11 Best AI Art Generators for Designers & Artists in 2024

Last Updated on Dec. 29, 2023 – by David Morgan
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Best AI Art Generator

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries, and the arts are no exception. AI text to image generators are now available that can create stunning images from text prompts.

In this article, we will explore some of the best AI art generators available. We will discuss their features, benefits, and drawbacks, so you can decide which one is right for you.

Whether you are a creative professional looking for a new tool to help you with your work, or a hobbyist who wants to experiment with AI art, there is an AI art generator out there for you.

Snapshot of Our Top 3 AI Art Generators

OpenShot Logo

1. MyEdit Online Photo Editor - Best AI Art Generator Overall

When it comes to AI-driven image generation, MyEdit stands as the unrivaled champion in the online realm. Offering a diverse range of AI-powered tools, including AI Headshot, AI Outfit, AI Avatar, AI Image Generator, AI Anime, AI Scene, and Product Background. MyEdit empowers you to effortlessly create high-resolution images, captivating scenes, and unique avatars. Whether you seek to create or fine-tune with the aid of AI-based features like background and object removal, MyEdit is your go-to platform. Dive deeper into our detailed review for an immersive experience with this exceptional AI art generator. Detailed Review >

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PhotoDirector Logo

2. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is the best AI art generator on this list because it generates accurate, high-quality images and stickers for users of any skill level. Once you have your image, you can edit it using a full photo editing suite and AI-powered tools. Detailed Review >

Download the best video editing software for YouTube for free by clicking the link below.

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3. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is your one-stop shop for video creation. It is one of the best AI art generators that also has video editing tools. Create AI-generated art and stickers and add them to your videos for a unique and personal touch. Detailed Review >

How to Choose the Best AI Art Generator


The best AI art generators vary in price from free to expensive monthly subscriptions. Fortunately, most of the products on our list will allow you to change text-to-images for free a limited number of times. We recommend trying out a few options to see what yields the best results and decide if the aesthetic difference is worth the price difference.


If you have a specific image in mind you wish to generate, it could take many tries with different prompts to get it right. If your text-to-image tool takes a long time to generate images, it could cause frustration and hinder your workflow. The best AI art generators will get you results quickly.


The best AI art generator will have a high level of accuracy. The level to which your AI-generated art matches your prompt is the most important aspect of using a text-to-image tool. An accurate tool will save you time and allow for more creative freedom.

Other Features

Chances are you need more than just a text-to-image tool. Once you've transformed your text-to-image, you may want to turn it into a flyer or invite and need graphic design tools. Maybe your plan is to remove the background from your generated creature and add it to one of your personal photos. Or you may like some aspects of the art, but want to brighten/change colors or remove a funky-looking object. The best AI art generator will have all the features you need to complete your projects.

How We Test the AI Art Generators on This List

Use the Same Prompts

The easiest way to compare and rank the best AI art generators is to see how they transform text-to-images side-by-side. We used the same 5 prompts for each product and compared the quality and accuracy of the generated images.

Try Different Styles

Many of the best AI art generators offer style templates. After we compared the first round of prompts with no style attached, we'd use the same prompts and try out a handful of styles. We looked to see if adding a style actually changed the results, and that the results matched the given style.

Compare Speed, Features, and Stability

Next, we compare how quickly the tool was able to change the text-to-image, and if there was an increase in quality that was worth the extra time. We note the best AI art generators' stability (some worked perfectly with no issues, while others continually crashed), and make a list of additional features.

11 Best AI Art Generators for Designers

1. MyEdit Online Photo Editor

Best For: Generating environments for poster art, game development, or animation

  • Extremely fast and stable with low system requirements
  • Get 20 free images per day, including 5 unique prompts
  • Many AI features beyond image generation
  • AI Avatar feature is a separate cost

Key Features:

  1. AI text-to-image generator
  2. AI Outfit Generator
  3. AI Scene Generator
  4. AI Anime Generator
  5. AI Avatar Generator
  6. AI Product Background Generator

Compatibility: Web Browser

Outside Reviewer Rating: No reviews available

AI-Generated Art: 5/5

Price: Free
*Premium subscription available for $4/month

Why We Picked It 

MyEdit distinguishes itself as the premier AI art generator due to its remarkable versatility. This platform's AI algorithm possesses the extraordinary ability to transform your imaginative concepts into striking visual representations, making it an invaluable asset for artists, designers, and content creators seeking to swiftly materialize their ideas. By visiting the site, you can harness the power of one of the best AI art generators, free of charge. The free version generously grants you the capacity to explore five distinct prompts each day, with four meticulously generated images per prompt.

