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10 Best Eye Makeup Apps to Transform Your Look

Last Updated on Jun. 14, 2024 – by CyberLink
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two before and after woman photos of using PhotoDirector to virtually try on eye makeup
two before and after woman photos of using PhotoDirector to virtually try on eye makeup

When you talk to someone or share a selfie, the first thing they notice is your eyes. Give them something to look at and show off your creativity with an artistic eye makeup look! An eye makeup app can help you try on different makeup styles, so that yours matches your aesthetic perfectly. We compiled a list of the 10 best eye makeup apps so you can try on your favorite looks whenever you want!

What Are Eye Makeup Apps?

use makeup features to put on eye makeup including eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow and eyelashes on a woman's photo

With an eye makeup app, you can explore eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and other types of eye makeup and see them on your face. Many of these apps have entire eye makeup collections and use AI to apply eye makeup to selfies you upload, while others let you see the look with a live camera. Some even let you create your own custom look using various makeup tools.

Why Do I Need an Eye Makeup App?

Eye makeup is expensive, but with an eye makeup app, you don’t have to keep buying to try on trendy new looks. Even if you plan to buy a new product, an app lets you try something similar to see how it looks on you first. And even without spending any time or money, you’ve still created a stunning look that you can share!

Criteria for Selecting the Best Eye Makeup App

Not all eye makeup apps have the same features; some are easier to use than others. Here are a few things to consider before you download one:

  • User-friendly interface: You want to be able to find your eye makeup tools quickly and apply them without having to learn complicated editing techniques. The best apps will let you apply your look in just a few taps.
  • Variety of eye makeup styles: A good app will have plenty of makeup styles to explore. It shouldn’t limit your creativity to create the look you want.
  • Virtual try-on eye makeup features: Many apps offer virtual try-on, but it’s important to find one that detects your face and applies your makeup accurately for the most realistic look.
  • Compatibility with different devices: Having an app that works on iOS and Android devices means if you get a new phone, you still use the same app and account as the old one.
  • Reviews and ratings: Checking the reviews shows you whether other users are happy with the app you want to try. High ratings can also mean the app has better features.

Top 10 Eye Makeup Apps to Make You Shine

1. Vivid Glam

Available on: iOS

Vivid Glam is free for iOS users and comes with tons of eye makeup styles, so you can always put one together that matches your vision. It has preset looks and individual tools, so you can customize your look or apply something fast with a platform even beginners can use.

  • Wear Colored Eyeshadow

    try 4 different eye shadows on a woman's photo with Vivid Glam

    Vivid Glam has 30 eyeshadow colors that match any eye makeup trend, like the blue eyeshadow look. You can adjust the shade and hue with the slider for even more colors, too.

  • Apply Eyeliners

    try 4 different eye liners on a woman's photo with Vivid Glam

    With 12 eyeliner styles, including cat and smoky eyes, you’ve got plenty of ways to make your eye makeup your own. Vivid Glam also comes with 20 eyeliner colors that you can adjust using the slider, making it one of the most versatile eye makeup apps. Try it to see how you’d look with the popular pink eyeliner trend!

  • Change Eyebrow Shape

    try 4 different eyebrows on a woman's photo with Vivid Glam

    Vivid Glam has 12 eyebrow shapes and 13 eyebrow colors, which you can customize with its slider. Match them to your hair color or switch things up to see how a new look suits you. Your eyebrow shape can frame your face, too, so use this feature to transform your entire look!

  • Extend Eyelashes

    try 4 different eyelashes on a woman's photo with Vivid Glam

    Explore 60 eyelash styles and 13 eyelash colors that you can tailor to any occasion or preference. Find full baby doll lashes, cat eyes that shape your eyes at the corners, or natural lashes with just a little more volume.

2. PhotoDirector

Available: iOS and Android

UI of PhotoDirector to put on eye makeup

PhotoDirector has both everyday lash styles and more elegant looks, so you can create eye makeup for every occasion. Its 12 brow shapes help define your look, and you can choose from 13 natural and bright eyebrow colors. Plus, with an extensive collection of eyeshadow colors, you can combine its tools to get a unique signature look.

Aside from its eye makeup tools, PhotoDirector is a powerful free photo editing app. You can use it to enhance your photo quality, remove objects from your background, or create beautiful collages to tell the story of your favorite memories.

3. Pretty Makeup—Beauty Camera

Available: iOS and Android

UI of Pretty Makeup—Beauty Camera to put on eye makeup

This eye makeup app has hundreds of eyebrow styles and eyeshadow colors to complement your makeup look. Apply different eyelash colors that add volume to your natural lashes, and change each eye color individually for a look that pops.

4. YouCam Makeup

Available: iOS and Android

UI of YouCam Makeup to put on eye makeup

YouCam Makeup is an all-in-one beauty app that lets you try on complete eyeshadow color palettes with up to five colors. It has preset styles, but you can also create your own for a personal touch and add a dramatic touch with eyeliner and eyelash styles. Edit your brows to complete your eye makeup, and do it all with the app’s live camera or a selfie.

