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Get the Best Nail Design Inspirations With Vivid AI

Last Updated on Apr. 26, 2024 – by CyberLink
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Your nails should coordinate with your outfit without blending in and add personality to your look in a way that feels authentic to you. It can be fun to follow trends, but as you design your new nail look, think about how you can put your own spin on them for a unique vibe.

With Vivid AI, you can get nail ideas, generate different looks, and experiment without the mess of applying and removing polish. Keep reading to learn how to use the app to try new nail designs and get started with inspiration from the app!

Vivid AI — The Best Free App to Get Nail Design Inspiration

demonstration of using Vivid AI to change nail design from nothing to pastel pink nails with a red heart sticker on top

Vivid AI practically does your nails for you with its AI tools. You can see your nail ideas on your hand or generate a new design from scratch with text prompts. Use the AI Replace feature to add your nail design ideas to an image to see how they complement your favorite outfit or your new makeup look. Just describe your idea, and Vivid AI will generate the look for you, making trying out nail designs easy. The app is free to download for iOS and Android so that you can try nail looks on any device.

More Than Nail Designs

demonstration of using Vivid AI to replace necklace of a woman wearing wedding dress

With the AI Replace feature, you’re not limited to your nails. You can change your clothes to try on fashion trends, add accessories from necklaces to rings, and change your hairstyle. Select any area to replace, and Vivid AI will fill it in with your vision!

How to Get Nail Design Inspiration With Vivid AI

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Replace”

launcher of Vivid AI and highlight AI Replace feature icon

You can find Vivid AI in the App Store or on Google Play, where you can download it with one tap. Open the app to get started, and you’ll see all of the app’s AI features on the main screen, ready for you to explore. To try on nail designs, go to the AI Replace feature.

2. Upload a Photo of Your Hand and Brush One Fingertip

demonstration of using Vivid AI to change nail design with AI Replace feature by brushing on the nail area

You’ll need to upload a photo from your album to use the AI Replace feature. Find a photo of your hand showing your nails so that you can get a good view of the design. Then, adjust your brush size and brush over one of your fingertips. Don’t do them all at once — you’ll get a better result if you do one at a time for a more consistent look.

3. Enter Your Prompt and Tap “Generate”

demonstration of using Vivid AI to change nail design with AI Replace feature by typing the nail idea text prompt

Type your nail design idea into the prompt box using up to 500 characters. Be as descriptive as you want, and remember that more details will help Vivid AI fine-tune the design to match your imagination. Make sure you include things like color and style, so you get the exact look you want. Then, tap “Generate” and wait for Vivid AI to apply your design!

4. Add Other Designs or Modify

demonstration of using Vivid AI to change nail designs with AI Replace feature

Sometimes, your first prompt doesn’t fit the look you want. With AI Replace, you can modify your prompt by adding or changing details. Then, you can generate the look again to see if you like it better the next time.

Vivid AI also has other AI editing tools you can use to refine a result you like. These tools let you add specific details to your designs when they’re almost there and just need a little more polishing.

5. Save and Share Your Nail Designs

demonstration of original nails and nail designs changed with Vivid AI's AI Replace feature

When you like a design, download the image to your album. You can even share it directly from the app. Then, bring it to the salon the next time you get your nails done for a stunning new look!

5 Cute Nail Designs to Try

1. Ombre Nails

example of ombre nails designed with Vivid AI

Ombre nails blend different colors to create a gradient on your nails. You can do this nail design in many ways, including pastels for spring, dark to light colors, glitter ombre, and more. You can choose which colors you want based on a specific occasion, season, or just what you like. It’s a fun look that you can use for a summer mani or a professional office vibe.

2. French Tips

example of French tips nails designed with Vivid AI

French tips have a classic and sophisticated aesthetic with clean nail tips. They have a simple nail design, but you can get creative with them using different nail tip colors or decorations that match the occasion.

3. Crystal Ornaments

example of crystal ornaments nails designed with Vivid AI

Using crystal ornaments on your nails gives you a flashy, glittery look for any party. They make your manicure stand out, and you can get creative with the crystal colors, shapes, and sizes.

4. Chrome Nails

example of chrome nails designed with Vivid AI

Chrome nails create a sleek and shiny look with a high-end vibe of nail design. They look simple at first glance, but they capture multiple colors on their silvery surface, showing people that you’re more than meets the eye. They go well with modern, chic styles.

5. Colorful Fun Styles

example of colorful nails designed with Vivid AI

You can always experiment with colorful nails, so don’t be afraid to try bright or bold hues! These nails work well as fun daytime looks, beach styles, or statement nails to coordinate with a loud and proud wardrobe.

FAQs About Nail Designs

1. Is there an app to design your nails?

Vivid AI is the best app for trying custom nail designs. Its AI Replace feature lets you put in prompts to create and apply your nail ideas so that you can see them on your hand. Plus, you can use the editing tools to adjust your prompts and results until you get the exact look you want!

2. How do I get started with designing my nails?

If you don’t already have nail designs in mind, you can look on Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok. Influencers often post their nails, so you can browse to find some you like. Then, download a nail app, like Vivid AI, to apply your favorite looks!

3. Where can I find nail design ideas?

Aside from Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, you can get nail design ideas from apps like Vivid AI. With Vivid AI, you can experiment by putting in nail design descriptions and prompts. Then, the app shows different versions of them each time you generate a look.

4. Can I try on nail designs virtually?

You can try nail designs using Vivid AI by following these steps:

  1. Download Vivid AI and go to AI Replace.
  2. Upload a photo of your hand and brush over your fingertip.
  3. Type in a design prompt and tap “Generate.”
  4. Refine your prompt or modify your nail look.
  5. Save and share your new design.

Download Vivid AI — The Best Free App to Get Nail Design Inspiration

demonstration of original nails and red nail designs with sparkles changed with Vivid AI's AI Replace feature

Vivid AI gives you tons of freedom to try nail designs and trends. With the AI Replace tool, you can see different colors and styles on your nails for free before you get them done at the salon. The app works for everyone, including beginners who have never done their nails before, and you can try new looks as many times as you want. Download Vivid AI to get the perfect manicure and create your vision for your nails!

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