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5 Best DVD Burning Software for Windows PC in 2022

Last Updated on Feb. 17, 2022 – by David Morgan
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Looking for Reliable DVD Burning Software?

Are you in the market for a reliable, easy-to-use program that can allow you to burn DVDs on your desktop or laptop computer? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

While DVDs are becoming less and less popular as digital streaming and cloud-based media have taken over, sometimes burning data to a DVD just makes sense. For example, if you have a lot of personal videos you want to back up. Hard drives are not 100% reliable as they can fail and uploading files to a cloud service can take hours or days. Burning a DVD takes a few minutes and you can be confident the data is safe. Keeping high-quality DVD burning software on your desktop can streamline your processes and include fast, easy-to-use features for when you need to burn a disc.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five best DVD burning software of 2022. Continue reading to learn our top choices, how to use DVD burning software, and the answers to a few DVD burning FAQs. Then download our top pick, Power2Go, to begin burning DVDs with ease.

Top 3 DVD Burning Software for Windows in 2022

Power2Go Logo

1. Power2Go - Best Overall

Simple all-in-one solution for all your disc burning, movie disc authoring, media conversion, and backup needs. More Info >

Express Burn Logo

2. Express Burn - Best Basic Burner

A basic, user-friendly CD, DVD, and Blu-ray burning software. More Info >

Nero Burning ROM Logo

3. Nero Burning ROM - Best for Audio CD Burning

Software to rip, copy, and import data or music and burn it to your preferred type of disc. More Info >

Top 5 DVD Burning Software

1. Power2Go - Best Overall

Power2Go includes numerous features to allow you to burn, convert, and back up data files on any Windows computer. 

It features an easy-to-use drag ‘n’ drop interface that allows you to burn data to audio CDs, video DVDs, and Blu-ray discs with a few clicks of a button. Along with the program’s straightforward burning features, you can also complete advanced authoring tasks, such as editing the DVD’s menu with free menu templates and adding background music.

Power2Go also makes it easy to convert video and audio files from desktop file types to mobile-compatible media. You can use the Intelligent Smart Detect feature to select the optimal output settings for your files, ensuring the most compatible file types. 

If you’re looking to back up your Windows system data to a USB or DVD, you can also do so within Power2Go. The program allows you to burn with military-grade 256-bit encryption, ensuring the security of your Windows system data. 

Overall, Power2Go goes above and beyond to provide a user-friendly yet professional burning interface, complete with numerous features to enhance your experience.

  • Advanced authoring, conversion, and backup
  • User-friendly drag and drop interface
  • Numerous customization options
  • Extensive file type support
  • No Mac or Linux support

2. Express Burn - Best Basic Burner

Express Burn is a straightforward DVD burning software for Windows and Mac computers. This program includes various features that allow you to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs from your computer. 

Along with simple burning features, NCH also includes a few DVD authoring tools to create menus and chapters within your discs. You can choose from over 20 menu templates, then add custom images to any template. 

The software also includes a few advanced disc-burning features. For example, you can create bootable discs and perform dual-layer DVD or Blu-ray burning. You can also burn data discs as ISO images, UDFs, or Hybrid files. 

While Express Burn doesn’t include too many professional-level burning features, it should suit your needs as a simple DVD burning program. 

  • DVD authoring and menu creation
  • ISO image creation
  • Limited selection of advanced features
  • No in-app editing

3. Nero Burning ROM - Best for Audio CD Burning

Nero Burning ROM is a DVD burning program that allows you to perform four primary functions: burn, rip, copy, and protect data files. 

With Nero’s burning features, you can create ISO images of DVDs, CDs, or Blu-ray discs or burn your discs directly to new ones. Nero provides automatic sound improvements and manual filters and adjustments, allowing you to enhance the audio in the CDs you burn. 

Along with burning data from your computer to discs, you can also use Nero Burning ROM to copy CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. The program uses advanced features to ensure that your new copies’ image and sound quality are just as good as the originals. 

Nero’s protection features may also come in handy during your data copying tasks. The program uses SecurDisc 4.0 technology to provide reliable data protection and controlled content access. Additionally, the software features 256-bit encryption, digital signatures, and password protection to secure your data against unauthorized users. 

While Nero Burning ROM includes numerous features suitable for beginners and professionals, it is pricier than other options. Still, if you want a powerful burning program, Nero may suit your needs.

  • Advanced burning features
  • 256-bit encryption and other protection measures
  • Sound improvement options
  • Expensive price tag

4. BurnAware - Best Selection of Versions

BurnAware is a full-featured free DVD burner program for Windows. It includes a range of burning features in a straightforward, easy-to-navigate interface. While BurnAware features fewer tools than other programs on our list, its interface is clean and stress-free, without distracting tool panels that could overwhelm beginners.  

