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5 Best Free Video Collage Makers for Videos in 2022 [Windows, Mac]

Last Updated on Apr. 22, 2022 – by David Morgan
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Top Video Collage Makers

Telling your story on social media in just a single video post can be hard work, and you may have to leave out some of the good bits. However, you can highlight your best moments with a video collage, and nothing gets left on the cutting room floor. 

Video collages provide a great way to establish a narrative, showcase the highlights of an event, or promote your channel. You can also add music to drive the theme of your video collection home or make your project more engaging.

Creating video collages is quick and easy with the right editor. However, many software and online editors are available, and selecting the best one for your needs can be challenging. This guide looks at the best free video collage makers to help you decide which is right for you.

Top 3 Video Collage Makers

PowerDirector Logo

1. PowerDirector - Best Video Collage Maker

Includes a Video Collage Designer plug-in for fast collage creation. Choose between a wide selection of templates and customize your collage in seconds. Detailed Review >

DaVinci Resolve Logo

2. Movavi Video Editor - Best for Video Editing Amateurs

A basic video editor that allows you to create video and photo collages. Detailed Review >

EaseUS Video Editor Logo

3. EaseUS Video Editor - Best for Beginners on Windows

An easy-to-use video editor for Windows you can use to create video and photo collages. Detailed Review >

What Is a Video Collage?

A video collage is a collection of various video clips and photographs separated using a split-screen effect which creates a visible division of the screen separating each clip or photo. Typically music is added, and the combined videos' sound is removed to create a cohesive piece. Video collages can be customized by changing the borders between clips, animating the split-screen in and out, or changing the number and layout of clips.

5 Best Video Collage Makers

1. PowerDirector - Best Video Collage Maker

PowerDirector Interface - Collage Designer

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 10/10

Video Collage Creation: 10/10

Transforming multiple videos and images into one continuous video clip is quick and easy with PowerDirector. 

PowerDirector comes with a built-in Video Collage Designer as one of its plug-ins. Using this tool, you can import media from your local storage to the designer and then choose a template from the library. You can also design a custom grid for your video collage. The numbers in the template indicate the order your clips will play in the video, and you can drag and drop them to change their position.

When hovering on the collage template, you’ll see tools for trimming the original clip and muting its audio. You can also resize and reposition the clips. The collage characteristics you can edit include the border color and thickness between the video clips. Insert an inter-clip image and frame animation to enhance the appearance.

Under playback settings, you can choose whether you want all clips to play at once or one after another. The program also lets you add a delay before each consecutive clip’s starting time. After creating a collage, you can save it to your computer or share it directly on social media.

  • Intuitive photo and video collage designer
  • Multiple customizable template options
  • Social media sharing options
  • Ability to add text, music, photos, and videos to your collage
  • Mac version lacks some features available in the Windows version

2. Movavi Video Editor - Best for Video Editing Amateurs

Movavi Video Editor Interface

Image from Movavi.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 9/10

Video Collage Creation: 9/10

Movavi Video Editor offers an extensive range of video editing features, with photo and video collage editing. Using this software, you can create an engaging collage.

The editor is easy to learn and offers several advanced video-editing tools, including slow motion and chroma key for background replacements. You also get access to a media library and support for HD modes.

Movavi Video Editor is not without drawbacks. Unlike some other editors on this list, Movavi uses a lot of storage space and can slow down your PC or Mac.

  • User-friendly video collage maker
  • High-end video-editing features, including chroma key
  • Video and sound clip libraries
  • Support for HD modes
  • High storage requirement
  • Slow rendering

3. EaseUS Video Editor - Best for Beginners on Windows

EaseUS Video Editor Interface

Image from Multimedia EaseUs.

Compatibility: Windows

Overall Rating: 8/10

Video Collage Creation: 9/10

EaseUS Video Editor is an ideal collage maker for beginners, with its simplistic layout and intuitive interface. This software’s straightforward design doesn’t take away from its functionality as a video editor. You can see all features at a glance, and there is an editing timeline with a preview window where you can see all the effects you apply.

The main features of EaseUS Video Editor include a narration and voice-over mode that lets you add your voice recording to your video collage. The software also offers dozens of visual effects that you can apply to your project.

EaseUS Video Editor doesn't feature a specific plug-in for creating collages, so you’ll need to use the built-in video editor to create them.

