Swipe Up for Success: Mastering the Art of Irresistible Instagram Ads

Last Updated on May. 24, 2024 – by CyberLink
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examples of Instagram ads in mobile mokup
examples of Instagram ads in mobile mokup

As a popular platform with millions of users, Instagram is perfect for showing potential customers what you have to offer. Its image- and video-based posting formats make it easy to promote your products and services and show people how they benefit from what you sell.

With Instagram ads, you can reach an even wider audience than with posts and stories alone. We’ll show you how to make them with Promeo and offer some tips for engaging people online.

Understanding Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are posts paid for by a person or business to promote a message. These ads reach beyond your followers, so they show up in the feeds of users in your target audience. They can help you bring in more followers and customers while increasing engagement on your profile.

Instagram Ad Formats

Instagram gives you a variety of ways to reach your audience using ad content. When you’re deciding what kinds of ads you want to run, consider what types of content your audience is most likely to consume. Here are a few of the best formats for reaching your audience on IG:

  • Instagram Photo Ads

    example of Instagram photo ads

    Show up in your audience’s feed with an image featuring your product. To make these ads more effective, use a clear photo of your offering and a caption that shows people what you do.

  • Instagram Video Ads

    example of Instagram video ads

    Engage your audience with up to a minute of video content that explains your offering or starts a conversation about your products.

  • Instagram Carousel Ads

    example of Instagram carousel ads

    Give your audience a look at a new release, like your most recent fashion or beauty line, with carousel ads. They let you show multiple products in one post, encouraging your audience to swipe for the next one and engage with your ads.

  • Instagram Collection Ads

    example of Instagram collection ads

    Use a cover video to catch your audience’s attention and include a collection of products that go with it. That way, your audience can instantly explore your offers.

  • Instagram Story Ads

    example of Instagram story ads

    Story ads are a quick way to build brand awareness with audiences that use the Story features more often. If you want to get the attention of a younger crowd, they’re worth trying.

  • Instagram Explore Ads

    example of Instagram explore ads

    People on the Explore page are already looking for something new. Explore ads use related interests to engage users who want to stay connected to what they already love while discovering new things.

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

Instagram ads charge you based on how much engagement your ads get. They usually cost up to $0.75 for each click or between $0.03 and $0.08 each time someone likes, comments, shares, or saves your post. The cost varies based on the bidding model you choose, like cost-per-click or cost-per-impression, and your competition.

Knowing your audience better can be helpful before you pay for ads. That way, you can use precise targeting to make sure the people engaging with them are more likely to buy from you. If you’re a new or small business, testing your ads can also help you refine them before you bid so you don’t waste any of your budget.

2 Ways To Run Instagram Ads

You can buy, run, and track IG ads in two ways. The one you choose depends on how your business functions and how your ads feed your business goals.

1. Instagram Boost

It might be easiest for you to make your first Instagram ad one of your existing posts. Just tap Boost under your post, put in the details it asks for, and IG will send your post out to your target audience!

2. Ads Manager

Meta Ads Manager gives you more customization options to reach your ideal audience and meet your goals. You can create full ad campaigns, get into more detail about your audience, and choose whether you want your ad to show up in people’s feeds or on reels.

Introducing Promeo — The Best Instagram Ad Maker

4 Instagram ad templates of Promeo

Key Features:

  • AI-powered tools, like Image to Template and Text to Template
  • Easily resize videos to match Instagram’s ad formats
  • Various background tools, like background removal and AI Product Background
  • Vast selection of built-in templates, design assets, and stock images

Promeo has all the tools you need to create eye-catching Instagram ads. Use its AI-powered template features to create a consistent look for your brand across IG and save time making future ads. The app is free to download for iOS and Android, so you can make ads on any device.

  • Image to Template

    examples of Promeo's image to template feature to create Instagram ads

    When you upload your product photo to Promeo and choose the Image to Template tool, it will automatically remove the background and leave it open for you to give it a new style. Choose the format you want, and you’ll see tons of template options. Promeo will apply it and give you an IG-ready image!

  • Text to Template

    examples of Promeo's text to template feature to create Instagram ads

    If you want a custom template for your ads, the Text to Template feature lets you type in a prompt to describe your template idea. Promeo will create templates based on your prompt and apply the one you want to use.