With BurnAware you can burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, double-layer discs, and M-discs in this comprehensive program. You can also utilize built-in presets for various data types to streamline your burning process. 

The software also allows you to create disc images, spanned backups, and bootable discs with a few clicks of a button. Additionally, you can extract audio tracks from DVDs and copy and erase discs with ease. 

This program also comes in three editions. If you need more features than the free version includes, you can upgrade BurnAware Free to the paid commercial software featuring advanced burning tools. 

  • Optical disc data storage
  • Support for daily burning tasks
  • Buggy installer that may ask you to install additional software

5. WinX DVD Author - Best for YouTube Videos

WinX DVD Author is an introductory DVD burning program that allows you to rip DVDs to your hard drive or burn MP4 files onto DVDs. The software packs its features into a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners. 

WinX includes a few DVD authoring components, such as basic video editing, trimming, and subtitle creation. You can also produce custom menus for your DVDs to keep multiple clips organized. 

Additionally, the program allows you to download videos directly from YouTube to burn DVDs. If you’d like to combine several YouTube videos into a single disc, you can do so. 

If you’re looking for a simple program specifically for DVD burning, WinX DVD Author should suit your needs. 

  • Easy DVD burning
  • Support for a range of file types
  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimal functionality with no opportunity for upgrades
  • Some bugs in navigation

DVD Burning Software Comparison Chart

PowerDirector vs




Disc Burning Types

CD, DVD, Blu-ray, ISO, AVCHD


Custom DVD Menu



Smart Fit Feature



Media Converter



Formats Supported

HEVC video, HEIC image, MP3, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC


YouTube/Vimeo Download



Backup capabilities

Easy Windows system data backup



256-bit encryption


More DVD Options

Advanced authoring features, menu chapter titles, trim video segments




Express Burn
Nero Burning ROM
WinX DVD Author
OS Windows Windows and Mac Windows Windows Windows and Mac
Disc Burning Types CD, DVD, Blu-ray, ISO, AVCHD DVD, DVD-DL, Blu-ray, CD, ISO CS, DVDs, Blu-ray discs DVD, Blu-ray, CD, ISO DVD
Custom DVD Menu Yes Yes No No Yes
Smart Fit Feature Yes No No No No
Media Converter Yes No (but yes in other NCH software) Yes No No
Formats Supported HEVC video, HEIC image, MP3, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MP4, OGM, and all video formats with DirectShow-based codec MP3, MP3 Pro, AAC, FLAC, APE AVI, MOV, MPG, VOB, MP4, WMV, MKV MP4, MKV, AVI, VOB, FLV, MOV, ISO
YouTube/Vimeo Download No No No No Youtube
Backup capabilities Easy Windows system data backup Data discs burning capabilities, ISO files Secure burned data archive Backup and data recovery Backup and rip DVD to MP4 for added security
Encryption 256-bit encryption No 256-bit encryption No No
More DVD Option Advanced authoring features, menu chapter titles, trim video segments Custom DVD authoring and menu templates Copy DVDs and Blu-ray discs, Nero CoverDesigner Disc spanning, audio track extraction DVD copying, built-in encoding, aspect ratio options

How To Burn a DVD

If you’re looking for a program to burn a DVD quickly and easily, we recommend using Power2Go. 

Power2Go features a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, allowing you to burn a DVD on your computer within minutes. Even if you are not very tech-savvy and have never used a DVD burning program before, you can navigate this program with ease and confidence. 

Here’s a tutorial on how to burn DVD folders to discs with Power2Go:

Step1: Insert a blank DVD into your computer’s DVD drive. 

Step 2: Open the Power2Go program.

Step 3: Choose the Video Disc icon from the menu to indicate that you are burning a DVD. 

Step 4: Click Burn DVD Folder to open the DVD burning window. 

Step 5: Select the file you would like to burn to DVD. (Note: if the file is on a DVD, you’ll need to copy the data from the DVD, eject the disc, then insert a blank, recordable disc.)

Step 6: Type your disc name. 

Step 7: Select the Destination Drive of the disc you would like to burn. 

Step 8: Select the Write Speed from the dropdown list. 

Step 9: Choose the number of copies you would like to burn. 

Step 10: Click Burn

How to Use the Power2Go Burning Gadget

Power2Go also features a helpful burning gadget that you can use to simplify the DVD burning process. First, here’s how to access the desktop burning gadget: 

Step 1: Open Power2Go, then navigate to Preferences

Step 2: Select the General tab. 

Step 3: Click the checkbox labeled Run desktop burning gadget at Windows startup

Step 4: Restart your computer. Upon startup, you’ll see the Desktop Burning Gadget icon on your desktop. 