Another thing that sets MyEdit apart is its exceptional Scene tool, elevating it to one of the top AI art generators for seamlessly converting existing photos into unique artworks. You can effortlessly upload your favorite landscape or architectural shot, select a Scene style (such as Lego Bricks, Graffiti, Jungle, and more), or craft a custom prompt (e.g., Arctic setting with Northern Lights and snow). MyEdit grants you the privilege of creating up to five Scenes daily, separate from the five generated through the AI Image Generator.

Bottom Line

MyEdit unquestionably ranks among the elite AI art generators available, characterized by its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and consistent delivery of exquisite results. Whether you wish to download and preserve your AI-generated art with a simple click or continue refining it using MyEdit's additional tools, such as object/background removal, deblur, AI cartoonization, and many more, this platform is a one-stop solution for all your creative needs.

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2. PhotoDirector

Best For: Users of any skill level to create high-quality AI-generated art you can edit with Photoshop-like tools

  • Fully-featured photo editing and photo management software
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Accurate, high-quality text-to-image tool
  • Access to photo stock library requires a subscription

Key Features:

  1. Transform text-to-images and stickers
  2. Cartoonizer/Art Effects for portraits and scenery
  3. AI sky replacement

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

AI-Generated Art: 5/5

Price: Free
*Premium subscription available for $3.33/month

Why We Picked It 

PhotoDirector is a one-stop shop for all your photo needs, including various AI-generated content. It is the best AI art generator on our list because it is easy to use, affordable, accurate, and offers a variety of features. PhotoDirector's text-to-image tool lets you type prompts up to 800 words, and offers 11 style templates including Vintage, Pop Art, and Steampunk. You will get 4 options per prompt and can hit Generate More as needed.

PhotoDirector is also the best AI art generator for stickers. The sticker generator lets you easily transform text into stunning stickers using AI-generated art, images, and graphics. Stickers are a fun way to add personality to your images, graphic design projects, or social media posts, and now you can create your own unique stickers directly from your imagination.

We think PhotoDirector is the best AI art generator because you can edit your AI-generated art with a full suite of photo editing and enhancement tools. It combines the workflow features of Adobe Lightroom with the powerful functions found in Photoshop, providing an all-in-one solution for photo enthusiasts. You'll have access to Photoshop-like tools such as adjustment layers, masks, precise text kerning, and guided edits, allowing you to perfect every detail of your photos.

Bottom Line

PhotoDirector takes editing a step further by incorporating impressive AI-powered image abilities. From style transfer to content-aware removal, sky replacement to people masking, you'll have access to cutting-edge features that add a touch of magic to your creations. With PhotoDirector, your imagination knows no bounds.

Experience the seamless integration of AI technology and photo editing prowess with PhotoDirector's text-to-image tools. Unleash your artistic potential, create captivating stickers, and elevate your content to new heights.

Let your creativity take flight and download the best AI art generator, PhotoDirector, for free by clicking the link below.

3. PowerDirector

Best For: Those who need text-to-image tools and a video editor rolled into one

  • Includes a full suite of video editing tools
  • High-quality, accurate AI-generated art and stickers
  • Some AI-generated content not yet available on Mac

Key Features:

  1. Text-to-image tools for both artwork and stickers
  2. AI subtitle generator
  3. AI object detection, motion tracking, and body effects

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

PCMag Rating: 5/5

AI-Generated Art: 5/5

Price: Free
*Premium subscription available for $4.33/month

Why We Picked It 

PowerDirector offers the same high-quality text-to-image tools found in the best AI art generator, PhotoDirector. Create realistic and highly unique art in a variety of styles and stickers with transparent backgrounds with one click. PowerDirector's AI tools are great for creating storyboards for videos, backgrounds for animations, or imaginative stickers for your TikToks and Reels.

