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7 Best Green Screen (Chroma Key) Software With Visual Effects

Last Updated on May. 13, 2022 – by Jayed Miah
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Best Green Screen Software

You may think green screen effects are only used in big-budget sci-fi or fantasy films. However, most of us have used a green screen background over the last couple of years as Zoom meetings became regular. If you ever changed the background of a video call to conceal your messy house, you used a green screen effect. Other uses of green screen effects include weather reports, newscasts, and YouTube videos. 

With the right editing software, green screen effects couldn't be easier to apply in your videos. However, selecting the best green screen editor for your needs can be challenging if you are new to video editing. For example, a high-end video editor won't necessarily have the green screen compositing features you need. Likewise, lower-priced software may lack the editing features necessary to create a compelling, high-quality video.

This guide takes an in-depth look at the best green screen software available to video content creators.

Top 3 Green Screen Software Snapshot

PowerDirector Logo

1. PowerDirector – Best Overall

PowerDirector is our top pick for the best green screen editor. It combines powerful cinematic effects with remarkable ease of use. In addition, PowerDirector has a precise chroma key tool for green screen replacement and tons of other video editing features, making it a one-stop-shop for video projects. Detailed Review >

Adobe After Effects Logo

2. Adobe After Effects - Best for Animation

Adobe After Effects is the industry standard for visual effects and animation tools. It is a powerful chroma key green screen editor for professionals.

Hitfilm Pro Logo

3. Hitfilm Pro - Best for Effects

HitFilm Pro is a video editor that specializes in visual effects. It has robust compositing features and a powerful chroma key tool.

What is a Green Screen?

A green screen is a brightly colored backdrop used for removing objects from a scene. Green screen software superimposes a person on a background using a chroma key. A video editor targets a particular color in the video (typically green or blue), then the chroma key makes the color transparent. For instance, if a character in a film has a robotic CGI hand, the actor could wear a green glove, and the editor would use chroma key to replace his hand with the robotic one. 

Chroma key can use any background colors that are uniform and distinct. Green and blue are the most common because they differ the most from every human skin and hair color. 

7 Best Green Screen Software

1. PowerDirector - Best Overall

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 10/10

Chroma Key Green Screen Precision: 10/10

Key Features:

  1. Sky replacement
  2. Over 3,000 effects and templates
  3. AI motion tracking 
  4. Millions of royalty-free stock assets

Our top pick for working with green screens is PowerDirector. We found its powerful chroma key tool is simple enough for anyone to use. That alone makes it stand out from some of the other choices on this list. You get the control & options for creativity without the intense learning curve associated with effects programs. The recently improved chroma key engine makes green screen removal effortless. Multi-key color sampling enables you to blend more than three videos.

The chroma key tool is found in the dedicated Picture-in-Picture (PiP) designer, which is just one feature for creating multi-track videos quickly and easily. There is an overlay room filled with animated objects and stickers perfect for almost any occasion. The mask designer and keyframe controls allow for creating Hollywood-style effects and shots. The built-in blending modes are perfect for quick composites and video double exposures.

Even beyond effects, PowerDirector is a fantastic video editor. The software has timeline and storyboard modes for editing audio and video clips. Built-in templates and motion graphics help speed up the creative process. The straightforward interface is easy to learn and use, allowing you to jump in and start editing right away.

A robust collection of effects and tools in user-friendly software makes PowerDirector our #1 choice.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Precise and high-quality green screen result
  • Fast rendering time
  • Some features not yet available on Mac

2. Adobe After Effects - Best for Animation

Adobe After Effects Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 9/10

Chroma Key Green Screen Precision: 9/10

Key Features:

  1. Motion graphics templates
  2. Powerful 3D design
  3. Selective color adjustments
  4. Content-aware fill

Adobe After Effects is a robust creative compositing and animation software for professionals that you can use to create interactive visual effects and motion graphics with data files. We named After Effects the best green screen editor for animation because you can add a fluid motion to anything - titles, credits, graphics, and more. We think it is the ideal solution for creating complex and data-based 2D animations. 

Using After Effects, you can create lifelike virtual reality videos and environments and add effects to your 360/VR videos. The chroma key and luma key effects with rotoscoping techniques allow you to isolate your subject and create natural-looking effects, even without a green screen.

Adobe After Effects has some of the best chroma key green screen results in the business and is frequently used by Hollywood filmmakers in VFX films. However, it remains #2 on our list because its expensive price tag and steep learning curve make it an unappealing option for beginners and hobbyists. 

