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5 Best Apps to Remove People from Photos on iPhone & Android

Last Updated on Mar. 10, 2022 – by David Morgan
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Best Apps to Remove People from Photos

Whether you're a professional photographer or just shooting for the fun of it, it's easy for unwanted people or objects to sneak their way into your frame.

Luckily, a few great apps on both Android and iOS can remove unwanted content after-the-fact in just a few seconds. Below are the top photo retouch apps that can easily remove people from the background of an image. 

Snapshot of the 3 Best Apps to Remove People From Photos

PhotoDirector Logo

1. PhotoDirector - Best Overall

PhotoDirector is the best free photo editing app for removing people. From unwanted objects to photobombers, the removal tool works in a snap. Simply highlight what you want gone and tap remove. More Info >

Youcam Perfect Logo

2. YouCam Perfect - Best for Beauty Touch-ups

YouCam Perfect offers a full suite of editing tools that can help you create the perfect selfie with its advanced beautification tools. More Info >

TouchRetouch Logo

3. TouchRetouch - Best for Removing Objects Quickly

Touch Retouch is an app that allows you to remove objects or people from a photo quickly and easily. More Info >

5 Best Apps to Remove People from Photos

1. PhotoDirector - Best Overall

PhotoDirector Interface

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

Overall Rating: 10/10

Object/Person Removal Tool: 10/10

Key Features:

  • Includes a wide range of photo editing tools and photo animation effects
  • Advanced layer editing options to create complex, multi-layered images
  • Access to templates and stock images 
  • New content updated monthly

PhotoDirector is a free app that offers much more than just the ability to remove people. The app offers a wide selection of features, including animated decorations, sky replacement, background replacement, overlays, and light effects. It's a comprehensive photo editing app that is also very easy to use, which can be hard to find.

If your photo contains distracting or unwanted content, you can easily remove it using PhotoDirector's Removal tool. The app allows you to zoom in for greater precision and adjust the size of the brush that highlights the object you want to remove. 

When it comes to photo editing and effects, PhotoDirector is all you'll need to put the finishing touches on your images.

2. YouCam Perfect - Best for Beauty Touch-ups

YouCam Perfect Interface

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Overall Rating: 10/10

Object/Person Removal Tool: 10/10

Key Features:

  • Compatible with YouCam Makeup and YouCam Video
  • Includes a range of beautification tools to whiten teeth, remove blemishes, reshape faces, etc.
  • Photos can be saved to the app’s cloud backup, allowing you to access images across multiple devices
  • Allows you to layer multiple images, stickers, and text 

YouCam Perfect is a camera and photo editing app that offers a wide selection of photo effects, camera filters, collage options, stickers, frames, and animated effects.

You can erase unwanted background objects or people with the intelligent object removal tool to get a clear, polished photo in mere seconds. In addition, when you upgrade to YouCam Perfect Premium, you'll receive unlimited access to 1000+ exclusive features and be able to save your photos in HD.

YouCam Perfect is not only a solid option for a robust photo editing app, but it's easy to learn and fun to use as well.  

3. TouchRetouch - Best for Removing Objects Quickly

TouchRetouch Interface

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Overall Rating: 8/10

Object/Person Removal Tool: 10/10

Key Features:

  • Able to remove complicated objects such as power lines and mesh
  • Eliminates objects like street signs, trash cans, stop lights, and people
  • Includes Quick Repair feature to remove micro imperfections

TouchRetouch is an editing app that focuses solely on object removal, including blemishes, wrinkles, and text, and is best for quickly removing multiple objects in the same photo.

To erase a power line from your photo, for example, you can select from either the Brush tool or the Lasso tool to mark only a portion of the line, and the app will remove the rest on its own. So there's no need to be precise or spend a lot of time highlighting the objects or people that need to be removed. 

Of the apps that can remove unwanted objects from photos, this one definitely stands out because it can remove content quickly, which is perfect for when you're in a hurry. But since it doesn't offer any other editing tools, it's a great addition to a more comprehensive app like PhotoDirector. 