  • User-friendly software for creating video collages
  • Plenty of export options
  • Voice-over mode
  • No specific tool or plug-in for creating collages
  • Lacking advanced video-editing features, such as motion tracking and background replacements

4. Fastreel - Best Online Video Collage Maker

Fastreel Interface

Image from Fastreel Collage Maker.

Compatibility: Web browser

Overall Rating: 8/10

Video Collage Creation: 8/10

Fastreel is one of the most popular online video collage makers, thanks to a wide range of functionalities. Using this tool, you can resize and add multiple photos or clips to a single video and then enhance your project by adding music, text, watermarks, or filters. You can also add subtitles to highlight critical aspects of your project.

When using Fastreel, you can only export files in MP4 format.

  • No downloading required
  • Ready-made templates
  • Uploading videos can be slow
  • Limited control

5. Kapwing - Best for Team Collaboration

Kapwing Interface

Image from PKSTEP.

Compatibility: Web browser

Overall Rating: 8/10

Video Collage Creation: 8/10

When using Kapwing, you can create side-by-side video collages containing video clips, images, GIFs, and more. This online tool is easy to use, and you can add various elements to your new collage, including audio, text, and subtitles. To create a collage, you must upload the videos you want to combine and adjust their position.

Another great benefit of Kapwing is that you don't have to deal with annoying on-screen watermarks or ads. On the other hand, one drawback of Kapwing is that it might glitch out when you upload large files for your collage.

  • Great for collaboration
  • No downloading required
  • Uploading can take significant time

Best Video Collage Maker Comparison Chart

Software PowerDirector Movavi Video Editor EaseUS Video Editor Fastreel Kapwing
OS Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows Web browser Web browser
Beginner-friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Specialized Video Collage Designer Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Stylized Transitions Yes Yes Yes No No
Video Titles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Download
Free Download
Secure Download
Download Download Download Download

PowerDirector vs


Windows, Mac





Specialized Video Collage Designer



Stylized Transitions



Video Titles



How to Make a Video Collage on Windows and Mac

To create a video collage on your Windows or Mac, start by downloading PowerDirector, and launch the program on your computer.

  1. Under Plug-ins in the top toolbar, select Video Collage Designer from the drop-down menu. The designer’s window will open, showing a basic layout, border design tools, and frame animation options.
  2. PowerDirector - Collage Designer
  3. To the left of the window, click on Import Media and select all the video clips you want to add to your project. The clip thumbnails will appear in the Media tab to the left of the window.
  4. PowerDirector - Collage Designer, Import Media
  5. Select a template you want to use for your project. The new layout will show in the collage-editing area.
  6. Drag the clips you want to add from the Media tab to each numbered slot of the layout. You can trim the clips so that they are the same length. If you want to add music or other audio to your collage, you can remove the original clips' audio.
  7. PowerDirector - Collage Designer, Cut and Mute Clip
  8. To the right of the collage designer, you can customize the border between the clips. These adjustments include the border size and color, interclip size, and fill color. You can also select a frame animation from the drop-down menu to the right of the preview screen.
  9. PowerDirector - Collage Designer, Edit Border

Check out How to Make a Video Collage for Free for a more detailed guide.

Best Video Collage Maker Free Download

Making a video collage is a great way to join multiple clips into one shareable piece of content. Creating these videos can be a rewarding experience with the right collage maker. A well-made video will go a long way toward building your brand identity or promoting your channel.

When shopping for a video collage maker, consider tools offering professional video-editing tools, a user-friendly interface, and multiple layout options. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you'll ever need to select the best video collage software for you. 

We recommend PowerDirector as the best collage maker for Windows and Mac. It has everything you will need to make a photo and video collage. Plus, all the tools you will ever need for any video project.

Video Collage Maker FAQs

1. How do I make a video collage with music?

The PowerDirector video editor features editing tracks for audio, which you can use to add music to your collages. These tracks are available in the software for PC and Mac, and you have access to them when using the PowerDirector app. Complete the video collage before adding the music track to adjust it to the correct length.

2. How do I make video collages with GIFs?

You can add GIFs to your video collage as you would any video when using PowerDirector.

3. What features should I look for in a video collage maker?

  1. Intuitive interface
  2. A collage designer
  3. Stock music
  4. Customization options
  5. Text and titles

4. What is the best photo collage maker for Windows and Mac?

PhotoDirector stands out as one of the best photo collage makers for Windows and Mac. With its intuitive user interface, royalty-free image libraries, and extensive range of advanced effects, you can create engaging photo collages within minutes.

Additional features PhotoDirector offers include animation effects, layer editing, and video-to-photo tools.

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