  • Quick and easy animation creation
  • Integration with the other Adobe software
  • Relatively complex interface
  • Expensive software intended for professionals

3. HitFilm Pro - Best for Effects

HitFilm Pro Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 8/10

Chroma Key Green Screen Precision: 9/10

Key Features:

  1. Lens flares and lighting effects
  2. Color grading
  3. Powerful particle effects
  4. Neon path effect

HitFilm Pro is our choice for the best green screen editor for effects. It is a 2D and 3D compositor featuring various blend methods, keyframe animation, motion tracking, and 3D camera solving. You also get an extensive library of effects to create engaging motion graphics and VFX shots.

According to HitFilm Pro, their chroma key tool is the “world’s best.” HitFilm’s chroma key technology offers full control over edge detail, color correction, and spill suppression. The Matte Cleaner effect will smooth, feather, and choke the edge of the key, for a clean and realistic green screen effect. 

This software's user interface is more simplistic than After Effects, but it still has a relatively steep learning curve – especially for beginner editors. However, the price is very affordable and comes with a year’s worth of free updates. And while its compositing tools are right up there with PowerDirector and After Effects, its non-effect video editing features are lacking. 

  • Robust compositing features
  • Flexible export capabilities
  • Understanding the interface requires some time and patience
  • Relatively long rendering times

4. Adobe Premiere Pro - Best for Professionals

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 8/10

Chroma Key Green Screen Precision: 8/10

Key Features:

  1. Animated motion graphics
  2. Support for 360° VR and 4K content
  3. Lumetri Color Panel for advanced color adjustments
  4. Video stabilization

Adobe Premiere is a popular video editing subscription service offering high-end features and ample collaboration capabilities. We’ve found it is the best green screen editor for professionals because it is full of advanced tools and follows a traditional non-linear editing interface. Premiere comes with Adobe Media Encoder, which converts files into almost any format. It also supports batch processing, for professionals working on many files at once. 

The software's green screen features include a color key and a luma key. The former can separate any color background, while the latter separates an area with uniform luminance. You also get tools to prevent color spill in your removals.

The Adobe Premiere interface is not as complicated as that of After Effects but still takes time and patience to learn, especially if you are new to video editing. However, the green screen effects in Premiere are more basic than in our top 3 green screen editors. 

  • Support for multiple file formats
  • Integrates well with other Adobe products
  • Steep learning curve
  • The software doesn't work well on older devices
  • The monthly subscription fee is relatively high

5. Final Cut Pro - Best for Mac Users

Final Cut Pro Interface

Compatibility: Mac

Overall Rating: 7/10

Chroma Key Green Screen Precision: 8/10

Key Features:

  1. Multicam support
  2. Robust organization tools
  3. Support for HDR and 360° footage
  4. Advanced color grading

Final Cut Pro is the best green screen editor for Mac users. With Apple Silicon and the new Mac Studio, creators can work in 8K ProRes video and handle advanced effects in real-time — no rendering required. We discovered Final Cut Pro has extremely fast output rendering and exports to iPhone, iPad, and other Mac devices. Final Cut also works seamlessly with other Apple software like Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro, and iMovie. 

With Final Cut Pro, you can create many different visual effects, including built-in chroma key green screen and blue screen compositing, 360° text, animated 2D, and 3D. New to Final Cut is the ability to edit multichannel audio to reduce background noise and optimize levels. 

Like the Adobe Products, Final Cut is professional software that takes some time to learn and has a relatively high price tag. However, its green screen effects are slightly below that of our first 4 choices.

  • Fast output rendering
  • Integration with other Apple software
  • High price tag
  • Only available on Mac

6. VSDC Pro Video Editor - Best for Budget

VSDC Interface

Compatibility: Windows

Overall Rating: 7/10

Chroma Key Green Screen Precision: 6/10

Key Features:

  1. Motion tracking
  2. Edit to the Beat tool
  3. AI Art generator
  4. Text animation

VSDC Pro Video Editor is a lightweight video editing software for people on a budget. This green screen editor is the cheapest on our list, with a small one-time purchase fee. It also offers a free version with slightly fewer features.  

Remove any unwanted colors from your video in an instant with the HSL Chroma Key tool. HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) mode identifies and removes any color you select with a dropper. You can also manually adjust after the effect has been applied for more accuracy. There are also several masking tools such as a clipping mask, inverted mask, and text mask to help you design new and interesting visuals. 

VSDC Pro Video Editor offers a lot of chroma key green screen options and other effects for a very low price. However, you get what you pay for. The chroma key results are not as accurate as in our other software, and the clunky interface impedes ease of use. Although this software is made for beginners to use, its nonstandard layout makes it difficult to find what you need. 