5. FaceApp

Available: iOS and Android

UI of FaceApp to put on eye makeup

FaceApp’s beauty filters let you add complete, trendy eye makeup looks with just one tap. You can adjust your eye size to make your makeup stand out more, too. FaceApp even lets you change your hair color or see what you’d look like as another gender!

6. B612

Available: iOS and Android

UI of B612 to put on eye makeup

B612’s Smart Beauty tool shows you what type of makeup will look good on you, and it’s got the eye makeup tools to apply it. Adjust your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow shape and color to fit your face, and customize your look with individual eye makeup tools.

7. Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

Available: iOS and Android

UI of Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor to put on eye makeup

Perfect365 is an eye makeup app that comes with your typical eyelashes, eyeshadow, and eyeliner tools, but it goes a step further, too. You can apply eye concealer to get rid of dark shadows and shape your brows with its many styles. Don’t forget to add a sparkly touch with its glitter!

8. Beauty Camera—Face Makeup

Available: iOS

UI of Beauty Camera—Face Makeup to put on eye makeup

Beauty Camera applies your eye makeup to your selfies or videos, but it doesn’t have a live camera. Its retouch tools refine your brows, and you can add a collection of eyeshadow colors, lashes, and eyeliner.

9. Face Beauty Makeup Camera—Selfie Photo Editor

Available: Android

UI of Face Beauty Makeup Camera—Selfie Photo Editor to put on eye makeup

Give yourself a total makeover with preset looks, or add stunning eyeshadow colors from this app’s many palettes. You can apply each color individually or try a pattern from the app. Its lash, eyeliner, and brow styles give you plenty of eye makeup options, and you can even change your eye color.

10. Facey

Available: iOS

UI of Facey to put on eye makeup

Facey comes with eye makeup looks for every season and outing. Apply a full face of makeup or try one of its blended eyeshadow patterns. It doesn’t have as many individual tools, but you can still have fun trying its preset styles.

How To Put on Eye Makeup With Vivid Glam

Put on your eye makeup to follow your favorite trend, prepare for your night out, or show off your new look on Instagram with Vivid Glam. Follow these steps to explore the makeup app’s eyeshadow, lash, and eyeliner looks or shape your brows:

  1. Download Vivid Glam free for iOS.
  2. Open the app and tap the Makeup feature.

    launcher of Vivid Glam and highlight Makeup feature icon
  3. Go to the eye makeup tool you want to experiment with different looks and put together your own.

    workflow of using Vivid Glam to put on eye makeup
  4. Download your look and share it with your friends and followers!

Trendy Eye Makeup Looks in 2024

You’ve seen every influencer on your feed rocking this year’s eye makeup trends, so it’s time to join them! From beachy aesthetics to bright and bold looks, here are the looks to watch for in 2024.

Blue Eyeshadow Aesthetic

eye makeup example of blue eyeshadow aesthetic

Carried over from last year, the blue eyeshadow aesthetic gives you a whimsical, oceanic vibe. Explore all the beautiful blue shades with this trend, from frosty light blues to deep, rich tones. Go to Vivid Glam’s eyeshadows and try its blue tones.

Douyin Makeup

eye makeup example of Douyin makeup

Douyin makeup’s doll-like style softens your face with full lashes, bright pink blush, and sparkly eyeshadows. It’s gotten more mainstream, especially since it gives you a cute pout with glossy lips without overdoing the makeup. Vivid Glam’s doll-style eyelashes add volume, and you can add the rest of the look with its lip colors and blush tools.

Strawberry Makeup

eye makeup example of strawberry makeup

If you like minimalist makeup, strawberry makeup sticks to that kind of simplicity. It adds some color to your light mascara with strawberry red eyeshadow, blush, or lips, and you can sweeten the look by dotting on a few freckles. To try it, explore Vivid Glam’s red and pink eyeshadows colors and add a bright red lip to complete the look.

Pink Eyeliner

eye makeup example of pink eyeliner

Pink eyeliner gives you a bold look without going overboard. Your eyes pop with this hot neon hue, and there’s no way to go subtle here. Try it by going to Vivid Glam’s eyeliner tool and choosing the pink color in the style you like.

FAQs About Eye Makeup

1. How does an eye makeup app work?

An eye makeup app uses your selfies or a live camera to apply an eye makeup filter to your face. Many of these apps have tools for you to virtually try on eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lashes, and even shape or color your eyebrows.

2. What are trendy eye makeup looks?

This year, we’re seeing new eye makeup looks, as well as evolved versions of last year’s, including:

3. What can I do with an eye makeup app?

An eye makeup app lets you join your favorite makeup trends without having to buy new products every time. You can test looks before you apply them in real life and save time while still having a realistic makeup look.

4. What are recommended eye makeup apps?

5. What other makeup tools can I use with Vivid Glam?

Vivid Glam comes with complete makeup tools that you can apply to create your own look. Use its lipsticks, blushes, contour patterns, foundation, and preset looks to customize your makeup and get a look you’re excited to show off!

6. What is the best eye makeup app?

Vivid Glam is the perfect eye makeup app for beginners and seasoned makeup artists. You can experiment with new looks on an easy platform, share your favorite styles, and virtually try on hundreds of makeup combinations. It’s got tons of styles, which makes it easy to discover the one that looks best on you!

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