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The 5 Best Podcast Software

Last Updated on Feb. 25, 2021 – by David Morgan
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The Best Podcast Software

Do you have a story and are looking for a way to share it with the world? Look no further than podcasting. The explosively popular new form of media is the perfect way for professional creators and amateurs alike to vault their personalities into the world. The best part of podcasts is that anyone can make them with little to no equipment or experience. All you need is a voice, a story, a microphone AND some software! With the right software, you can be sure you’ll sound like a pro, even if you’re recording in your bedroom.

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing segments across the media industry and the time to make your voice heard is now. With the tools we’re about to go over, you can record a podcast production at professional-level standards with confidence that your voice will be heard, loud and clear.

1. AudioDirector

AudioDirector is a complete professional-grade audio mixing and production studio allowing you to not just record and trim your podcast, but also mix, clean, and add effects, as well.  With an intuitive set of tools and an approachable interface, it provides easy but powerful control over your podcast production. 

No matter if you have a single host or have a full panel of guests you’ll have no problem recording everyone with Audio Director’s multi-track recording.  Save time with punch and roll recording which makes it easy to roll back a short distance and quickly re-record sections to fix mistakes. Use Track Alternatives for additional takes to try out different lines or speech inflections. Easily add in sound effects from the stock library or add music while removing unwanted vocals from songs with vocal balance and removal tools to create a clean soundtrack or podcast intro.

One of the big advantages AudioDirector has over other solutions is it’s wide range of built-in audio restoration tools and effects for a professional-level sound design. If you record around an air conditioner or ambient noises or have sharp spikes in the levels from bumps or verbal pops it’s easy to remove these distracting background noises. When adding effects you can save your favorite combos and instantly apply them while using batch processing to save time editing. Professional audio mixing let’s you set perfect sound levels while audio ducking makes sure you get the right balance between tracks.

No matter to what extent of editing expertise you already possess, another  advantage of CyberLink’s AudioDirector is the resources it provides. The software isn’t limited to its documentation, it all has a large collection of blog articles that can teach you how to create a podcast from start to finish. 


To remain cost-effective, CyberLink also allows you to bundle your podcast recording software with its Director Suite 365 subscription. Director Suite 365 comes with AudioDirector included, making this a great option for YouTubers who may want to provide video versions of their podcasts. Also included is the photo editing software PhotoDirector which can also come in handy for creating other assets for your podcast. If you’re looking to expand past just more than recording and mixing your podcast, AudioDirector works seamlessly with the other apps to grow with your production. Additionally, Director Suite 365 is the cheapest paid option on this list with an average cost of under $10 a month for a year’s subscription.

Best features:
  • Intuitive recording and editing tools beginners can easily understand and use
  • Powerful and AI based audio restoration tools 
  • Effect combos and batch processing to save you time

CyberLink proudly provides the AudioDirector and Director Suite 365 bundle as the best price/performance ratio for podcast distribution. Download AudioDirector today at CyberLink.com. You will be impressed by what you can create!

Free Download
For Windows 7 (64-bit) or later Secure Download

2. GarageBand


GarageBand was created primarily to compose and record music but it also functions well as a podcast studio. It includes standard effects such as reverb, harmonization, and pitch correction to help master and mix your vocal tracks. This multitrack editor works well as a barebones podcast production studio due to its focus on music, but does provide the essential multi-track recording and ability to cut, trim, and sequence your audio that is standard on this list. One thing this program runs short on though is its options for effects to clean vocal tracks, which can be considered essential when not recording in a professional studio.

Best features:
  • A wide range of file sharing options, including SoundCloud
  • Synchronization across Apple products so you can edit on the go from your iPhone or tablet
  • iCloud backup

3. Logic Pro


 Logic Pro is GarageBand’s beefier big brother. Apple pulls out all the stops with Logic Pro as its upgrade option for audio production and editing.  Use your USB microphone or XLR microphone to create professional-level recordings and high-quality music production with Logic Pro. 

Best features:
  • Post-production effects
  • Seamless interface with GarageBand
  • Over a thousand stereo or surround sound audio tracks to choose from

4. Adobe Audition


Adobe Audition is part of the Adobe creative suite of editing software. If you are a professional photographer using the blur tool to edit out background tourists from your picture in Photoshop or designing animation characters in Illustrator, you are probably already familiar with Adobe’s professional products. Adobe Audition is for professionals seeking to start a podcast since the product will take some time to learn and technical knowledge to use. Audition holds up to that professional level of product Adobe is known for.

Best features:
  • Compatibility with Macs and PCs
  • Single and multi-track recording
  • Advanced features such as background noise reduction and speech volume leveler

5. Hindenburg Journalist Pro

Hindenburg Journalist Pro differs from other digital audio workstations since it is specifically designed for experienced podcasters, interviewers, and radio producers. Named after Herbert Morrison’s eyewitness news report of the Hindenburg disaster and the subsequent birth of mobile recording, Hindenburg Journalist Pro is a stable of professional audio recording.  Piece together your various clips and interviews to make your podcast a reality.

Best features:
  • Multi-tracking recording
  • Metadata storage for interview clips that can be used at a later date
  • Support for all types of sound files

Comparison Chart

software comparison


Garage Band Logic Pro X Adobe Audition Hindenburg Journalist Pro
Price $129.99 Free $199.99 $239.88/yr $375.00
Free Version Yes Yes Yes - -
Subscription Plan

With Director Suite 365

- - Yes $120/yr
Audio Tracks 100 32 Unlimited 128 Unlimited
Record and Editing Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sound Restoration Tools Yes, including AI powered tools - Limited Yes Limited
Effects 25 - 58 50 5
Mixer View Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



Podcasts have taken over the information superhighway as users search for the play button while cooking, driving to work, or to lull them to sleep. No matter how great your podcast content is, don’t let it be skippable due to bad audio quality. Inaudible conversations or distracting background noises can make the difference in your success as a podcaster. This is why we recommend AudioDirector as the best podcast software. It is a powerful digital audio workstation that packs a lot of features to let you record the best quality podcast at an affordable price.

Whether you want to learn how to record a podcast or are set on making a video podcast, we have you covered. Don’t forget, with the right tools and a little bit of diligent audio production, you can make sure you’re heard loud and clear!

Happy recording!

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