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The 3 Best Windows Media Player Alternatives

Last Updated on Jul. 29, 2021 – by David Morgan
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Best Windows Media Player Alternatives

Windows computers come fully loaded with all the software you need to stream video games, watch videos on YouTube, and surf the web. Still, most users will agree that Windows Media Player falls short in several key areas.

First of all, you've likely experienced lags, crashing, or slow loading while trying to play your favorite songs or DVDs. Secondly, Windows Media Player doesn't support advanced technology like:

  • VR headsets
  • 3D videos
  • High-quality 4K footage

Finally, Windows no longer updates its native video player. Microsoft released the latest update more than a decade ago, leaving its video player hopelessly outdated compared to other software that can play video and audio files with ease.

Luckily, you can choose between a variety of alternatives to Windows Media Player.

The 3 Best Windows Media Player Alternatives

1. PowerDVD

PowerDVD is more than a media player. It's an audiovisual entertainment experience. Whether you choose to stream on your big screen or carry your favorite media on the go, PowerDVD seamlessly transitions from television to desktop to phone.

Unlike other media players that simply playback audio or video files, PowerDVD enhances them for a cinematic feel. The software helps organize and manage a variety of media files as well, including:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Blu-rays
  • DVDs

Download or stream your favorite movies in stunning 4K or 8K definition. You can even pair PowerDVD with your DTS or Dolby HD Audio system for a completely immersive experience. PowerDVD also supports 360º videos and VR headsets, allowing you to step inside of your favorite films.

You can create a digital headquarters for all of your favorite entertainment using PowerDVD's content management system. Do you want to stream videos to your Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV or catch up on the latest YouTube videos without ever leaving the customizable digital entertainment center? PowerDVD lets you do so.

The software even comes fully loaded with its signature TrueTheater™ experience. This powerful function automatically improves the look, sound, and color of any video or audio format without slowing down the rendering speed.

Key Features:

  • A customizable digital hub that organizes all of your favorite media
  • Automatic video and audio enhancements
  • Link-sharing function for virtual movie nights


  • Includes Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 compatibility
  • Features a personalizable, streamlined interface
  • Offers easy transitioning between laptop, TV, and iOS or Android devices


  • PowerDVD Standard does not include all advanced features

2. KMPlayer

KMPlayer interface

KMPlayer's lightweight alternative to Windows Media Player provides basic audio and video capabilities with a few customizable options. You can create video playlists to prepare for your next movie night or use the software's enhancement features to improve the quality of your favorite films.

The software also allows you to customize your own central entertainment hub. Choose from various skin colors, plug-ins, and other advanced features to create a media player that suits your taste.

However, don't expect KMPlayer to meet all of your viewing needs. The CPU-heavy software features numerous annoying ads that distract from videos. Additionally, the media player doesn't offer the video and audio enhancement features found in PowerDVD's entertainment hub.

Key Features:

  • Easy video playlist creation
  • Simplified interface
  • Customizable entertainment hub


  • Features 3D-viewing capabilities
  • Supports a wide range of media formats


  • Requires heavy CPU usage

3. GOM Media Player

GOM media player interface

If you ask most users, they would agree that GOM Media Player provides decent functionality. The streamlined media player supports most standard audio and video formats.

The app also provides users with a few audio and visual settings, though the clunky interface can create a learning curve, unlike PowerDVD's streamlined platform. GOM Media Player's installer may also download other unwanted software to your computer while adding the program.

Key Features:

  • Automatic subtitle support
  • Minimalistic entertainment interface
  • 360º viewing features


  • Includes VR viewing and 3D video capabilities
  • Provides Windows 8.1, 8.7, 10, Android, and iOS device compatibility


  • Offers less audio and video format support compared to other media players

Media Player Alternative for Windows 10

Feeling limited by Windows Media Player? You're not alone. While the software works well for some media formats, you can't deny that it lacks several key features, such as high-definition viewing, cross-platform streaming, and easy personalization.

When searching for the best alternative to Windows Media Player, Windows 10 users may feel overwhelmed by all the options. Alongside the three that we reviewed in this article, there are hundreds of other video players claiming to be the best video players for Windows 10. Each one has several exciting features and may even pack surprises, like 3D viewing or VR support.

Still, many of the alternatives fall short. Some need a high percentage of your CPU to run, which can slow your system down. Others feature outdated or limited interfaces that create a significant learning curve.

Only PowerDVD's media player software combines advanced features with a user-friendly interface, customizable content, and all the viewing capabilities you could want. Tag and organize your photo library, stream your favorite TV shows, or kick back on the couch for an afternoon of must-see YouTube videos..

Are you ready to see your favorite videos like never before? Download PowerDVD for Windows and kick off your next movie night in high-definition style!

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