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The Best AI App to Turn Photos Into Line Drawings: Unleash Your Creativity

Last Updated on Mar. 15, 2024 – by CyberLink
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Unlock the creative potential of your photos by transforming them into captivating drawings. Converting photos into drawings simplifies complex images, enhances focus, and unleashes artistic expression. In this article, we'll introduce Vivid AI, the ultimate AI art generator, and guide you on how to effortlessly turn your photos into stunning line drawings with this powerful AI tool.

Why Turn Photos Into Line Drawings?

People turn photos into line drawings for many reasons, from artistic design to legal considerations. Below are the most common uses for converting photos into line drawings:

  • Simplification: Line drawings simplify complex images, making them easier to understand.
  • Focus: They highlight essential details, emphasizing what's most important.
  • Artistic Expression: Line drawings offer a unique artistic style and perspective.
  • Technical Use: Useful for technical drawings, blueprints, and schematic representations.
  • Copyright Compliance: They can be created from copyrighted photos, avoiding legal issues and enabling original content generation.

Vivid AI — the Best AI App to Turn Pictures Into Line Drawings

Vivid AI serves as a versatile AI art generator. Its AI Avatar functionality empowers users to craft a plethora of stylish, character-rich, and aesthetically pleasing avatars. It presents two sketch styles, "Realistic" and "Artistic," enabling you to turn photos into intricate line drawings. Just upload 10-20 personal photos, and within minutes you'll receive a collection of captivating artistic renditions. Learn How to Turn Photos Into Line Drawings ->

What's even more impressive is that Vivid AI's AI Scene feature can transform your entire picture into multiple artistic styles, excelling especially in handling background elements like streets and buildings. So, if your photo contains backgrounds such as streets or architecture, the effect of using AI Scene to convert the photo into line drawings will absolutely mesmerize you. Learn How to Turn Photos Into Line Drawings ->

Vivid AI offers various other AI Avatar styles, ranging from wedding attire and astronaut suits to cyberpunk and steampunk personas. Moreover, Vivid AI can bring your wildest AI art ideas to life. Its additional features include "AI Outfit," enabling virtual try-on fashionable clothes, "AI Background" for seamlessly replacing photo backgrounds with artistic alternatives, and a "Text to Image" generator that transforms your descriptions into vivid images.

How To Turn Photos Into Line Drawings with Vivid AI

Here are simple steps for two ways —AI Avatar and AI Scene — to turn photos into line drawings:

1. AI Avatar

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Avatar”

After downloading Vivid AI on the App Store or Google Play Store and opening it, you’ll find AI Avatar on the main page.

2. Tap “Realistic” or “Artistic” to Find “Sketch”

You will see several avatar categories, and the two most popular categories — “Realistic” and “Artistic” — both contain the “Sketch Style” in it. The two generate different feelings and effects, so you can try both to find the one you love most.

3. Upload 10-20 Photos of Yourself

Now you need to import 10-20 photos of yourself. For the best results, please upload close-up portrait photos where you maintain direct eye contact with the camera. If possible, include images captured against different backgrounds to enable the AI to create a wider variety of Sketch style avatars for you.

4. Wait for the Amazing Results

In just a few minutes, you'll receive a collection of fantastic Sketch avatars. We hope you enjoy them! And don't miss out on exploring the other avatar styles that Vivid AI has to offer.

AI Scene

1. Download Vivid AI & Tap “AI Scene”

After opening Vivid AI, tap AI Scene to start turning pictures into line drawings.

2. Upload a Photo

Now choose a photo you want to turn into a line drawing, ideally with architectural or urban backdrops. AI Scene excels with these settings, promising impressive results. Try it out and prepare to be amazed!

3. Tap “Custom” and Type “Sketch”

Vivid AI provides multiple art styles. You might be puzzled since there are no line drawing-related styles inside. But don’t worry, this is where Vivid AI shines. Simply select 'Custom' and input 'sketch' or 'line drawing' to achieve your desired image style. Feel free to experiment with other styles, and you'll be amazed at what Vivid AI can produce!

4. Save and Share

Do you enjoy the style it's generated? If not, you can give it a few more tries, and we assure you that you'll find one you’ll love. Feel free to share the photo with your friends!

FAQs About Turning Pictures Into Line Drawings

1. Is There an App to Turn Photos Into Line Drawings?

    Yes, there are multiple apps for you to turn pictures into line drawings. Below are the top three recommended:

  • Vivid AI — the Best AI Art Generator
  • PhotoDirector — the Best All-in-One Photo Editing App
  • Fotor — Popular AI Photo Editing Tool

2. What’s the Best App to Turn Photos Into Line Drawings?

We recommend Vivid AI as the best app to turn photos into line drawings for the following reasons:

  • The “ AI Avatar” feature can generate multiple styles of line drawing avatars for you.
  • The “ AI Scene” allows you to turn a whole photo into a line drawing and it delivers astonishing results.
  • The user interface is clean and intuitive, with straightforward navigation.
  • The app offers a variety of cutting-edge and useful AI art tools.

3. How Do I Convert an iPhone Photo Into a Line Drawing?

    Here we provide two simple ways and steps for you to turn your photo into AI with high quality results. Click Here For More Information ->

  • AI Avatar
    1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Avatar”
    2. Tap “Realistic” or “Artistic” To Find “Sketch”
    3. Upload 10-20 Photos
    4. Wait for the Amazing Results
  • AI Scene
    1. Download Vivid AI & Tap “AI Scene”
    2. Upload a Photo
    3. Tap “Custom” and Type “Line Drawing”
    4. Save and Share

4. How Does AI Work to Turn Pictures Into Line Drawings?

AI turns pictures into line drawings using computer vision algorithms. It first identifies objects and edges in the image, then simplifies them into basic outlines, removing color and shading. This process involves detecting contrasts and patterns to recreate the image with distinct lines, resulting in a stylized, line drawing.

Download Vivid AI — the Best AI App to Turn Photos Into Line Drawings

Turning photos into line drawings is useful in various scenarios, from simplifying complex images for education to creating unique artistic expressions. Vivid AI is the top choice for this task. It offers “AI Avatar” for you to generate Sketch style avatars and “AI Scene” to turn photos into line drawings with customizable image style settings. Whether it's for technical drawings, logo design, or creative experimentation, Vivid AI stands out as the go-to app for transforming photos into captivating line drawings.

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