PowerDirector 365 video editing software bridges the gap between professional editing and user-friendliness, offering a seamless experience for both experts and beginners. Its advanced capabilities often surpass those of professional-grade software, supporting the latest formats and technologies. Packed with a wide range of tools, PowerDirector empowers you to create compelling digital movies complete with smooth transitions, stunning effects, and eye-catching titles.

Bottom Line

Not only does PowerDirector offer unmatched functionality, but it also boasts a user-friendly interface that makes the editing process a breeze. With fast rendering speeds, you'll spend less time waiting and more time bringing your creative vision to life. It's no wonder that PowerDirector is widely regarded as the top choice for prosumer video editing software, earning the prestigious PCMag Editors' Choice award (despite PowerDirector's 5-star rating, we chose PhotoDirector as the best AI art generator because it has photo editing tools).

PowerDirector's full feature set, ease of use, and polished performance have won the hearts of both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Download PowerDirector for free today and unlock your inner artist.

4. DreamStudio

Phd Interface

Best For: Those who prefer a pay-as-you-go model to a monthly subscription

  • High-quality, accurate results
  • Easy and advanced settings
  • Heavy on computer resources
  • Confusing credits system

Key Features:

  1. Blur/Eraser brushes
  2. Aspect Ratio slider
  3. Support for negative prompts

Compatibility: Web Browser

ProductHunt Rating: 4.7/5

AI-Generated Art: 4.7/5

Price: Free for 25 credits, $10 for 1,000 credits

Why We Picked It 

DreamStudio is one of the best AI art generators for both beginners and advanced users. Enter a simple prompt and choose a style, or utilize advanced tools such as choosing the generation steps and version of the AI mode used. There were some unique style options, such as Craft Clay and Origami. You can also enter a negative prompt, explaining what you don't want to see generated. The default aspect ratio for your text-to-image results is a 1:1 square, but a slider is provided to make it landscape or portrait.

Bottom Line

While we like that you can pay-as-you-go, the credit system is confusing and fluctuates per person. When you sign in with your email, you are gifted 25 free credits. The amount of images you can get for a credit is based on the power used to generate images with your computer. In our test, a credit was worth 1.8 images. Fortunately, the slider shows you exactly how many credits you will use up for each image you request.

DreamStudio is created by Stability.AI, which also makes another of our best AI art generators, Stable Diffusion. But unlike the open-source option, DreamStudio has a pleasing interface, plus higher-quality results and better stability. However, it is a resource-hog and caused our computer to run slowly while in use.

5. Midjourney

Phd Interface

Best For: Discord users

  • High-quality, life-like results
  • No daily limit
  • Need a Discord account to use
  • AI-generated art is public on Basic and Standard plans
  • Expensive

Key Features:

  1. Turn text-to-images with 4 variations per prompt
  2. Download, upscale or edit generated images
  3. Upoad 2-5 images and the Blend command will meld them into one novel image

Compatibility: Web Browser

Niche Pursuits Rating: 3.9/5

AI-Generated Art: 5/5

Price: $10/month for Basic, $30/month for Standard, $60/month for Pro, $120/month for Mega

Why We Picked It 

The AI-generated art Midjourney produces is consistently top-notch. The images have incredible cohesiveness, with rich textures and vibrant colors. Midjourney excels at making people and real-world objects look lifelike and natural, without needing a ton of specific instructions. It's no wonder it was the first AI image generator to win an art competition.

Bottom Line

Overall, Midjourney's results are more captivating and visually appealing than many of the best AI art generators on this list. There are a couple of drawbacks however, one being it can take a lot longer to get your results than with the other best AI art generators on this list. The other is that it is only accessible through Discord. So, you'll need to join Midjourney's Discord server or invite the Midjourney bot to your own server. By default, every image you generate is shared publicly in Midjourney's Discord. It adds a cool community aspect, but it could be a dealbreaker if you're planning to use Midjourney for business purposes. You can keep your creations private using Stealth mode, but it is only available in the very expensive Pro or Mega plans.