4. Snapseed - Best for Advanced Customizations

Snapseed Interface

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Overall Rating: 7/10

Object/Person Removal Tool: 5/10

Key Features:

  • Includes classic editing tools such as crop, straighten, sharpen, as well as filters, frames, text, and vignettes
  • Able to make very fine adjustments and customize most of the features that are offered
  • Allows you to undo or adjust a specific edit at any time in the process

Snapseed is a free photo editing app created by Google available on Android and iOS. It includes a range of editing tools such as color tuning and blur effects, but its strength is the amount of preset and customizable filters that can be added to any photo. It even allows you to create your own filters from scratch.

The app does include a Healing tool; however, it's best used for minor imperfections, such as distant objects in the background, rather than medium or large objects.

This app is great for more advanced photo editors who want greater control over their finished product, but it's not nearly as user-friendly as PhotoDirector.

5. Adobe Photoshop Fix - Best for Existing Adobe Users

Adobe Photoshop Fix Interface

Compatibility: Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Object/Person Removal Tool: 5/10

Key Features:

  • Can change facial expressions, clone objects, reduce red-eye, and make other basic edits such as sharpening, lightening, etc.
  • For users with an existing Adobe Creative Cloud account, the finished photos will be synced across all devices

PhotoShop Fix wasn't designed to add filters or effects to your photos, but it's a great option for fixing minor imperfections and touching-up portraits.  

Along with a handful of other editing tools, the Spot Heal feature can be used to remove any unwanted objects. It can handle small details, such as blemishes, but can also remove significant mishaps such as an unwanted person. 

Even though the app is free to download, the biggest downside is that you're required to sign up for an Adobe ID, so this app is most useful for those who already have one. Many users also report frequent crashes with this app, so it's something to be aware of. 

Comparison Table of the Best Apps to Remove People from Photos

PhotoDirecter vs


iOS, Android


People Removal

Removal Tool


Background Removal



Sky Replacement



Beauty Touch Up Tools





YouCam Perfect
Adobe Photoshop Fix
OS iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android Android
People Removal Removal Tool Removal Tool Object Removal, Quick Repair, Line Removal Healing Tool Spot Healing, Brush Tool
Background Removal Yes Yes No No Yes
Sky Replacement Yes Yes No No No
Beauty Touch Up Tools Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Free Download
Free Download
Secure Download
Download Download Download Download

Try the Best App to Remove People From Photos: PhotoDirector

There's nothing worse than having a photobomber ruin a perfect shot. Luckily, you can easily remove people and objects from your images without needing to be an expert level photo editor. 

PhotoDirector is a powerful app that combines photo editing and enhancement tools, all for free on Android and iOS. You can use it to remove people from pictures without any former photo editing experience.

Removing People from Photos FAQ

1. What Are the Best Editing Tools to Erase People?

There are multiple editing options to remove an object from a photo, such as a clone stamp tool, selection tool, or a healing brush. Sometimes these methods require extreme precision, and it can be challenging to preserve areas with sharp edges. Content-aware removal tools are best for removing the object and replacing the background more naturally.

2. How Do I Remove People from Photos?

You can follow our easy step-by-step instructions below to remove an object using PhotoDirector right from your Android or iPhone.  

  1. Open PhotoDirector on your Android or iOS device and tap on the Edit button. Then, select a photo from your library.
  2. After you've selected a photo, tap on the Tools button on the bottom left-hand corner, then on the icon labeled Removal. 
  3. Highlight the person or object you wish to remove from the image, then click Remove at the bottom of the screen. 
  4. Once you've created the desired effect, tap on the checkmark icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen to save your work. Once you've completed all your edits, click on the down arrow at the top right-hand corner of the screen to download the edited image to your device or share it on social media.

To learn more, check out our detailed instructional guide about How to Remove People from Photos [Mac, Windows, App, Online]

3. What Is the Best Software to Remove People From Photos?

Removing people or objects from an image can be done quickly and easily using a laptop or desktop computer using the programs below:

  1. PhotoDirector 365
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. PhotoWorks
  4. GIMP
  5. MarkGo

4. What Other Features Should I Look For in an App That Removes People From Photos?

The top ten features you should look for:

  1. Sharpness Settings
  2. Exposure Settings
  3. Blur Tool
  4. HDR
  5. Clone Tool
  6. Light Effects
  7. Overlays & Filters
  8. Animated Effects
  9. Portrait Tools
  10. Background Replacement

If you’re looking for an app that checks all of these boxes, we recommend PhotoDirector.

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