  • Less impact on computer resources
  • Inexpensive
  • Interface makes it difficult to find things
  • Crashes if using a lot of effects

7. Camtasia - Best for Webcam Users

Camtasia Interface

Image from CyberLanka.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 6/10

Chroma Key Green Screen Precision: 6/10

Key Features:

  1. Instant upload to social media
  2. Transitions
  3. Royalty-free stock assets
  4. Cursor effects

Camtasia is a screen recorder and basic video editor. It also allows you to capture crisp video and audio from webcam footage to add to your projects. The webcam feature has a green screen background, so you can put yourself anywhere while recording a YouTube video, training video, or meeting.

Camtasia is quick to learn and use, with simple drag-and-drop editing and lots of templates and presets to help kick-start your video. You can also upload your own themes and colors for brand fluency across projects. 

Camtasia is a great tool for beginners with no editing experience who use screen recording and webcam footage for video tutorials, webinar recordings, presentations, or content creation for social media. The green screen background is easy to apply, however, it is simplistic and only available for webcam, giving Camtasia the bottom spot on our list. Also, Camtasia is not cheap, so if you primarily need a video editor and not a screen recorder, then you should check out the other options on our list, like PowerDirector. 

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Intuitive interface
  • Very basic editing tools
  • Green Screen background only works with webcam capture

Best Green Screen Software Comparison Chart

Software PowerDirector Adobe After Effects HitFilm Pro Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro VSDC Pro Video Editor Camtasia
OS Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Mac Windows Windows, Mac
Beginner-friendly Yes No No No No No Yes
Green Screen Effects Chroma key tool offers precise results and is easy-to-use, multi-key color sampling to blend multiple videos at a time Chroma key and luma key effects, rotoscoping tool Full control over chroma key tool, Matte Cleaner to fix spill Color key, luma key, tool to clean spill Blue and green screen compositing HSL chroma key tool Green screen background for webcam
Project Templates Yes No No No No No Yes
Free Video, Photo and Music Stock Yes No No No No No Yes

PowerDirector vs


Windows, Mac





Green Screen Effects

Chroma key tool offers precise results and is easy-to-use, multi-key color sampling to blend multiple videos at a time


Project Templates



Free Video, Photo and Music Stock



How to Apply Green Screen Effects

Here is a step-by-step guide to using green screen effects with PowerDirector, the #1 green screen editor. 

  1. Place the media clip containing your background on Track 1, and place the clip with the green screen background on Track 2.
  2. Double click on the green screen background clip to open it in PiP Designer
  3. PowerDirector Interface - PiP Designer

    You can also open the designer by clicking on the Designer tab and selecting PiP from the drop-down menu. 

  4. Under Properties, select the Chroma Key tab and tick the Enable Chroma Key box.

    PowerDirector Interface - Chroma Key
  5. Click on the Eyedropper Button above the color wheel and use it to select the color you want to replace with your background. 
  6. Use the sliders below the color wheel to remove the green screen and reveal your background.
  7. PowerDirector Interface - Adjustments

Check out our guide for How to Shoot on Green Screen for more information on green screen effects.

Download the Best Green Screen Software for Free

Many of the green screen editors on our list offer powerful, precise chroma key tools, but are geared toward professionals. Complicated editing tools and a high price tag mean that beginners, hobbyists, or social media content creators are left looking elsewhere. 

We recommend PowerDirector as the easiest solution. This program includes robust green screen compositing features that anyone can use. Add to that a user-friendly interface, fast rendering times, and tons of video editing tools and effects, and you get the best overall green screen software and video editor.  

To incorporate the benefits of green screen video production into your next project, download PowerDirector today.

Green Screen Software FAQ

1. What are the Best Green Screen Apps?

PowerDirector is the highest-rated green screen app on both Google Play and iTunes. See below for our top 5 list of chroma key green screen apps:

  1. PowerDirector
  2. Kinemaster
  3. iMovie
  4. Motion Ninja
  5. Do Ink

To learn how to apply green screen effects on your phone, click here. 

2. What Features Should I Look For in Green Screen Software?

The top ten features you should look for are

  1. Chroma key
  2. Multikey color sampling
  3. Mask designer
  4. Keyframe control
  5. Blending modes
  6. Multitrack editing
  7. Video editing tools
  8. Audio editing tools
  9. Royalty-free stock assets
  10. Templates 

If you’re looking for a green screen editor that checks all of these boxes, we recommend PowerDirector.

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