6. Fotor

Phd Interface

Best For: Portraits, selfies, and avatars

  • Cross-platform
  • Fully-featured photo editor
  • Have to sign in to get your free results
  • Limits and extra costs for AI-generated art

Key Features:

  1. AI Art Effects/NFT Creator
  2. AI Avatar Generator with Similarity Slider
  3. AI Face Generator

Compatibility: Web Browser, Windows, Mac

G2 Rating: 4.2/5

AI-Generated Art: 4/5

Price: Free
*Premium subscriptions available for $3.33/month for Pro and $7.49/month for Pro+; credit plans are also available

Why We Picked It 

Fotor offers a plethora of AI-generated content for any need. Turn your landscapes into works of art, selfies into unique profile pics, and create AI-generated art from scratch with Fotor's text-to-image tool. Choose a style, type your prompt, and pick the number of results you wish (each result is a credit, so choose carefully). In our test, we found the results were mostly accurate, and all were high quality. It's a good tool for generating realistic human faces - something many of the best AI art generators struggle to do.

Bottom Line

Fotor's AI effects and generators are not included in its free version, and even with a monthly subscription you have a limited amount of credits for AI-generated content. However, you are gifted 5 free credits so you can test the results before you buy. But unlike MyEdit, they don't reload each day, and they are per image instead of per prompt. Meaning you can only generate 5 free images in total, instead of the 20 you get daily with MyEdit (5 prompts with 4 images per prompt).

7. Picsart

Phd Interface

Best For: Combining backgrounds, images, and text for invites or social media posts

  • Tons of AI-generated content available for free
  • Beginner-Friendly layer editing
  • Many users complain the free trial is a scam

Key Features:

  1. AI background creator
  2. AI logo generator
  3. AI sticker generator

Compatibility: Web Browser, Windows, Mac

TrustRadius Rating: 4.1/5

AI-Generated Art: 4/5

Price: Free
*Premium subscriptions are available for $5/month for Plus and $6/month for Pro

Why We Picked It 

Picsart is one of the best AI art generators because the sheer volume of AI tools it offers is astounding. You can create AI-generated art, text, stickers, logos, backgrounds, and more, then use the software's layer editing tools to put it all together into a unique and highly personal graphic design project. We could use the AI Image Generator for free after signing in with an email, and we were impressed with the number of options that help beginners take a simple prompt and make it extremely specific. You can choose from 61 different styles, including Low Poly, Rococo, and Manga. Then choose an Artist Style (i.e. Dali, Hokusai, Picasso), Quality (i.e. Highly Detailed, Panoramic, Sharp Focus), Colors, and Mood (such as Melancholic, Edgy, or Playful).

Bottom Line

Picsart has an amazing number of text-to-image tools, and all are available for free use - up to a point. We were happily using all the tools when without warning we were cut off (other software will let you know precisely how much free content you can generate so you can plan accordingly). While there are definitely better quality AI art generators, Picsart saves you from having to pay for multiple subscriptions for Logo Makers, AI Writers, Sticker Generators, etc. However, we need to caution against using the free trial for premium features. Many online reviewers claim the “free trial” is a scam and you are charged for a year's subscription before the trial has ended. We recommend sticking with the entirely free option and skipping the premium features entirely.

8. DALL·E 2

Phd Interface

Best For: App developers

  • Built-in safety measures to prevent violent, hateful, or adult images
  • Lots of documentation and resources for developers
  • No way to test the art generator before purchase
  • No editing tools beyond adding/removing objects

Key Features:

  1. Outpainting and Inpainting for uploaded images
  2. AI-generated art from scratch
  3. API and tutorials to help build your own app

Compatibility: Web Browser

G2 Rating: 3.8/5

AI-Generated Art: 4/5

Price: $15 for 115 credits

Why We Picked It 

OpenAI (the makers of ChatGPT), was one of the first companies to convert text-to-images with their ground-breaking DALL·E 2. Just sign up for a free OpenAI account, type in what you want to see, and hit that Generate button. In a matter of seconds, you'll have four awesome AI-generated art options to choose from.

