Photo of Your Interior
    3. Tap “Custom” and Type “Scandinavian”
    4. Save and Share!

    Download Vivid AI — The Best AI Interior App to Try Scandi Design

    Scandinavian decor's enduring popularity is undeniable. For those seeking decoration inspiration, Vivid AI emerges as a reliable resource. With its innovative features, this AI interior design app effortlessly transforms spaces into stunning Scandinavian styles, and also turns people into Nordic. Download the app and dive into the world of timeless elegance and cozy minimalism with Vivid AI for a rejuvenated living environment!

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