  • Video Resize

    examples of Promeo's video resize feature to create Instagram ads

    Promeo’s Ratio tool changes your ad’s aspect ratio so it fits any format you want to use it for. Instagram has a few different ad formats, like posts, stories, and reels, so you need an app that sizes yours correctly. That prevents your message from getting cut off, so your audience sees the full picture of your product.

  • Edit Product Background

    examples of Promeo's product background feature to create Instagram ads

    Promeo has several background editing tools, so you can do everything from blur your existing background with the Blur Background tool to using the Remove Background tool to create a transparent image.

    And if you want a background that fits better but is more exciting than a solid color, the AI Product Background feature lets you type in a prompt and add a look that creates context in your ad.

  • Object Removal

    examples of Promeo's object removal feature to create Instagram ads

    You don’t want background clutter on your IG ads. Get rid of unwanted objects with the Object Removal tool, which seamlessly edits out distractions.

6 Tips on Making Engaging Instagram Ads

1. Consistency is Key

apply Promeo's brand kit to make Instagram ads consistent

Consistent design helps people recognize your brand when they see it. Your ads should be consistent with your brand, which can include logos, color palettes, and fonts. Promeo lets you set up a Brand Kit with all of these things, and will automatically apply it to every edit. Plus, with the Batch Edit tool, you can edit multiple images at the same time, so you can see them side by side and make sure they work together.

2. Adopt Mobile-First Designs

browse Promeo's Instagram ad templates

A mobile-first design makes your ads compatible with mobile platforms, where most people shop. Stick to vertical videos and use minimal text in your ads. If you do add text, use a large font to make it easy to read on a small screen. Promeo lets you choose a template that matches your ad format, so you don’t have to edit later.

3. Use a Variety of Ad Types

examples of Instagram ad layouts

Using different ad types helps engage your audience at more points while they scroll. Try creating ads in the form of videos, stories, carousels, and shoppable posts. That will give you more opportunities to catch your audience’s attention and find out where your target audience hangs out most.

4. Add Music to Delight

workflow of adding music to Instagram ad with Promeos

Sound sets the mood and can help users remember your ads later. With Promeo, you can use the Music feature to add a song to your design and give your ad dimension.

5. Add Compelling CTA

add DL CTA to Instagram ad with Promeo

Show your audience how to take the next step by putting a call to action in your ad. The CTA engages your audience and encourages them to interact with your brand. If you need ideas, try saying:

  • Download our app or freebie
  • Visit our website
  • Shop the collection
  • Check out our new look

Promeo’s animated stickers give your viewers something to focus on so you can engage them quickly!

6. Enable Purchases from Instagram Ads

example of enabling purchases from Instagram ads

Purchasing from IG ads means fewer steps between your audience tapping your ad and the checkout page. The ad will take them right to the product, so they don’t have to search for what they want. In other words, it makes them more likely to buy and engage more in the future.

FAQs About Photo Apps for Amazon Ads

1. How can I attract customers with Instagram ads?

Making engaging Instagram ads goes beyond posting your product. To make customers look twice, it helps to:

  • Keep your branding and design consistent
  • Prioritize mobile-first formats
  • Use different ad types to engage more people
  • Add music to your ads
  • Include a CTA
  • Turn on purchasing from IG ads

2. What is the best way to run Instagram ads?

The best way to run your ads may look different based on the stage of your business and how you run it. Instagram lets you run ads via Instagram Boost, which boosts a specific post, or with Ads Manager, where you can create a full campaign. Before you pick one, think about how you want to promote your brand and consider your budget.

3. Are Instagram ads right for my business?

Instagram has a wide range of audiences on its platform, so most businesses can reach theirs using IG ads. However, it’s most effective if your brand targets younger populations, since half of its user base is under 35.

4. How can I make Instagram ads for free?

Follow these steps to make IG ads for free:

  1. Download Promeo and go to the Marketing Content page.
  2. Choose your design format, from Reel ads and Posts to Story and Reels.
  3. Select a template and create your ad!

5. What is the best app to make Instagram ads?

download Promeo to make Instagram ads

Promeo gives you a wide range of ad-making features with its AI-powered tools. You can create your own templates with Image to Template and Text to Template, resize your videos, and clean up your product photo backgrounds. With so many built-in templates and design assets, it’s the easiest way to get started with creating your first Instagram ad.

6. Where can I find templates for Instagram ads?

Promeo has ad templates in its Image to Template and Text to Template tools. The app will automatically remove your product background and replace it with the template image you choose. You can also describe the background you want, and Promeo will generate it for you.

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