DALL·E 2 is one of the best AI art generators because you can also use it to change existing images through Outpainting or Inpainting. Outpainting expands on a canvas (imagine zooming out on the Mona Lisa to discover she's sitting on an elephant), while Inpainting refers to adding and removing elements from the existing canvas (placing a party hat on Mona Lisa's head).

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, only early adopters of the software were granted free credits - anyone who signs up after April 6, 2023, must purchase credits to try converting text-to-images. There's no way to test the results before purchasing. We like DALL·E 2 for App developers, who wish to incorporate the site's API into their own projects.

9. RunwayML

Phd Interface

Best For: AI-generated video

  • Users get a large amount of free credits
  • Includes some video editing tools
  • Results are highly unrealistic for both images and videos

Key Features:

  1. Generate videos with text or image prompts
  2. AI training using your own models
  3. Background remover

Compatibility: Web Browser

Product Hunt Rating: 4.3/5

AI-Generated Art: 3.5/5

Price: Free for 125 credits $12/month for Standard (625 credits)

Why We Picked It 

RunwayML has a bevy of AI Magic Tools including text-to-image, Image to Image, and Infinite Image (endlessly expand any image with text prompts). But we think it is one of the best AI art generators for videos. Video generation includes Text to Video, Image to Video, and Video to Video (the latter takes your video footage and changes it to a preferred style, such as Claymation or Sketch). There are also AI video editing features such as generated subtitles, audio restoration, slow motion, depth of field, and motion tracking.

Bottom Line

We had fun testing RunwayML's many video tools, but we don't think they'll replace actual video footage any time soon. The results weren't very realistic and were often confusing. However, they can be useful to help a filmmaker visualize a scene, or as a placeholder until actual footage is shot. RunwayML offered a lot of free credits and we were impressed with how far they went. Of our 2 best AI art generators that offer video tools, we prefer PowerDirector, which offers similar AI video editing features, but also includes regular editing tools that RunwayML lacks, such as trimming, splitting, adding text, etc.

10. Stable Diffusion

Phd Interface

Best For: Learning how to write the perfect prompt on a budget

  • Completely free to use with no limits
  • Beginner and advanced versions available
  • Stability issues
  • Problems with accuracy and realistic human faces
  • No option to download or save images

Key Features:

  1. Prompt Generator
  2. Adjustment slider for Height and Width
  3. Prompt search engine and database

Compatibility: Web Browser

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

AI-Generated Art: 3/5

Price: Free

Why We Picked It 

Stable Diffusion is one of the best AI art generators if you need help coming up with prompts. It has a database of 12 million prompts you can search using keywords. It also has a Prompt Generator, allowing you to enter your idea and it will generate 4 detailed prompt options.

Visit the site, enter a prompt, and turn your text-to-images with no sign-up or payment required. There is even a more advanced version - Stable Diffusion XL, that is also completely free to use. With XL, you can use various adjustment sliders and enter things you DON'T want to be generated as well as what you DO want.

Bottom Line

Ironically, Stable Diffusion's biggest downfall is that it's not so stable. We received multiple error messages during our test, and the Advanced Settings were “temporarily unavailable.” We also had issues with accuracy and realism. We don't recommend it if you want life-like human faces, or require very specific results. And you may have to play around with prompts until you get what you are looking for. Fortunately, you have unlimited free tries to get it right.

11. Craiyon

Phd Interface

Best For: Improving prompt engineering skills

  • No limits on the number of free images you can generate
  • Helpful suggested prompts and similar items library
  • Stability issues
  • Lots of ads that caused the site to repeatedly crash
  • Results are hit or miss and take some time

Key Features:

  1. Support for negative prompts
  2. Similar Images library
  3. Suggested prompts

Compatibility: Web Browser

Bloggers Goto Rating: 3/5

AI-Generated Art: 3.5/5

Price: Free
*Premium subscriptions available for $5/month for Supporter and $20/month for Pro

Why We Picked It 

Craiyon is one of the best AI art generators found online. You can visit the site and turn your text-to-images right away with no signup or payment. Enter your prompt, choose a style (there are 3 options - Drawing, Art, and Photo), and enter a negative prompt if there are elements or colors you don't want in your AI-generated art. You'll get 6 results per prompt, as well as a library of Similar Images, and even a mockup of your best image on a shirt, which you can purchase directly from the site.

