Top 5 Photoshop Effects in PhotoDirector

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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photoshop effect in PhotoDirector

While software like Adobe Photoshop offers plenty of functions for hobbyists and professionals, it requires you to shell out a significant amount of money each month to keep your subscription current. Additionally, the photo effects tutorials you'll need to watch in order to create an awesome effect may demand hours of your time.

Fortunately, you can create the same Photoshop effects without investing extensive time into learning Photoshop's technical skills . You can enhance your photos with the best Photoshop effects in any of the top five alternatives to Photoshop. For example, CyberLink’s PhotoDirector offers an intuitive editing interface for both beginners and professionals, plus editing tools that rival Photoshop's.

From photo manipulation to animation, PhotoDirector's editing combines functionality and creative, guided modules that help you to enhance, manipulate, and create the works of art you imagine. If you want to create a powerful effect without having to spend hours editing a photo in Photoshop, you're in the right place. Click here to download PhotoDirector today.

How to "Photoshop" in PhotoDirector

It's important to note that, while some professional editing software works only on certain types of computers, you can use PhotoDirector on your Mac, iOS , PC, or Android device, making it among the most universally compatible software on the market.

1. Glitch Effect Photoshop

Very few effects have the same punch of color and impactful design as glitch effects. To get started, upload your image into the PhotoDirector mobile app. Scroll right to locate "Adv. Effects." Click to open the Advanced Effects menu, then select "Glitch".

After selecting "Glitch", you'll notice several options appear on your screen. You can choose a preset glitch at the bottom of the screen then adjust the horizontal and vertical look to suit your taste. Increase the distance and angle to enhance the photo, or fade the effect for a more subtle final image.

You can also create the glitch effect in the PhotoDirector desktop editing interface. Simply upload or drag the photo into the platform, then navigate to the "Guided" menu to access different directed modules.

From there, select "Photo Effects" to open the drop-down menu. Then, click "Glitch Effect". Choose from the customizable settings and presets to add a punchy, bold "glitched look" to your photos.

2. Photoshop-Like Cartoon Effect

Are you a fan of watercolor, oil paint, or charcoal designs? If so, you'll love PhotoDirector’s AI Style Transfer! This stunning feature transforms images into works of art for an easy Photoshop-like paint effect – without the extra time, money, and hassle.

Simply navigate to the "Guided" menu at the top of PhotoDirector. Select "Photo Effects," then click "AI Style Transfer" to reveal different artistic options for your photo, including oil on canvas, watercolor, and more. Scroll down to the bottom of the panel to find the eraser brush, which you can use to remove the effect on areas that you would like to remain unpainted.

3. Photoshop Sky Replacement

Few things make a photo appear more beautiful than a rich, colorful sky – except when you capture the image on a cell phone camera and the sky is completely blown out. PhotoDirector's sky replacement effect makes it easy to depict the sky's radiance – or transform it into something else entirely! To get started, choose your favorite photo and upload it to the editor. If you are on PC navigate to the "Guided" menu. Once there, click "Photo Effects" to reveal the drop-down menu. Click "Sky Replacement" to open a new panel featuring several presets for the sky. If you are on the mobile app open the "Sky" menu.

Whether you want a brilliant blue summer sky, the soft light of a dawn sunrise, or a stunning pink and purple sunset, you can select the option that suits your photo best. Then, you can drop the preset to position the clouds and sky however you like or adjust the ambiance, horizon, and more for the perfect fit.

Advanced settings allow you to change the colors and brighten or darken your sky. You can also fill in any areas left unchanged using the brush option at the bottom of the options panel.

4. Light Effect Photoshop

PhotoDirector offers several lighting effect tools, including light hits and light rays. These stunning yet simple effects can transform photos with a few clicks of your finger or the mouse.

To add sparkling, reflective light hits to your photo, upload an image to the PhotoDirector mobile app. Select "Effects" on the bottom menu, then choose "Light Hits." After selecting a color and style you love, you can use the customization tools to adjust the light hits' brightness, contrast, color, and location.

If you want a more subtle, radiant effect, you can add light rays through the PhotoDirector desktop editing tool. Upload your photo, then navigate to the "Guided" menu. Click "Photo Effects" before selecting "Light Rays Effects."

A choice exists between Single Source Light Rays, which radiate from a single point in the photo, and Directional Light Rays, which shine from a specific direction instead of a single location. Regardless of which option you select, you can adjust the intensity, length, color, and direction of the rays to suit your photo. Whether you prefer the look of bright, direct morning light or filtered afternoon sunshine, you’re able to capture the mood and the moment with PhotoDirector.

5. Sparkle Effect in PhotoDirector

Exceptional photos depend on optimal lighting conditions – and PhotoDirector’s sparkle effect makes them look even better. Use the sparkle effect to enhance any existing light in your photos, whether from the stars in the sky or city lights.

To get started, upload your photo to the desktop editing platform and navigate to the "Guided" menu. Select "Light Effects," then click "Sparkle Effect."

You'll immediately notice more light in your photo. Click on the icon next to "Sparkle" and choose the shape of the light you like best, then add hearts, stars, or other shapes manually using the second "Sparkle" option.

After that, you can adjust the intensity, amount, and radiance of the light to capture your vision. You can even add animation for a moving, glowing, radiant result. Then, click "Save As," select "New Video/Gif File," and export your creation to your computer.

6. Bonus: Photo Animation Effect

Photo animations add an instant wow factor to any image. From ocean waves to flowers dancing in the breeze, skateboard tricks, and headshots that stun. Motion adds depth, texture, and emotion to your photo.

While you may think that animating photos requires hours of tutorial videos with PhotoDirector, you can animate a photo in just a few clicks. Simply upload an image and navigate to the "Guided" modules. Then, select "Animation Effects." In the drop-down menu, click "Photo Animation." On mobile simply open the "Animation" menu.

The photo animation toolbar will open, revealing several icons at the top. Click the straight arrow to draw linear animation lines or the curved arrow for flowing movement.

If you would only like some aspects of your photo to move, you can navigate to the safety pin at the top of the menu to create anchor points or select the snowflake to paint a freeze mask manually on larger areas of your photo. Anchor points will prevent any movement behind them, while a freeze mask can cover large spaces or small parts of the photo, like a hand outstretched over a wave.

Photoshop Photo Effects in PhotoDirector

Choosing the perfect effect for your photo isn't always easy. Luckily, PhotoDirector makes it simple for beginners and professional content creators to create stunning visual effects. From animation to cartoon effects, sky replacement, light effects, and more. You can capture your vision and transform your photo from a basic snapshot to a work of art.

While many people consider Photoshop the best and most popular photo editing tool, it has its limitations. Even experienced editors may need to spend hours poring over Photoshop tutorial videos, while the hefty subscription fees add up quickly. With PhotoDirector, you can dive in immediately, thanks to the countless presets and guided modules that make advanced editing techniques simple, even for beginners.

PhotoDirector works seamlessly with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems, allowing you to transition from one device to another for on-the-go editing. The drag-and-drop interface and quick customization options speed up the editing process as well, letting you get back to snapping photos and making memories.

From basic photo editing to impactful Photoshop-like effects, PhotoDirector can handle even your most creative challenges. Click here to download Cyberlink’s PhotoDirector and start creating today!

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