Burn Video Files to a DVD Using the Burning Gadget

Now, you can follow these steps to use this gadget to burn video files to a DVD.

Step 1: Click the arrows at the top of the desktop burning gadget until the icon shows the correct input type, such as Data Disc or Video Disc

Step 2:  Open the File Explorer and identify the files you want to burn to your disc. 

Step 3: Drag your desired files to the desktop burning gadget. The Burn icon should light up once you add your files. 

Step 4: Insert a blank disc into your disc drive, then click the Burn icon on the gadget. Power2Go will burn the disc and display the burn status on the gadget icon. 

If you’d like to make an exact copy of a disc to another disc using this gadget, you can follow similar steps to the tutorial. Simply click the arrows on the gadget icon until the icon reads Disc Copy. Then click the Burn icon on the gadget and select your source and destination drives. 

Best DVD Burner for Windows Free Download

If you’re looking to download a go-to program to burn, copy, and protect DVDs and other disc types, you’ll be happy to know that a range of options exists across the internet. 

The software options on our list include varying features and price points, allowing you to choose the program that best suits your DVD burning needs. A few of these programs are straightforward and basic, while others include more advanced disc-burning features. 

While all of the programs on our list can provide reliable DVD burning features, Power2Go is undoubtedly the best choice overall. This program features a user-friendly interface, numerous pro-level features, and customization options to enhance your DVDs. 

Download Power2GO for free today to begin burning DVDs and completing a range of other tasks with ease and mastery. 

DVD Burning Software FAQs

1. What Is DVD Authoring?

DVD authoring is the process of turning raw video footage into a DVD video to play on a DVD player. DVDs include several more elements than simple video footage. They also include menus, artwork, images, chapter points, repeat settings, commentary, and several other parts. 

The best DVD burning software lets you complete several essential steps to author DVD files like a professional. For example, many of the programs on our list enable you to add subtitles to your videos and create custom menus. 

2. How Do I Burn a CD?

Burning CDs is easy with the user-friendly program Power2Go. You can follow these steps to burn audio files to an audio CD with this program: 

Step 1: Insert a blank CD into your disc drive. 

Step 2: Open the Power2Go program. 

Step 3: Select the Music Disc icon in the Power2Go main menu. 

Step 4: Select the type of disc you would like to create: Audio CD, WMA CD, or WMA Disc

Step 5: Select the audio files you want to burn, then drag them to the disc content pane. 

Step  6: Add the track titles and composer names for each track. 

Step 7: Click Burn now

Step 8: Adjust the configuration options for your CD, if necessary. 

Step 9: Click Burn

3. How Do I Create DVD Backups?

You can also use Power2Go to copy the contents of a DVD to a folder on your computer. Backing up your DVDs in this way can ensure that you never lose access to their contents if your DVD experiences a physical issue or breaks. 

Simply follow these steps to create a DVD backup:

Step 1: Open Power2Go. 

Step 2: Click Copy Disc, then Save Disc Image

Step 3: Select the source drive and adjust the read speed. 

Step 4: Click the Ignore reading error checkbox to copy the disc even if it has errors. 

Step 5: Select the destination folder and file type. 

Step 6: Click Save. 

4. How Do I Create a Menu for a DVD I Am Authoring?

You can create a custom menu for your DVD right in the Power2Go interface. The best time to edit the DVD menu is after adding your desired video files to the DVD. Then, you can follow these steps to edit the disc menu: 

Step 1: Select the Menu Preferences tab within the Power2Go interface. 

Step2: Select a disc menu template. Power2Go includes several pre-designed menu templates that you can use to save time when customizing your menu. You can preview each template by clicking on it. 

Step 3: Add a menu template by clicking Apply. 

Step 4: Use the menu navigation controls to edit the disc menu properties. 

Step 5: Edit the text on the menu page by double-clicking the text and typing new text. You can also edit the text style, alignment, and size on this page. 

Step 6: Click the music note icon to edit or replace the menu’s background music. 

5. What’s the Best Video Editing Software To Edit With Before Burning DVD?

Most DVD burning programs only allow you to complete base-level editing tasks, such as trimming and adding subtitles. Meanwhile, the best video editing programs include hundreds of advanced features to customize your videos. 

While you can trim videos with Power2Go before burning them, you’ll need more extensive software to do more advanced editing. We recommend these video editing programs: 

  1. PowerDirector 365
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. DaVinci Resolve
  4. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate
  5. Pinnacle Studio 

Combining the best DVD burning software with the best video editing programs can give you all the tools you need to produce pro-level DVDs. For more details about these programs, check out Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC in 2022

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