Bottom Line

In our test, the results were hit and miss. There's a helpful section called Need Prompt Ideas, which adds to your original prompt for more accurate results. For instance, the prompt “Alien in Paris” only produced close-ups of aliens. The site suggested “Extraterrestrial visitor exploring the streets of Paris” which yielded slightly better images of aliens in cities. Fortunately, you can use the site for free as long as you want, so you can test prompts to your heart's content. Unfortunately, it takes a while to generate images with the free version (only a minute or so, but it feels like an eternity compared to the best AI art generators). A subscription will yield faster results (45 seconds for 9 images with Supporter, 15 seconds for 9 images with Pro), remove the Craiyon watermark, and keep your results private.

Best AI Art Generators Comparison Chart

Software MyEdit PhotoDirector PowerDirector DreamStudio Midjourney Fotor Picsart DALL·E 2 RunwayML Stable Diffusion Craiyon
OS Web Browser Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Web Browser Web Browser Web Browser, Windows, Mac Web Browser, Windows, Mac Web Browser Web Browser Web Browser Web Browser
Beginner-Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Editing Tools Object and background removal, denoise, deblur, crop, rotate, resize, flip Full suite of photo editing tools including AI-powered features, creative assets, layer editing, and more Full suite of video editing tools including AI-powered tools, special effects, color correction, audio editing, and more Blur and erase tools Upscale, zoom, pan Full suite of photo editing tools Full suite of photo editing tools Outpainting and inpainting A handful of AI-powered editing tools for both photo and video None Upscale
Style Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
AI Sticker Generator Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No No No No

MyEdit vs


Web Browser





Editing Tools

Object and background removal, denoise, deblur, crop, rotate, resize, flip


Style Templates



AI Sticker Generator



Try the Best AI Art Generator for Free

Are you ready to explore the limitless possibilities of AI-driven art creation? Look no further than MyEdit, the ultimate AI art generator that allows you to unleash your creativity effortlessly. The best part? You can get started for free!

MyEdit offers a wide array of AI-powered tools, including AI Headshot, AI Outfit, AI Avatar, Image Enhancer, Image Upscaler, Image Generation, AI Anime, AI Scene, Cartoonize Effect, Object Removal, Background Removal, Product Background, Deblur, and Denoise. With these tools at your disposal, you can bring your artistic visions to life, whether you're an aspiring artist, designer, or content creator.

Click the link below to try MyEdit for free today, and see a visualization of your wildest dreams.

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Best AI Art Generator FAQ

1. Are AI art generators illegal?

No, AI art generators themselves are not illegal, as you can see from the sheer number of options available for use online. However, there are several pending lawsuits from artists claiming certain AI art generators use data scraping from the internet to train their technology, resulting in art that directly copies a particular artist’s style or a writer’s way of speaking.

The legality of AI art is a complex issue that is still being debated. In the United States, the Copyright Office has stated that works created by AI are not eligible for copyright protection. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if a human artist provides significant input into the creation of AI art, then the work may be eligible for copyright protection.

It is important to note that the law around AI art is still evolving. As AI technology continues to develop, it is likely that the law will need to be updated to reflect the new realities of AI-created content.

Join the debate by clicking the link below and downloading PhotoDirector, the best AI art generator for free.

2. Is there a lawsuit against AI art?

Since January 2023, there have been several lawsuits surrounding AI-generated art. Stability AI has been served with 2 separate lawsuits, one from Getty Images claiming the site uses their images to train its art generator. Another was filed by visual artists (who also named Midjourney and DeviantArt in their complaint) saying that AI-generated art infringes on artists’ rights.

PhotoDirector is the best AI art generator because it uses best practices in every aspect of AI development. Try the text-to-image tool today by clicking the link below.

