10 Easy Photo Editing Tips for Pictures

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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With smartphones and affordable cameras in more people’s hands over the past decade, it’s become easier than ever to set your pictures apart with photo editing. Check out these 10 photo editing tips for beginners.

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  1. Understand the Layers

Adjustment layers are the best way to subtly edit your photos without destroying them in any way. If you learn how to use group layering to organize your layers, you can create a wide array of stylistic enhancements to your images.

  1. Try the AI Style Transfer Effects

With AI Style plug-ins, you can transform your photos into stunning works of art, including making them look like paintings from a particular artist like Van Gogh. Among all the photo editing tips listed here, this may be the most effective for fine art enthusiasts and aspiring photographers.

  1. Create a Content-Aware Clone

If you want to create a duplicate of an object within your image or multitudes of duplicates within your image, you should use PhotoDirector’s content-aware clone feature.

  1. Add Textured Looks

Adding textured looks to your images is another great way to stylize your image to make it appear as if it’s from a certain era or to simply give it an artistic flair.

  1. Learn the 360 Degree Tricks

If you’re shooting with a 360-degree camera, you should familiarize yourself with several of the tricks, including the Tripod Removal feature so what is below the camera appears natural. You can also use the Little Planet feature to create a spherical virtual-reality-like experience with your photos.

  1. Make Use of Tethered Shooting

If you want to see the fruits of your labor as quickly as possible, you should use tethered shooting, which sends your images directly from your camera’s memory card to your nearby monitor. This is one of the great photo editing tips for beginners since it can reduce the stress of needing to keep all of your images organized for later viewing.

  1. Make Use of Soft Proofing

Soft proofing allows you to see the closest approximation of what your image will look like once it’s been printed, so this is among the more valuable photo editing tips, especially for those who wish to print out portraits and other pictures.

  1. Add Some Text

Do you want to label your photo or place its caption within the background? Consider adding some text to your images to give it a more concrete story.

  1. Use Clipping Masks on Text

And while you’re putting text within your photo, consider incorporating a clipping mask to your text so it looks as if it was pulled from another part of the image.

  1. Use the Express Template Feature

In terms of photo editing tips that can save you time and unnecessary effort, this is probably the biggest. Once you’ve learned how you’re going to use your layers, create an express template, so your workflow on future photos can go uninterrupted.

Try for Yourself!

The best way to learn is to try these tips out for yourself. PhotoDirector Essential is a free photo editor with premium features you can try for 30 days. Consider these 10 photo editing tips for beginners and find more outstanding tutorials on the CyberLink learning center.

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