3. Does AI-generated art sell?

Yes, AI-generated art does sell. There are a number of websites and galleries that sell AI-generated art. Prices for AI-generated art vary widely, but they can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in making your own AI-generated art, try PhotoDirector. It’s the best AI art generator because it quickly delivers high-quality results that closely match your prompts. Click the link below to download it for free and see for yourself.

4. What is the controversy with AI art generators?

There are a number of controversies surrounding AI art generators. One of the biggest concerns is that AI art could lead to the displacement of human artists. If AI art becomes more sophisticated and affordable, it could make it difficult for human artists to compete.

Another concern is that AI art could be used to create fake art. This could be a problem for collectors and art dealers who want to be sure that they are buying authentic art.

Finally, some people argue that AI art is not "real" art. They argue that human beings should create art and that AI art is simply a simulation of art.

Despite these concerns, AI art is a growing trend. There are a number of talented artists who are using AI art generators to create beautiful and unique works of art. It remains to be seen how AI art will impact the art world in the years to come.

If you are interested in AI-generated art, we recommend PhotoDirector. It is the best AI art generator available because it is fast, affordable, easy to use, and most importantly, it yields highly accurate results. Click the link below to download it for free today.

5. Can AI steal my artwork?

The best AI art generators use millions of artworks to train their technology and come up with new versions. These artworks come from human creators and are being used without consent.

There is a school of thought that finds this practice no different from any artist learning their craft by studying other artists. Then there are others who think this is blatant copyright infringement.

The biggest issue is that any user can request art “in the style of” another artist. The more art from the artist available online, the more it will resemble the artist’s work. This becomes a problem if people start selling counterfeit art claiming it is from a specific artist.

The website will let you see if your artwork is being used to train AI art generators. There are also instructions on how to opt your work out of this practice, but it takes time, especially for more prolific artists.

If you would like to try changing text-to-images, we recommend PhotoDirector as the best AI art generator. Click the link below to see for yourself.

6. Does AI art hurt artists?

Whether AI is impacting the livelihood of artists is an ongoing debate. Artists, writers, and musicians are already being replaced by AI in some companies. There are several lawsuits that have been filed by artists claiming AI is hurting artists, and that it will only get worse as the technology gets better.

On the one hand, it can be helpful for small business owners to create marketing materials without paying a fee to an outside company, or for an independent filmmaker to create a movie poster or storyboard without hiring a third party. On the other hand, the marketing company, poster designer, and storyboard artist also need to make a living.

To try AI-generated art for yourself, click the link below. You can download our choice of the best AI art generator, PhotoDirector, for free.

7. Is it OK to copy someone's art style?

The answer depends on a number of factors, such as if the artist is still living (or their work is still under copyright protection), and how well-known they are.

A good example is Vincent Van Gogh. All the best AI art generators on our list can copy Van Gogh’s style. Van Gogh died over 100 years ago, and his work is no longer under copyright (protection typically lasts 70 years after an artist’s death). His style is also so well known that even people uninterested in art can spot his style immediately. Therefore, if you have AI create a picture of your cat in the style of Van Gogh, you are legally and morally in the right. Everyone who sees it will know it is an homage to Van Gogh, and no one is losing out financially.

However, lesser-known living artists are greatly affected. Fans could steal their style and pass it off as their own. They could create counterfeit artworks, driving down the cost of the originals. They can also create art that looks similar to the artists but at a lesser quality, tarnishing the artist’s brand.

Everyone learns by copying someone else. But there are best practices to follow. In the end, always make sure you credit the original source.

To try a Van Gogh style effect on your own photos, or create AI-generated art in a variety of well-known styles, try PhotoDirector. Click the link below to download it for free today.

8. Who owns the rights to AI-generated art?

The best AI art generators will clearly state in the terms and conditions who owns the rights to the art generated using their product. Most give the human creator who wrote the prompt the rights to the artwork. However, the nature of AI means that the next person who uses that prompt could come up with a very similar image, and they would own the rights to that image.

A recent court judgment found that AI-generated art can’t be protected under copyright, so if you plan to use your AI output in a public forum, you do so at your own risk.

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